Evaluating student work with built-in rubrics helps keep grading consistent by providing students with measurable criteria that can be used to score submissions. Once a rubric has been entered into Blackboard, it can be easily shared between courses. Find out how to implement rubrics in your UA Little Rock online course, and contact STaR if you need assistance.

Designing a rubric

Creating a rubric in Blackboard is a matter of entering assignment criteria and their levels of achievement, and assigning points or percentage points to each. Once entered into the system, rubrics can be associated with various content items, so they can be used for scoring or for secondary evaluation.

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Grading with rubrics

Rubrics can be associated with assignments, test questions, discussion boards, and other gradable content types so that you can actually use the rubric criteria to assign a score to student work. Once you’ve finished grading with a rubric, you can run an evaluation report so that you can see the overall performance of students in the course.

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Sharing rubrics

Once a rubric has been entered into the system, you can easily share it between courses or with your colleagues by exporting it from the Rubric tool in your course. The resulting .zip file can then be imported into any Blackboard course.

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