Power of Water Institute V – Summer 2021

The UA Little Rock STEM Education Center in collaboration with Central Arkansas Water are excited to host the 5th Annual Power of Water Institute for teachers.


The goals of the Power of Water Institute V are to increase teachers’ ability to plan effective instruction for students to learn (1) the relationship between water as a resource and human activity, (2) the impact of watershed management (protection) on water quality, (3) the engineering of systems to meet human needs for water, and (4) the importance of the water treatment process.

Grades 4-5 teachers will spend four days at Central Arkansas Water facilities, including the Lake Maumelle watershed and the CAW Water Treatment Plant. The remainder of the week will be spent at UA Little Rock and will including field work in Coleman Creek, integration of Web 2.0 tools, modeling activities, and lesson plan development. Class times are roughly 8:30-3:30 daily for the week. Grades 6-12 teachers will spend four days on their CAW/UA Little Rock adventure at CAW, the watershed, and UA Little Rock.

In Fall 2021, teachers will (1) have the opportunity to participate in two follow-up sessions to further collaborate on project-based learning and 3-dimensional learning aligned to the Arkansas Science Standards and (2) have the option of planning a field trip for students to CAW. Teachers also will be supported to present at local and state-wide education conferences. In addition, teachers will receive long-term classroom support from the UA Little Rock STEM Education and Central Arkansas Water.

Teachers will earn up to $400 for the four-day week (based on attendance/hours completed). In addition, teachers will receive $150 allowance for instructional STEM materials and equipment. In total ~ teachers have the potential to earn $650 in stipend and STEM equipment and materials.

Teachers also will earn 24 ADE-approved professional development hours. Registration is limited to 20 teachers for each session with a non-refundable registration fee of $50.

Please make your check payable to the STEM Education Center and mail it to: Kent Layton, 2801 S. Uni. Ave., STEM Education Center, UA Little Rock, Little Rock, AR 72204. Direct all questions to Kent Layton, Interim Director, STEM Education Center at kxlayton@ualr.edu.