Report a bug or feature enhancement

Have you identified a bug while working in your Blackboard course? Is there a tool that does not meet your expectations? If you’re teaching a course using Blackboard Learn 9.1 here at UALR, we want to hear more about your experiences with the system. Please use the form provided above to help us identify areas in need of improvement!

Bug or feature request?

Any time you encounter functionality within Blackboard that produces unexpected results or simply does not work, you might consider reporting this as a bug. A bug must be a replicable issue in functionality within the parameters of what the tool is designed to do.

If a particular area of Blackboard is not performing the way you’d like it to because it is lacking specific functionality, then you might consider submitting a feature request.

If you have an issue that requires immediate attention please contact STaR directly by emailing or calling 501-916-5885.