Summer Academy for Online Teaching Excellence

Faculty ShowcaseThe Summer Academy for Online Teaching Excellence affords UA Little Rock faculty an opportunity for hands-on and asynchronous professional development geared towards creating engaging instructional content and meaningful learning experiences for traditional, hybrid, and online courses.

Facilitated by Dr. Daryl Tate, Faculty Coordinator, and the STaR Instructional Design team, Summer Academy is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other online instructors as well as gain insight and research-based best practices for developing and creating innovative online content.

The Summer Academy consists of three components, the Summer Workshop in June, the Fall Feedback Luncheon in November, and the Spring Faculty Showcase in March.


Nominations for Summer Academy open each spring semester, March 1 – April 15. We welcome and encourage your self-nomination for Summer Academy by the application deadline on April 15.

Summer Academy for Online Teaching Excellence Participants


Robert Minarcin
Bobby Quamar
Don Willis
Hong Li Wang
Ruilan Zhao
Kelly Browe-Olson


Edma Delgado
Elizabeth Small
Jim Carr
Karen Moustafa Leonard
Kimberly Porter
Euchay Ngozi Horsman
Lawrence D. Smith
Michael Tramel
Adriana Lopez


Amar Kanekar
Christine Cotton
Jeremy Paprocki
Gail Richard
Subrinia Bogan
Elizabeth Small


Bennie Prince
Laura Barrio-Vilar
John Burgin
Andrew J. Deiser
Neveen Shafeek Amin
Tracey Marie Barnett
Sheri Tucker
Catherine Crisp
Brian Mitchell
James Blacklock
Timothy Edwards
Anne Lindsay


Greg Thomas Barrett
Melvin Beavers
Ibrahim Duyar
Greg Graham
Jennifer Hune
Ronia Kattoum
Katina Leland
Rosalie Otters
Tammy Scaife
Bruce Smith
Carol Thompson
Carolyn Tuturro


For more information about Summer Academy, please contact Markia Herron, or call 501.907.5616.