2019 Girls STEM Leadership Conferences

Our 2018 Girls STEM Leadership Conferences sought to improve awareness of education and career opportunities and services to Arkansas female students in grades 7-8 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by increasing the participation, retention and advancement of girls and women in STEM. Our conferences provided hands-on workshops, tours of STEM facilities and programs offered at UALR, a panel discussion, and the potential to build mentoring relationships with STEM professionals. In addition, the program inspired females in these age ranges to consider STEM as a career and higher education option. Lastly, the conference workshops sessions promoted interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and strive to reduce the stereotype that these fields are mainly for males.

Spring 2019 Girls STEM Leadership Conference Dates? We’re still waiting for information about the Perkins federal monies to be released to the STEM Education Centers. As soon as we know something ~ you’ll see it here!



For more information about next year’s Girls STEM Leadership conferences, contact Joanna Wray, Administrative Assistant, UA Little Rock STEM Education Center at 501-569-8149.