Request an archive

Our semesterly archival process, which allows us to manage the amount of space used by inactive courses on the server, keeps courses dating back six semesters, or two academic years, available through the myBlackboard interface. Once a course has reached the six semester limit, it will automatically disappear from the course listing page.

If you want to retain a copy of a course for your own records, you can easily do so by archiving them yourself before the removal date and saving them to your computer. These archives are exported as a zip file that can later be imported into a blank course shell.

If you need access to a course that is no longer available in your list of courses, you can request a copy of the course from our archives by filling out the archive request form below. If you need access to a course in which you were not the instructor of record, please contact us for assistance.

  • Need access to archived course content?

    The instructor of record for each course in Blackboard will retain access to their course shells for two academic years, or six semesters. At the end of this period, these courses will be archived, which means they will no longer be accessible through the Blackboard interface. Archived courses are retained for an additional three years before being purged from the archive.
  • Please indicate the Term, Subject, Course number, and Section number of the course you need to access.