Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Whether you’re providing opportunities for self-assessments or giving a final exam, Blackboard’s assessment tool provides a range of options for creating and administering tests in your online course. Find out more about the development process for creating tests in Blackboard, and contact us if you have questions about deploying tests in your UA Little Rock online courses.

Creating and deploying tests

The process of creating a test or survey begins with adding questions — you can enter the questions manually, upload them using a spreadsheet, or use a third-party tool like Respondus to publish them to the course.

Questions can be added to tests or surveys so that they are delivered in a specific order, or they can be randomized so that each student gets a different set of questions when they take the test.

Once questions have been added to a test or survey, you must deploy it somewhere in the course so that students can access it.

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Understanding test options

Once you’ve deployed a test in your course, you can adjust how students interact with it on the test options page. Here, you can set the availability dates and duration of the test, provide exceptions for an individual student, and adjust the feedback settings for your test.

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Grading tests

Once your students complete a test, there are a variety of tools available through the Grade Center that can assist with grading their submissions. On the attempt page, you can view submitted answers and see an activity log of an individual student’s performance. Through the Grade Center, you can also grade all submitted answers for a specific question, hide student’s names from their attempts as you grade, and even regrade a question that was entered incorrectly.

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