Pre-2019 Partnerships

Pre-2019: Previous STRIVE teachers, projects, mentors, and host organizations:

STRIVE has been re-designed in 2019 to partner with business placements for teachers (see examples here). The new focus is on increasing awareness of jobs that our students are likely to be preparing for, at all levels from high school diploma to advanced degrees.

Previously, the STRIVE placements focused on placing a teacher in a research environment where they could design and cary out a research project, and those projects are listed below.

Curious about the History of STRIVE?

Participant Name Mentor Partner Organization Project Title
Jonathan Ambs Dr. Michele Reba

Mr. Bryant Fong

USDA-Agricultural Research Service

Delta Water Mgmt Res Unit

Effect of Soil Moisture on Photosynthetic Productivity and Evapotranspiration
Dana Booth Ms. Sara Seagraves U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Mammoth Spring Fish Hatchery

Mammoth Spring Pollinator Garden Project
Valerie Brewer Ms. Debbie Bilyeu Arkansas AIMS Writing Curriculum for AR NGSS for Chemistry-Integrated
Jacqueline Daugherty Dr. Christine Dietz

Dr. Hope E. Wilson

UA Little Rock, Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education Participant-Perceived Effectiveness of the Advanced Placement Summer Institute
Ashleaha Farley Dr. Tina Teague

Ms. Amanda Mann

A-State and UA Agricultural Experiment Station Technology Integration to Improve Irrigation Efficiency
Montoya Jordan Dr. Laura Schnackenberg

Ms. Ellen Jones

NCTR, Division of Systems Biology Biomarkers MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry to Evaluate Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity
Jeremy Lamb Dr. Mohammad Alam A-State, Dept. of Chemistry and Physics Synthesis and Antibacterial Studies of Pyrazole Derivative
Clifton Lewis Mr. Eric Maynard AR Game & Fish, Delta Rivers Nature Center Visitors Survey of the Delta Rivers Nature Center
Keri Lindsey Dr. Joan Burke Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center Grazing Effects on Pollinator Plots
Luke McHan Dr. Xiaoshen Wang Mathematics Dept., UA Little Rock Rethinking Differential Equations Instruction
Dr. Maralea Montalbo Dr. Darrin Jones

Dr. Brian Walker

UA Little Rock, Chemistry Dept, Synthesis of Dehydroleucodine (DHL) and Their Cytotoxicity against Human Leukemia Cells
Charles Moore, Jr. Dr. Suzanne Mitchell AR Dept. of Higher Education AR STEM Coalition & NCLB Observations of Professional Development
Garth Nelson Dr. Heath Schluterman

Dr. Brian Hill

UA Freshman Engineering Program E-Math: UA Freshman Engineering Program
Leah Phillips Dr. Dan Pote Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center Pelletized Poultry Litter Placement Effects on Corn Survival and Growth
Melissa Rester Ms. Cindy Bennett

Mr. Forrest Goss

UA Little Rock, Survey Research Center Arkansas Driving Survey
David Steadham Ms. Allison Fowler AR Game & Fish Tracking Monarch Migration Through Arkansas
Skipper Thurman Mr. Jeremy Risley AR Game & Fish Age and Length Study of Spotted Bass on Lakes Norfork and Bull Shoals
Elodie Adams Dr. John Clark Fruit Research Station, UA Department of Agriculture Blackberry Parent Performance and Success in Crossing


Scott Ausbrooks Mr. Walter Burgess Power Technology, Incorporated Illumina Cinema Laser System Training


Nakiya Brown Mayor Dane Weindorf

Mr. Daniel Shelton

Hamburg Mayor’s Office Developing Pine Street Park Summer Day Camp


Susan Buntin


Ms. Angela Chandler Arkansas Geological Survey Geology of the Bayou Meto Anticline
Tuba Dundar Ms. Cindy Bennett UALR Survey Research Center Arkansas Driver Survey


Melissa Epperson Dr. Scott Woolbright UALR Department of Biology Metagenomics and Water Sampling


Lara Irvin


Ms. Debbie Bilyeu Arkansas Advanced Institute for Math and Science Pre-AP Physical Science Curriculum Development and Alignment with New Science Standards
Mark Iverson Mr. Mike Smith Crossett Economic Development Foundation Work Readiness Certification and Work Ready Communities


Brittany Johnson Dr. William Harter

Dr. Tyle Reimer

Dr. Albert Calabrese

UA Department of Physics Development of Physics Lesson Plans from a Geometrical Perspective


LaDeena Kincade Dr. Benjamin Babst

Dr. Fei Gao

UAM School of Forestry Cloning a Nitrogen Gene Transported from Arabidopsis thaliana


Jennifer Langston Mr. Dave Freeze

Mr. Alan Davis

Mr. Lance Blythe

UA Cooperative Extension Office It’s Hot Out There: Variables that Affect Crop Growth


Kaye Minter Ms. Debbie Bilyeu Arkansas Advanced Institute for Math and Science Pre-AP Seventh Grade Science Curriculum Development And Alignment with New Arkansas Science Standards


Natanya Nonette Ms. Amanda Wilkinson Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge You Want Me To Go Where? Attracting Women and Minorities to Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge


Rhonda Riggin Ms. Debbie Bilyeu Arkansas Advanced Institute for Math and Science Pre-AP 6th Grade Science Curriculum Development & Alignment with new AR Science Standards


Tanya Ruble Ms. Debbie Bilyeu Arkansas Advanced Institute for Math and Science Pre-AP Principles of Chemistry and Physics Curriculum Development and Alignment with new AR Science Standards


Marjorie Thomas Ms. Patricia Dodd CARD’s Crossland Zoo, Crossett Restoring the Crossland Zoo


Shelly Walden Shelly Walden UA Department of Mathematics Quantitative Literacy


Adrian Williams Adrian Williams National Center for Toxicological Research The Effects of Gemcitabine and Inole-3-Carbionol on Stem Cell Gene Expression in Pancreatic Cancer


Paul Wolf Mr. Robert Saunders

Dr. Kirsch Mackey

UA Department of Engineering Increasing Interest in Electrical Engineering: Introduction to Electrical Engineering by Circuit Board Design and 3D Printing


Casey Woods



Ms. Debbie Bilyeu Arkansas Advanced Institute for Math and Science Pre-AP Biology Curriculum Development and Alignment with 2017 Ar Science Standards
Lauren Zimmerman Dr. Suzanne Mitchell Arkansas Department of Higher Education Arkansas STEM Coalition, Arkansas Department of Higher Education, No Child Left Behind Observations of Professional Development


Jennifer Barber Dr. Jason Martin UCA—Mathematics Department The Effects of Multiple Representations to Develop Understanding of Math Concepts
Brian Brooks Dr. Darin Jones UALR—Chemistry Department Synthesis of Dehydroleucodine
Penny Brown Mr. Mike Smith

Ms. Cherub Alford

Crossett Economic Development Foundation Whispers From the Swamp: a Collection of Memories of a People, a Time, and a Place
Amanda Chapin Dr. Suzanne Mitchell AR STEM Coalition and AR Department of Higher Education NCLB Grant Evaluations of STEM Center Professional Development for Math and Science Teachers on PBL using EDP
Brandi Culp Ms. Amanda Wilkinson Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge What Factors Influence Land Management?
Michelle Guinn Dr. Cynthia Miller Ms. Linda Kellim ASU—Delta STEM Education Center Preparing Teachers for New Standards with Delta STEM
Katie Gusewelle Ms. Angela Chandler AR Geological Survey Creating Educator Kits for Arkansas Geological Survey
Jessica Horton Dr. Tina Gray Teague AR State University and U of A Monitoring Cotton Crops for Thrips
Michael Hughes Dr. Kevin Lewelling U of A, Fort Smith—Engineering Department One Occupant Vehicle
Barry James Dr. Kim McComas Ms. Peggy Ward U of A, Fayetteville—UATeach College of Engineering What does Project Based Learning (PBL) look like in the math classroom?
Alison Passmore Ms. Cindy Bennett UALR—Survey Research Center Light (Snow) Goose Conservation Order
Amanda Pillow Dr. Cynthia Miller Ms. Linda Kellim ASU—Delta STEM Education Center Preparing Teachers for New Standards with Delta STEM
Tracie Smith Mr. Bernie Kurz

Ms. Katie Teague

U of A AR Cooperative Extension Service Art to Educate about Our Storm Drain System Runoff and its Effects on Water Quality in North West Arkansas
Jason Bailey Dr. Rebecca McPeake UA Research and Extension: AR Forest Resources Center Invasive Species—Feral Hog Activity with Emphasis on the Lunar Cycle
Melva Brannon Ms. Jessica Hawkins

Mr. Kevin Goodwin

US Forest Service—Sylamore District Non-native Invasive Species—Population Density Surveys of Feral Hogs and Invasive Plant Identification
Amanda Brogdon Dr. Chris Boyett ASU—Heber Springs Raising the Bar and Increasing Student Achievement through ACT Prep, Bridge to College, and Summer Kids Programs
Mary Coomer Ms. Shannon Williams Piggott Parks and Recreation Feasibility Study for Establishing a Recreational Vehicle Camping Site at Heritage Park
Linda Gunnell Dr. Rolfe Bryant

Dr. Anna McClung

Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center Adapting Lab Testing and Extraction Procedures at the Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center to Science Classrooms
Aspen Ham Ms. Shena Ball Mid-America Science Museum Developing a Green Mobile to Educate Students about Solar Power
Natalie Holliman Ms. Denise LeGrand UALR—Department of Mathematics Applications in Collegiate Algebra for Sustainable Engagement
Lahoma Howard Ms. Karen Rivers UALR—Department of Education Survey of Technology Use in the Math Classroom
Sharon McKinney Ms. Angela Chandler

Ms. Sandra Chandler

AR Geological Survey Geological Curriculum Development for Middle School Students with an Emphasis on Arkansas Geology
Bethali Sommers Mr. David Bolin

Mr. Ron Day

NRCS—Morrilton, AR Developing Farm Nutrient Management Plans
Les Williams Dr. Hye-Won Seo UALR—Department of Physics The Arkansas Great Solar Challenge to Educate and Interest Students in Solar Power and STEM
Marja Yates Dr. Ann Willyard Hendrix College—Department of Biology Jeffrey Pine: Uncovering the Connection Between Ponderosa and Jeffrey Pines
Ulanda Branch VeEtta Simmons

Katrina Avant

Burnita Hearne

UA—Cooperative Extension—Marion K-12 Curriculum Map of Science Standards
Cindy Bunch Cynthia Miller

David Saarnio

ASU Delta—STEM Center Observations of Measure Up! 7th and 8th Grade Graduate Course
Aminah Eddings Karen Rivers UALR—STEM Center A Comparative Study of Cognitive Guided Instruction and Mathematics Design Collaborative and the Effect on Teacher Preparedness in the Classroom


Candice Kindrick Sean Mulvenon UAF—NORMES Conducting Educational Research
Clifton Lewis William Tolleson National Center for Toxicological Research Isothermal Titration Calorimetry for Quantifying Lactoperoxidase Activity in Milk
Michael Mason David Krementz UA—Coop Fish and Wildlife Res Unit Small Mammal Baseline Inventory Survey of Pea Ridge National Military Park, Benton County, Arkansas
Krystal Mueller Minnietta Ready

Uma Garimella

UCA—STEM Center Observations of Professional Development for Science Teachers of Grades 3-5
Connie Orsak Scott McKay

Gija Geme

SAU—Natural Resources Res Cntr Lake Columbia Water Quality Analysis
Tina Ply Lynne Hehr

Cathy Jones

Lesley Merritt

UA—STEM Center Professional Development for the Common Core State Standards
Jodye Pool Beverly Saunders Gentry Chamber of Commerce Native Plant and Animal Species Identification
John Schillinger Don Simons Mount Magazine State Park The Moths of Mt. Magazine
Erik Schramm Robert Steinmeier UALR—Chemistry Department Characterization of Cellulase Enzymes for Fuel Production for Biomass
Donna Smith Forrest Payne

Jonathan Young

Stephanie Watson

UALR—Biology Department The Baseline Limnological Survey of a Manmade Oxbow Lake
Jo Lynn Stoltz Cindy Bennett UALR—Institute of Government Arkansas State Parks Attitudes and Opinions Survey
Michelle Stubbs Lynne Hehr

Cathy Jones

Lesley Merritt

UA—STEM Center The Effectiveness of Science and Engineering Principles and Practices Institute
Jaimie Teel Travis Marsico ASU—Biology Department The Role of Plant Volatiles in Plant-Plant Defense Signaling in Response to a Novel Herbivore
Kylen Wallach Bernard Madison UA—Mathematics Department Integrating Middle Level Math and Science with the New Standards
Mark Welch Derrick Oosterhuis UAF—Crop, Soil, and Environ. Sci. Measurement of Cell Signaling in Cotton Plants Experiencing Water Stress
Shawna Williams Virginia Rhame NW AR Education Service Cooperative Incorporating Engineering Practices in Arkansas Frameworks
Evelyn Woods Angela Chandler AR Geological Survey Fossils of Arkansas
Deborah Blankenship Cynthia Miller ASU-Delta Math & Sci Inst. & Chem Dept.


Data Analysis of Pre/Post Tests of Similar Workshops for Students and Teachers
Debra Daugherty Angela Chandler Arkansas Geological Survey Writing Geological Brochure and Field Trip Guides with Associated Lesson Plans
Dwight Daugherty Anthony Hall UALR Physics Department iPads and the interactive classroom
Odes “Tuck” Choate Uma Garimella UCA – Ark. Center for Math and Sci Ed Mapping Interactive Activities to New 8th Grade Common Core Standards
Lauren Heil Lynne Hehr


UAF- Center for Excellence in Math and Science An Analysis of Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Their Personal Evaluation of Common Core Algebra 1 Content
Nancy Hendrix James Wilborn Ouachita State Park The Water Quality Around Bird Island on Lake Ouachita
Carol Hendrix Victor Ford Southwest Research and Extension Center, Hope Supporting Arkansas Farmers through Nematode Research
Amanda Himschoot Sara Seagraves Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery Native Plants and Wildflowers
Thurman Hobbs Denise LeGrand UALR Mathematics Department It’s All About Apps
Rena Humphrey Robert Cole

Cassandra McDaniel

East Arkansas Enterprise Community, Inc. Let’s eat health produce: From the garden to the table


Michelle Jackson Karen Rivers STEM Education Center—UALR Fractions: What Part Do You Play in Common Core?
Tammie Lee Anita Kelly


UAPB-Fish Health Services Growth of pepper plants-Soil vs. Aquaponics
Conrad Parsons Lynn Hehr UAF – Center for Math and Sci Edu


A Qualitative Look at Alpena High School and Guidelines for Implementing the Science Fair
Ryan Rachuy Darlynn Cast UA – Fort Smith, Inst. For Math & Sci Education Online Labs Use in the University/College Setting
Diandra Stewart Tao Chen


National Center for Toxicological Research Use of miR34-a and miR-21 as Potential Biomarkers in Kidney and Liver of Big Blue Rats Treated with Human Carcinogen Aristologic Acid
Jescena Sweat Rachel Schichtl UAMS-CARE Delta Garden Study
Thomas Sweeten Steve Cole Cossatot Community College Cossatot’s Data Dilemma
Greg Wertemberger Betty Ramsey HSU, So. Ark. Math & Sci. Center Preparing for the Next Generation Science Standards
Tina Arter Aneesha Rasheed

Cindy Kidd

Game and Fish, Grandview Prairie


The Blackland Prairie Ecosystem
Robert Austin Belinda Robertson

Uma Garimella

UCA-Ark Center for Math and Sci Ed Making Quantitative Sense of the Physical Sciences
Brandi Bailey Thomas McMillan UALR-Mathematics Dept. Recursive Functions
Brad Bassett Jodi Fields

Jean Chen

Tammy Garrison

Susan Wade

Rajan Arora


UALR- Center for Applied Studies  
Ann Bowman Rebeeca McPeake University of Arkansa Cooperative Extension Service Wildlife Food Plots
Eric Bunting Swaminadham Midturi

Julian Post

Dr. Srikanth Pidugu


UALR- Engineering Dept.


Exploring Ultra-Light Weight Metallic Foams
Candace Campbell Jannie Trautwein

Julie Grady

ASU- Rural Math & Science Inst. Prerequisites for Chemistry
Bonnie Guthrie Jason Milks The Nature Conservancy


Amanda Herring Cynthia Miller ASU-Delta Math & Sci Inst. & Chem Dept.


BioTech-iN-a-Box: BIOFUELS
Elizabeth Hiers Terry Hope US Forest Service


Investigation of Forest Tree Populations
Tranice Johnson Keith Harris Arkansas Partnership for STEM Education It’s a Dirty World
Shannon Kersey Anita Kelly UAPB-Fish Health Services


Production of Triploid Hybrid Catfish using pressure and thermal shocks and comparison of early growth rates
Julie Prado Suzanne Mitchell


Arkansas Department of Higher Education NCLB Observations of 9th Grade Algebra I Workshops
Steven Sherrod Kim Fowler

Rick Nanace

Shane Flud

Ozark Unlimited Education Service Coop


Math Activities Research
Jeffrey Skirdlant Denise LeGrande UALR- Mathematics Department


Internet Resources for Math Teachers
Rhonda Watson Terry Hope


US Forestry Service


Gwen Wiggins Dr. Brian Berry UALR- Chemistry Department


Leslie Bailey Lynne Hehr, Cathy Jones, Lesley Merritt Center for Math and Science Education, U of A, Fayetteville Supplemental Materials for Illusion Confusion: A Museum of Discovery Traveling Exhibit
Sha’Vonya Bennett Dr. Shelton Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Ester, Wanda Andrews Minority Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Technology Access and Usage of Southeast Arkansas Teachers
Dianna Brown Mrs. Angela Chandler and Mrs. Erica Doerr Arkansas Geological Survey Buffalo River Geofloat Guidebook
Patrick Brown Dr. Mike Plummer Biology Department, Harding University Dietary Study of Stink Pot turtles in an Arkansas stream using Radio telemetry
Lesa Dacus Dr. Cynthia Miller, Dr. Benjamin Ellis Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, Delta Math and Science Institute and the Organic Chemistry Department NON-TOXIC POLYMER FOR RECLAMATION OF FIRE AFFECTED SOILS
Christine Farr Dr. Steven L. Stephenson University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Biology Department Eumycetozoans
Michelle Guinn Dr. Tina Gray Teague Arkansas State University College of Agriculture and Technology and University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Nitrogen and Irrigation Effects on Cotton
Margaret Hall Darlynn Cast, Center Director, Leslie Brody, Science Specialist, Roberta Parks, Math Specialist Institute for Math and Science Education at the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith Probing into Math and Science
Bernice Harris Dr. Rolfe Bryant and Heather Howe Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center Dale Bumpers…What do they do again: Rice Quality Control Lab
Sarah Henderson Mr. Keith Harris Math & Science Education Partnership; Department of Teacher Education; University of Arkansas Little Rock Test Data Dilemma
Donna Hobbs Dr. Blake Perry Arkansas Science and Technology Authority Data Analysis
Shelby Lamkin Dr. Lynne Nielsen Center for Teaching Excellence in Math and Science (CTEMS), Southern Arkansas University Incorporating Podcasts in the Creation of Algebra 1 Remediation
Linda Lowe Douglas B. Petty; Miller CEA University of Arkansas County Extension Service Searching for Phorid Flies
Deb Mertz Lynne Harris Hehr, Lesley Merritt, Cathy Jones Center for Math and Science Education, University of Arkansas Fayetteville Supplements to Discovery Zone Exhibit
Terri Phillips Dr. Forrest Payne Biology Department, UALR Creating a baseline profile to determine the effect of both human and naturally-induced disturbances on Lake Maumelle using LandSat7 satellite imagery
Amanda Pillow Ms. Jannie Trautwein and Dr. Julie Grady ASU Rural STEM Center for Math/Science Education Laboratory Safety and Teacher Needs
Gail Snider Deanna Duncan and Pam Beard Center for Math and Science, University of Arkansas at Monticello Making a Difference
Bethali D. Sommers Belinda Robertson/Mathematics Instructional Facilitator Specialist Arkansas Center for Math and Science Education, UCA A Comparison of Common Core Standards to Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks
Kelly Taylor William H. Tolleson and O. Allen Triplett Division of Biochemical Toxicology, National Center for Toxicology Research, Food and Drug Administration, Jefferson, AR Thermal Stability of Ricin in Selected Dairy Foods for Children and Infants
Connie tenBerge Dr. Steven J. Beaupre Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Use of Timber Rattlesnakes as Biological Indicators
Robbin Vance Terral Hope Big Piney Ranger District, Jasper Ozark-St. Francis National Forest Math in Forest Service Recreation Projects
Anna Batterton Faron Usrey

Shawn Hodges

Jared James

Buffalo River National Park Effect of ammonia transfer from gravel bars on mussel populations
Jeffrey Belk Gary Huxel UAF, Bioscience Water quality in Clabber Creek
Marcus Board Lynne Hehr

Cathy Jones

UAF-Center for Math & Sci.Ed. Developing a new professional development workshop for teachers
Ann Bowman Rebecca McPeake UA Cooperative Extension Service Wildlife food plots
Marilyn Conwill Shea Lewis

Mary Ann Parker

Krystal Watson

Ann Tennie

Faye Futch

Parkin State Park Surveying visitors’ opinions of Parkin State Park
Teana Courtney Darlynn Cast

Roberta Parks

Leslie Brodie

Lee Harris

UA-Fort Smith, Math & Sci. Center Online database of math lessons linked to the Arkansas Frameworks
Blair Cox Betty Ramsey

Deborah Roberts

Annette Brown

HSU, So. Ark. Math & Sci. Center Algebra: what is it good for? Career profiles and applications of Algebra
Jonathan Foresee Bob Scott UA Cooperative Extension Service Effects of different mixtures and concentrations of herbicides on weeds
Denise Garrigus Jeff Robertson

Steve Zimmer

ATU-Math & Sci. Center Analyzing light waves from a binary star
Shannon Geoffrion Johnny Cantrell U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Ouachita Propagation of the aquatic plant, water willow, for the establishment of plant life in Lake Greeson
Sylvia Grady Shelton Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Ester

UAPB, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. The Frameworks and addressing why students score low on SLES
Kimberly Graham Charles Stegman

Gwen Olmstead


UAF-NORMES Teachers’ understanding and utilization of assessment data—my case study
Kristine Graham Roger Rorie

Zeke Keeling

Clinton Water & Sewer Dept. Finding the source of manganese in Clinton’s drinking water
Cynthia Hart Jannie Trautwein

Debby Rodgers

ASU, Center for Excellence in Ed. Surveying teacher satisfaction with services of the Northeast Arkansas Rural Mathematics and Science Institute
John Johnson Mike Plummer

Tony Finley

Harding, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Habitat use and behavior of water snakes in Gin Creek
Leisha Johnson Bernard Madison

Shannon Dingman

UAF-Math Dept. Teaching quantitative literacy—understanding numbers in the real world
Jacob Maxwell Cynthia Miller ASU, Center for Excellence in Ed. An analysis of chemistry teachers’ prior chemistry content knowledge who are attending a long-term professional development program
Elizabeth Nolen Pam Beard

Deana Duncan

UAM, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Alternative energy sources in Arkansas
Melissa Redden Shannon Dingman

Bernard Madison

UAF-Math Dept An analysis of cognitive levels of questions used in assessment exams by various states
Ronnie Simmons Umadevi Garimella

Belinda Robertson

UCA, Ark. Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Alignment of GEMS kits at the Arkansas Center for Math and Science Education to the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks


Tina South Keith Harris

Pam Warrick

UALR, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Using bowling to teach math and science content
Marizza Bailey Dustin Wilson

Michael Dickson

U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers, Lake Quachita Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
Stephen Brodie Darlynn Cast

Carl Gilbert

UA -Fort Smith, Math & Sci. Center Teacher Outreach
Wanda Brown Tony Finley

Tim Brister

Harding, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Math is Radical! Resources for Arkansas Mathematics Teachers
Jennifer Cooper Betty Ramsey

Lisa Anderson

Deborah Roberts

Annette Brown

HSU, So. Ark, Math & Sci Center  
Denise Doyle Jannie Trautwein ASU, Center For Excellence in Ed. What’s Up in the Cemetery Pasture at Night? A Survey of Nocturnal Dung Beetle (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae) in a Northeastern Arkansas Pasture
Michael Graham Cynthia Miller ASU, Center For Excellence in Ed. GET A CLUE! Integrating Mathematics and Science Through Forensics
Jeffery Griffin Donn Johnson UAF, Entomology Summer Entomology Project
Pamala Hoover Pam Warrick UALR, Center for Math & Sci. Ed  
Janice Jones Shelton Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Ester

Wanda Andrews

UAPB, Center for Math & Sci. Ed.  
Melissa Joslin Bill Hinson

Ted Kozak

Rudy Rieple

Adam Scully

National Center for Toxicological Research Utility Allocation Comparison on a Space Basis


Shelley Kent Terry Hope U.S. Forest Service,, Jasper  
Sydney Kewak Steve Filipek

Steve Lewis

Ark. Game & Fish Commission  
Gayla Lowe-Dahl Lisa Antczak

Karen Roberson

White River Medical Center  
Shelley Owen Deanna Duncan UAM, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Do Co-Teaching and/or Double Blocking Students for Algebra 1 work?
Kathy Peery Belinda Robertson UCA, Ark. Center for Math & Sci. Research Based Factors that Positively Affect Student Achievement
Debbie Rushing Debbie Ugbade American Red Cross Creating a Website
Steve Shepherd Bill Lord NW Solid Waste Management Waste Characterization and Distribution Study
Tonya Sims Donald Marvels

Paulette Marvels

Sabrina King

Salvation Army Salvation Army Angel Tree Program
Sarah Terwilliger Lynne Nielsen SAU, Center for Teaching Excellence  
Courtney Stites Amy Robinson UALR, Earth Sciences Where have all of the cations gone? An assessment of water chemistry of Fitton Cave
Mark Welch Mike McClintock UA Cooperative Extension Service  
Natosha West Lynne Hehr

Cathy Jones

Lesley Merritt

UAF, Center for Math & Sci. Ed. Active Learning Research and Practice
David Williams Teddy Morelock UAF, Horticulture  
Anne Anderson-Blackwell Igor Pogribny NCTR-Dept. of Toxicology The Effect of Phenobarbital Exposure on DNA Methylation in Liver of CAR+/+ and CAR -/- Mice
Annette Brown Betty Ramsey HSU, Math & Science Ed. Center Correlating 5th Grade Frameworks with Inquiry Science Lessons that Incorporate Math, Science, and Technology
Angie Collins Joy DeClerk Nature Conservancy Studying Erosion Along the Middle Fork of the Saline River
Robert Cook David Patterson UA-Monticello, Forestry Wood Inventory and Glue Stability
Jerry Dickson Jannie Trautwein ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center Grant Evaluation of the Data Analysis for Teachers in Arkansas Workshop
Joy Dillard Lynne Hehr UA-Fayetteville, Math and Science Ed. Center Aligning GLOBE with the Arkansas Science Frameworks
Romona Freeman Charles Stegman UA-Fayetteville, NORMES Arkansas Best Practices Study
Kelly Griffin Pam Beard UA-Monticello, Math and Science Ed. Center Water Quality of Local Ponds
Tami Honea Lynne Nielson SAU, Math and Science Ed. Center No Child Left Behind Middle School Math Institute
Ginger Klein David Lysobey S. Montgomery Co. Development Council Establishing a Caddo River Nature Trail
Clyde Mitchell Bryan Hollis Natural Resources Conservation Service Using GPS to Determine the Correct Locations of Water Wells
Melinda Parker Pam Warrick UA-Little Rock, Math and Science Ed. Center  
Robert Rehm Steve Zimmer Arkansas Tech, Math & Science Ed. Center  
Sharon Rehm Ralph Odegard US Forest Service  
Debbie Runyon Cynthia Miller ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center  
Jennifer Schnidman Suzann McCommon Great Rivers Educational Service Coop.  
Greg Short Belinda Robertson UCA, Math and Science Ed. Center  
Elouise Shorter Shelton Fitzpatrick UAPB, Math and Science Ed. Center  
Joe Smith Ken Shirley AR Game and Fish Commission  
Nancy Stainer Linda Floyd-Chappell Carroll County Coop Extension  
Dale Strouse Lynne Hehr UA-Fayetteville, Math and Science Ed. Center  
David Thorne Judy Anderson City of Blytheville  
Allen Tumminello Teddy Morelock UA-Vegetable Research Station  
Lindsey Asbury Cindy Cardwell

Lynne Hehr

UA-Fayetteville, Math and Science Ed. Center Space Class 101
Tracey Barnette Teddy Morelock

Dennis Motes

UA-Vegetable Research Station Soil Analysis
Abbra Best Forrest Payne UA-Little Rock, Dept. of Biology Improving Coleman Creek on the UALR Campus
Latreace Branch Lorenzo Parker

Bryon Watkins

Torrance Smith

City of West Memphis, Parks & Recreation Dept. Beautiful Beginnings and Purposeful Planting
Linda Clarke Jannie Trautwein

Tanja McKay

ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center Insect Abundance and Diversity in Cow Dung
Erika Crabtree Sherry Lane UA-Fort Smith, Math & Science Ed. Center MATH—The Sky is NOT the Limit!
Debra Daugherty Allen Henderson

Tony Finley

Harding Univ., Math & Science Ed. Center Rock and Fossil Identification Project
Linda Dunn Hong Li Wang

Alka Sharma

Shephen Grace

UA-Little Rock, Dept. of Biology Identification of Secondary Metabolites in Seed Coats of Medicago truncatula
Janes Estes Debbie Hill

Betty Ramsey

HSU, Math & Science Ed. Center Chemistry Inquiry Labs
Carri Hamm Steve Zimmer

Karron Watts

Arkansas Tech, Math & Science Ed. Center Teaching the New Science Frameworks: A Problem Defined and a Solution Proposed
Thurman Hobbs Belinda Robertson

Linda Griffith

Barbara Griffith

Bradley Roberts

UCA, Math & Science Ed. Center Review of the Math and Science Center Intervention Program of Staff Development with the Paragould School District
Michael Jackson Ryan Tian UA-Fayetteville, Dept. of Chemistry Nanomaterials Research
Ronald Jensen April Layher AR Game and Fish, Delta Rivers Nature Center  
Quin Johnson Johnny Cantrell US Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Stewardship on Ouachita Project
Terry Johnson Maria Melnechuck Nature Conservancy Monitoring Herbaceous and Tree Species in Arkansas Communities
Rea Lawless Cathy Jones

Lynne Hehr

UA-Fayetteville, Math and Science Ed. Center Teacher Awareness of Local Resources
John Novosad Lynne Nielson SAU, Math and Science Ed. Center No Child Left Behind Middle School Grant
Rhonda Perry Daryell Howell City of Strong, Parks & Recreation Dept. Baseball and Softball Complex for Strong Area
Roland Popejoy Cynthia Miller

Karen Yanowitz

Mike Hall

ASU, Math and Science Ed. Center The Marriage of Art and Geometry—An Analysis
Minnietta Ready Wendi Williams

Keith Harris

UA-Little Rock, Math and Science Ed. Center Rock on Teachers—A Journey with the Science and Math Center at UALR
Kory Roberts Steve Beaupre UA-Fayetteville, Dept. of Bio. Sciences Habitat Use in a Northwest Arkansas Population of Timber Rattlesnake
Renee Sears Bill Nielson SAU, Math and Science Ed. Center  
Joan Sims Shelton Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Ester

Stephanie Almond

UA-Pine Bluff, Math and Science Ed. Center Laboratory Safety in the Secondary Classroom Including Correct Disposal of Materials
Jeff Stanley Kathryn Furr US Forest Service Invasive Plant Species
Jennifer Touchstone Deanna Duncan

Chris Sims

Karen Norton

UA-Monticello, Math and Science Ed. Center Sibling Competition and Parental Provisioning in Nestling Carolina Chickadees
Alisa White Robin Halliburton Friends of the Zoo, Crossett Educational Zoo Packets for Elementary Teachers
Reagan Williams Yvonne Dragon

Sheeno Thyparambil

Nat. Center for Toxicological Research Detection of Biomarkers for Liver Cancer
Larry Austin Sherry Lane UA-Fort Smith, Math & Science Ed. Center A survey of the instructional strategies of inquiry and cooperative learning as used by math teachers in western Arkansas
Mary Beck Mike Phillips

Jerry Beck

SW Ag. Research & Extension Center Nematology and research to improve beef production
Kathy Campbell David Thomas Lyon College-Dept. of Biology Astromicrobiological research: Is anything out there?
Rosemary Cloud Mike Daniels

Becky McPeake

UA, Coop. Extension Service Spatial technology and nature-mapping
Mary Cook Renee Fair

George Wilken

NOAA, National Weather Service Upper air observations
Brian Curd Teddy Morelock

Dennis Motes

UA-Vegetable Research Station Natural resistance: screening of Arkansas southern pea breeding lines to Round-UpTM and LibertyTM herbicides
Lee Ann Dickson Debbie Rogers

Jannie Trautwein

ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center The biodiversity of macroinvertebrates of Thompson’s Creek
Kelly Foshee Basil Miller HSU, Dept. of Physics Mapping of remnant magnetic fields of hot springs
Elaine Goertzen Ed Wilson, Jr.

James Mackey

Harding, Dept. of Physical Science Testing hybrid rocket motors
David Good Faron Usrey

Jan Hinsey

National Park Service-Buffalo R. Mussels and macros
Amanda Herring Malathi Sviratsan ASU, AR Biosciences Institute This is my story of an enzyme: acetylcholinesterase
Andrea Johnson James Luba

Preeti Tripathi

UALR, Dept. of Chemistry Cloning out of thioredoxin reductase
Ivria Johnson Clifton Jackson AR Game and Fish Commission Sustaining enough channel catfish for a demanding population
Kathleen Johnson Sean Mulvenon

Sarah McKenzie

UA-Fayetteville, NORMES No Child Left Behind: data and decisions, issues and integration
Amanda Jones Maria Malnechuk Nature Conservancy Striving to conserve: post-prescribed burn monitoring in natural areas
Sharlene Jones Cynthia Miller

Jannie Trautwein

ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center Data analysis: professional development for middle school math teachers
Stephanie Jones Jeff Connelly UA-Little Rock, Earth Sciences Background information for the mitigation plan for the twin cities: Little Rock and North Little Rock
Janet Kanady Steve Zimmer

Karron Watts

AR Tech, Math and Science Instit. The retention of abstract scientific ideas by students
Michael Mason Steve Beaupre UA-Fayetteville, Dept. of Biological Sciences Timber rattlesnakes as bio-indicators
Tammy McCloy Patty Cardin

Terry Steen

Chemtura Corporation Laboratory technician qualifications for Great Lakes Chemical (Chemtura)
Yvonne Morris-Bolden Barbara Griffith

Belinda Robertson

UCA, Math and Science Ed. Center Say what? Where? Why? How? Teaching with Inquiry
Steven Steer Mark Oliver

Ken Shirley

AR Game and Fish Coimmission BassCat Tournament data analysis
Sylvia Webb Shelton Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Ester

UA-Pine Bluff, Math and Science Ed. Center Inquiry-based teaching and learning strategies: the earth as an apple
Ashley Williams Lynne Hehr

Mandy Bain

UA-Fayetteville, Math and Science Ed. Center Cataloging and realigning the existing lessons on files at the Center for Math and Science Education with the new Arkansas State Frameworks for grades K-8
Simrit Bassett Derek Sears UA-Fayetteville, Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept. The Hera asteroid mission: meeting discovery class mission precedents for education and public outreach
Patricia Branch-May Shelton Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Ester

UAPB-Math & Science Ed. Center Developing open-response questions
Leslie Brooks-Jackson Fatemah Rafii NCTR-Dept. of Microbiology Metabolism of phytoestrogen by the gastrointestinal (GI) microflora
Larry Calhoun Gary Lammers

Johnny Cantrell

US Army Corps of Engineers Using Pakistani flies to control Hydrilla
Tamara Clark Bill Hinson

Ted Kozak

Rudy Rieple

NCTR-Dept. of Engineering Energy efficiency analysis at NCTR
Chris Davis Joanne Hinson White River Medical Center Hospital marketing and projections
Christie Dunman Jannie Trautwein

Sharron Oleson

ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center Improving algebra and geometry instruction with technology
Kristen Edwards Tina Teague UA-Cotton Branch Station Computer assisted tools in cotton crop management
Mildred Forte Deb Crawford Arkansans for Drug-free Youths Opinion survey and education materials on tobacco-free environments
Teresa Fuller Malathi Srivatsan ASU, Biosciences Dept. Nicotine’s effect on rat neuron development
Michelle Guinn Roger Buchanan ASU, Biosciences Dept. Do certain pesticides have an effect on the neurological responses of male rats?
Shelia Higgins Cindy Sagers UA-Fayetteville, Biosciences Dept. Examining the Cecropia tree and Azteca ant mutualism
Valery Higgins Debbie Woosley Environmental Services Company Ceriodaphnia and fathead minnow chronic toxicity tests
Lori Likens Tracy Watson UA-Little Rock, Math Dept. TI Navigator end-of-course items
Rena Mooney-Humphrey Morteza Mozaffari UA Soils Testing Lab-Marianna Nutrients in soil and cotton growth
Karen Morton Sean Mulvenon UA-Fayetteville, Edu. Lead., Coun. & Found. Development of the SAS macro to process subgroup Benchmark/EOC exam data
Rikki Painter Jannie Trautwein ASU, Math & Science Ed. Center Improving algebra and geometry instruction with technology
Teressia Phillips Pam Warrick

Cheryl Chapman

UA-Little Rock, Math & Science Ed. Center Assessment of Share America educational programs
Daniel Scott Jeremy Soucy

Ocie Hunter

Lake Chicot State Park From parks to the classroom
Erin Simril Fatemeh Rafii NCTR-Dept. of Microbiology Detection of ceftriazone-restistant bacteria from the human gastrointestinal tract
Marcia Smith Jay Graening UA-Fayetteville, Curr. & Instr. Dept. Sequential inquiry-based lesson plans involving measurements for grades K-12
ValerieTatum Linda Griffth

Belinda Robertson

UCA, Math & Science Center Combining release items under the five education strands and separating them into related skills
Dave Volsen Denise LeGrand UA-Little Rock, Math Dept. Creating Maple software tutorials
Peggy Ward Stan Speight

Steve Walker

Cossatot River State Park Riparian forests: how many acres are being used for traffic transportation?
Darla Wilson Lynne Hehr UA-Fayetteville, Math & Science Ed. Center Online resource centers: a qualitative research pilot project for Arkansas educators
Casey Woods Rick Cartwright

Regina Chaney

UA Coop Extension-Lonoke Database of rice pests of Arkansas
David Young Ken Korth UA-Fayetteville, Plant Pathology Study of wound response in Medicago truncatula, a legume, to caterpillar herbivory
Alvin Bell William Hinson

Ted Kozak

NCTR Updating the space use database
June Claunch Lynne Hehr

Lester Long

UA-Fayetteville, Math & Science Cntr. Technology skills in the classroom
Tracey Cook Penny Thornton United Way Community needs assessment
Norma Ann Cooper Glenn Studebaker

Fred Bourland

NE Ag. Research & Extension Center Integrated pest management
Theresia Daniels Toyce Newton Phoenix Youth & Family Service Using PowerPoint to make brochures
Barbara Gordon Pam Warrick

Cheryl Chapman

UALR, Share America Evaluation of UALR Share America’s impact on educational achievement
Margaret Hall Teddy Morelock

Nilda Burgos

Craig Anderson

UA-Vegetable Research Station Squash variety trial
Nelene Harris Mark Clark Nature Conservancy The monitoring of avian productivity and survivorship (MAPS) program
Romona Holloway Tony Finley

Allan Henderson

Harding U., Math & Science Center Comparison of state test scores on ACTAAP end-of-course exams
N. Thomas Jacobs Becky McPeake UA Coop. Extension Service, Little Rock National web-based, module-developing a wildlife enterprise: is it for you?
Elizabeth Jones Yvonne Dragan

Levan Muskhelishvili

Lei Gui

Angela Harris

Ernice Blann

January Mayes

NCTR Liver toxicity studies
Elizabeth Kirner Teddy Morelock

Nilda Burgos

Craig Anderson

Dennis Motes

UA-Vegetable Research Station Evaluation of tomato cultivars for tolerance of Arkansas environmental conditions
Lisa Lawrence Linda Griffith

Belinda Robertson

UCA, Math & Science Center Curriculum alignment and student achievement
Shelley Ledbetter Mark Oliver Arkansas Game and Fish Establishing native aquatic vegetation in Bull Shoals Lake
Laudell Massengill Chip Ellis

Merl Oeff

City of Clinton Special Census
Billie Fran McDonald Jannie Trautwein

Sharron Oleson

ASU, Math & Science Center Is it possible to predict benchmark scores?
Sherrie Mize Hussain Al-Rizzo UA-Little Rock, Cyber College Improving advance placement processes
Chukwuma Obiagwu Rolfe Bryant

Paul Counce

Dorothy Anderson

Anthonette Blackwell

Carolyn Hughes

National Rice Research Station Determination of amylase activity in rice
Bruce Orr Gary Lammers

Johnny Cantrell

Trudy Hughes

US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrilla problem on Lake Ouachita and Lake DeGray
Annette Richerson Sherry Lane

Debbie Hill

HSU, Math & Science Center Electronic library
Donna Riggs Lional Poirier

Carolyn Wise

NCTR An investigation of stressors relation to methylation
William Rosser Steve Beaupre UA-Fayetteville, Biology Home range of rattlesnakes
Beverly Smiley Kira Wennstrom UA-Little Rock, Biology The effects of diet on the reproductive tissue of monarch butterflies
JoAnn Walden Tamara Hocut US Forest Service Implementation of the geographic information system (GIS) to US Forest Service Projects
Scott Winfrey Allan Cochran

Dmitry Khavinson

UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics Comparative of College Algebra to High School Algebra II
Mary Katherine Yancey Georgia Eizenga National Rice Research Station Identification of a blast gene, PI-ta
Tina Arter Jerry Mounts Weyerhaeuser  
Candra Brasel Bill Lord NW Ark. Solid Waste Mgmt. District  
Randy Bryan David Brauer

David Burner

Jim Whiley

Dale Bumpers Small Farms Res. Cntr.  
Deborah Cearley Joe Winstead

Tim Daniels

ADHE-SAU, Magnolia  
Michael Courtney Craig Rothrock

Scott Winters

UA-Fayetteville, Plant Pathology  
Christy Davis Fetemeh Rafii NCTR  
Danny Davis Debbie Miller

Jeff Johnston

North Central Educational Service Cnt  
Vicky Dotson Gisela Erf

Tina Bersi

UA-Fayetteville, Poultry Science  
Edward Foutch April Layher Arkansas Game and Fish Comm.  
Terri Frost Sherry Lane ADHE-Henderson State Univ.  
Kelley Geurin Haydar Al-Shukri UA-Little Rock, Earthquake Center  
David Green Mike Coker

Jim Sullivan

De Ann Taylor

Arkansas Game and Fish Comm.  
Jackie Hill Nawab Ali UA-Little Rock, Grad. Instit. Tech.  
Alayna Hoyle Fred Bourland

Joe Johnson

NE Ag. Research & Extension Center  
P. Gail McDonald Jannie Trautwein

Sharron Oleson

Wallece Brewer

James Miller Lester Long

Lynne Hehr

UA-Fayetteville, Math & Science Cntr.  
Melissa Miller Cindy Sagers UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Elizabeth New Jill James

Stephanie Jernigan

Renee Perry Joe Meehan

Mike Davis

Sandra Taylor

Christine Pope Susan Azbell

Bob Cowling

Ouachita Technical College  
Sharon Pruitt David Fuller Harris Hospital-Newport  
Alice Robertson Belinda Robertson

Linda Griffith

Jean McGehee

Tony Timms

Aimee Evans

Heidi Scott Vibha Srivastava UA-Fayetteville, Crop & Soil Sciences  
Rogena Sheets Michael Phillips

Bob Colvin

SW Research & Extension Center  
Wanda Sherman Shelton Fitzpatrick ADHE-UAPB  
Marjorie Stephen Janet Lanza UA-Little Rock, Biology  
Dawna Stewart Fred Spiegel

Ralph Henry

UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Robert Cook Donna Shanklin Ark.. Coop. Extension-Monticello Censusing Fire Ant Populations
Nicholas Covngton Tim Daniels SAU-Magnolia Determining the Distrubution of Organisms in Arkansas
Sharron Croddy Steve Beaupre UA-Fayetteville, Biology Radio-tracking timber rattle snakcs
Mary Cummings Derek Sears

Paul Benoit

UA-Fayetteville, Chemistry Natural Thermoluminescence of Antarctic Meteorites
Betty Elmer Angela Harris NCTR Growing Genes That are Expressed in Hepatocytes Exposed to Aflatoxin
Tonya Gauvey Belinda Robertson

Linda Griffith

Jean McGehee

ADHE-UCA Evaluating T3 Elementary Science
Tammy Harmon Jannie Trautwein

Sharron Oleson

Kathy Heller Paul Howard NCTR Modeling the Spectral Curve of Simulated Sunlight
Frankie Hemphill Aslam Chowdhury UAPB Testing Whether A Protein Can Alter Gastric Gene Expression
Eric Henderson Levan Muskhelishvili NCTR Non-Isotopic In Situ Hydridization for Histone mRAN in detection of S-Phase Cells
John Johnson Jeff Quinn Arkansas Game and Fish Comm. Surveying Stream Fishes
Holly Jones Tony Scroggins

W. Lenville Evans

City of Lonoke Comparison of Water Usage And Water Sales
Lisa Kinder Mark Oliver Arkansas Game and Fish Comm. Planting Vegetation in Bull Shoals Lake
Mendy Mann Jim Edson UA-Monticello Comparison of Host Plant Consumption to Monarch Larval Body Mass
Cheryl Massengale Rolfe Bryant National Rice Research Center Determining Amylose Chain Length from Isolatd Rice Starch Using HPLC
Charles Moore Victor Reddit Small Business Development Center Measuring Customer Service
Sharon Morgan Shirley Dawson NCTR Effective Strategies for Searching the Internet
Matthew Morningstar Doughlas Wilson UA-Little Rock, Grad. Instit. Tech. Using Independent Component Analysis to Process Digital Signals
Charles Nelson Sharron Oleson

Jannie Trautwein

S. Nanette Nichols Pam Williams White County Hospital  
Beverly Overturf Sherry Lane ADHE-Henderson State Univ. Organizing Educational Materials By Benchmark Strands
Marilyn Rosamond Jon Gravois Workforce Investment Bd.-W. Memphis  
Randall Simmermon II Jay Graening UA-Fayetteville, Education Area and Perimeter wWith Geoboards
Ricky Smith Barbara Williams US Forest Service, Mena Heritage Resource Impact Study
Joel Stephen William Hinson

Ted Kozak

NCTR Natural Gas Project
Shayne Taylor Laretta Moore Ozark Unlimited Res. Coop. Making Open Response Questions for Benchmark Tests
Connie Tenberge Susan Ziegler UA-Fayetteville, Biology Measuring the Abundance of Periphyton
Phillip Thomas Philip Osborne Ark. Dept. of Environment Quality  
Timothy Trawick Belinda Robertson

Jean McGehee

Linda Griffith

ADHE-UCA Data Analysis of Criterion Referenced Math Tests To Improve Student Performance
Jason Young Haydar Al-Shukri

Sami Eyuboglu

UA-Little Rock, Earthquake Center Ground Penetrating Radar: An Environmental Application
Rebecca Bailey Judy Trowell ADHE-Little Rock  
Connie Caldwell Leonard Unruh NCTR  
William Dark John Van Brahana UA-Fayetteville, Geosciences  
Tami Davis J. Mike Phillips

Manjula Carter

UA SW Res & Extension Center  
A. Fay Earnest Tom Bucci

Alan Warbritton

Timothy Eubanks Page Shurgar Nature Conservancy  
Michelle Fitzgerald George Fray

Lisa Hassell

Harriet Guglielmo

Claire Tomlinson

Ozark Health Medical Center  
Ruth Hendricks Haydar Al-Shukri

Marilyn Eagan

UA-Little Rock, Earthquake Center  
Jennifer Higginbotham Stephen O’Brien

Tim Miller

Ken Tucker

Ciba Specialty Chemicals  
Janice Horton Laretta Moore Ozark Unlimited Res. Coop.  
Stephen Hosey Sherry Lane ADHE-Henderson State Univ.  
Mary Howard Tambra Clement

Lea Ann DenHartog

E. Elleen Hutcheson Carol Becton UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Kim Jackson Ken Korth

Yan Crane

UA-Fayetteville, Plant Pathology  
Stefanie Jernigan William Tolleson

Ken Rowland

Judy Johnson Teresa Walsh

Kim Maxey

Crossett Chamber of Commerce  
Beverly Karstetter Lynne Hehr ADHE-UAF  
Roy King Jr. Sharon Williams

Annette Johnson

Evergene Ford

PIC Workforce  
Christie McKenzie Richard Beger

John Wilkes

Bonita Nethery William Hinson

Bruce Rice

Cleo Lewis

Ted Kozak

Grace Nwanne Haydar Al-Shukri

Hanan Mahdi

UA-Little Rock, Earthquake Center  
Alicia Pack Laretta Moore Ozark Unlimited Res. Coop.  
Stacey Ralls Carl Perrin

Kenny Vernon

Arkansas Game and Fish Comm.  
Phillip Ramsey Tom Bly Arkansas Game and Fish Comm.  
Deborah Rogers Doug Adams Arkansas Educational Service Cntr.  
Karl-Henry Romain Danita Hyrkas

Sharon Berry

Clara Knox

Leslie Roye Luke Howard UA-Fayetteville, Food Sciences  
Peter Shirley Sharon Williams

Jon Gravois

David Brady

Bryan Ford

PIC Workforce  
Owopele Shonowo Clifton Jackson Arkansas Game and Fish Comm.  
Grace Troutman Jannie Trautwein

Sharron Olson

Danny Wallace Tony Finley

Alan Henderson

Patricia Williamson Doug Petty

Phillip Petty

Arkansas Coop Extension  
Stephanie Antoine Sherry Lane ADHE-HSU  
Jeffry Belk Steven Beaupre UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Leslie Brodie Phillip Crandall

Anna McCain

UA-Fayetteville, Food Science  
Stephen Brodie David Webb Arkansas Poly Inc., Fort Smith  
Jennie Chan Stephen O’Brien

Ken Satcher

Ciba Specialty Chemicals  
Mike Clark Bill Bertrand Georgia Pacific  
Karen Davis Al Leighten-Floyd Tyson Foods  
Joy Dillard Claudia Bailey

Linda Tichenur

UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
M. Jalene Faulkner Steve Zimmer ADHE-Arkansas Tech  
Jeffrey Hagen Mike Wavering UA-Fayetteville, Education  
G. Dianne Hantz April Layher Arkansas Game and Fish  
Carla Harden Joe Addy

Jim Bob Johnson

Nat. Resource Conservation Service  
Thomas Harrison Dennis Plyler Ozark Unlimited Research Coop.  
Richard Hatley Ritter Arnold E. Ritter and Company  
Dax Hill Stacy Boncheff

Edward Green

Leonda Holthoff Jim Edson UA-Monticello  
Melissa King Jannie Trautwein

Sharron Olson

Phillip Miller Dennis Plyler Ozark Unlimited Research Coop.  
L. Bill Mullins Paul Benoit

Derek Sears

UA-Fayetteville, Chemistry  
Jenny Patoka William Hinson NCTR  
Micky Patterson ReNae Partridge

Gary Thorton

Les Collins

Arkansas Nuclear One  
Clara Perry John Seng

Erin Scherer

Tereasa Rader William Feldman

Allan Cochran

Wayne Mackey

UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Rainey Redmond Belinda Robertson ADHE – UCA  
Marc Reif William Harter UA-Fayetteville, Physics  
Sarah Rhoads Judy Trowell

Suzanne Mitchell

ADHE – State Office, Little Rock  
Frederick Rickert Linda Griffith ADHE-UCA  
Christa Ricks Jay Graening UA-Fayetteville, Education  
Cindy Robinette Steve Leslie UA-Little Rock,, Earth Science  
Holly Robinson Suzanne Morris

Lynda McGarrity

Olen Domon

Eldon Sawyer Robert Delongchamp NCTR  
W. Greg Short Tracy Ford Arkansas Game and Fish  
Waymond Sisk Carolyn McCoy ADHE – UAPB  
Joe Smith Mark Oliver Arkansas Game and Fish  
Tony Timms Dan Halberg Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Science  
Kimberly Usery Joe Hantz Entergy  
Ellen Westerman Merle Paule

John Chelonis

Jennifer Daniels

Kevin Beaumont   ADHE – ASU  
Kaye Bounds   Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Science  
Elma Briscoe   UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
David Brown   NCTR  
Kellie Brown   NCTR  
Deanna Buie   Ark. Game and Fish  
Melinda Cobb   ASU, Toxicology  
Deborah Cramer   UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Brittney Dalrymple   UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Catharina Davis   Ark. Game and Fish  
Charlotte Douglas   UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Chevron Ergle   Ark. Game and Fish  
Daniel Farley   Ark. Game and Fish  
Linda Farley   UALR, Chemistry  
Joseph Gassaway   Fort Smith Tourism  
Shannon Geoffrion   SGL Technic, Inc.  
June Gilbreath   Mt. Magazine Park  
Lester Grandon   ADHE – Harrison  
Nancy Greenwood   Ark. Game and Fish  
Gerald Harper   NCTR  
Shannon Hathcote   NCTR  
Frances Hendrix   Georgia Pacific  
Caleb Horton   UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Carolyn Jordan   NCTR  
Michael Lewis   UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Peggy Magdaleno   IMPAC  
Michael Mason   UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Carmen McMahen   Felsenthal Refuge  
Yvonne Morris   UAMS  
Onisha Overton   ADHE – State Office, Little Rock  
Nancy Rhodes   UA-Fayetteville, Chemistry  
Lynn Riggs-Strong   Eastern Ark. PIC  
Marisa Ruple   Ark. Game and Fish  
Selena Smith   UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Charlcie Strange   ADHE – UCA  
Beulah Thornton   ADHE – UAPB  
Jennifer Touchstone   Coop Ext., Mont.  
Chrystola Tullos   Great Lakes Chemical  
Charles Vereen White   NCTR  
Tonia Walls   Harding University  
Donnie Warford   UA Coop. Ext., LR  
Marshall Welch   Tyson Foods  
Barbara Wilder   ADHE – State Office, Little Rock  
Ch-Muhammad Akmal Ted Kozak NCTR  
Charlie Branch Jim Johnson US Fish & Wildlife Service  
Carlton Brown Nina Boston UA Coop Extension Service  
Karrie Bateman Dennis Plyler Springdale Schools  
Susan Buchanan Mack Ivey UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Linda Burzynski Starr Fenner ASU  
Cathy Cagle David Lindquist UA – Little Rock, Chemistry  
June Claunch Fred Spiegel UA-Fayetteville  
Robin Cothren Brian Doyle Darling Store Fixtures  
William Cranford Leesa Shankle ADHE – Little Rock  
Melissa Davis Becky Chaney UA-Fayetteville  
Monica Davis Mina Marsh Arkansas Nat. Heritage Comm.  
James Dial Larry Watson Paragould City Light  
Barbara Drye Chuck Wilson UA – Monticello  
Mary Farmer Ted Bounds Albemarle Corporation  
Gabriel Gillette Wade Hardy Temple Inland  
Muriel Hayes Carolyn McCoy ADHE – UAPB  
Miguel Hernandez, Jr. Bill Pell

Pete Trincki

Ouachita National Forest  
Napoleon Hilson Dean Roberts NCTR  
Kathi Hudspeth Frank Gelinas Harrison Public Works  
Susanne Hughes Maurice Kleve UA – Little Rock, Biology  
Rena Humphrey William Baker UA Soil Testing Lab  
Shirley Jackson Ed Griffin UCA  
Dennis Jones Suzanne Mitchell ADHE – Little Rock  
Paul Knutson Mark Filipkowski UA-Fayetteville, Physics  
Tamatha Leuschen Bill Feldman UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Rebecca Mays Tom Kwak UA-Fayetteville, Biology  
Jane McAfee Charles Allen UA Coop. Ext. Experiment Station  
Jo Anne McKeown Robin Dunahoe Eudora Garment Company  
Carolyn McKinney Bill Bertrand Georgia Pacific  
Donna McSwain Eungbin Kim NCTR  
Jennifer Milligan Alma Williams Entergy  
Carol Overton Don Johnson Lonoke Agric. Res. Center  
Alicia Parker Shirley Dawson NCTR  
Bill Petrie Bob Delongchamp NCTR  
Brent Pierce Ann Kemp UA Coop. Extension Service  
Frederick Pike Neal Apple Tyson Foods  
Margaret Pirnique Nick Macchiardto Great Lakes Chemical  
Nancy Ridling Linda Griffith ADHE – UCA  
Sharon Rondone Jannie Trautwein ADHE – ASU  
Anne Rosier Beverly Meinzer Lyon College  
Amanda Shrable David Douglas UA-Fayetteville, Computer Info. Sci  
Marcia Smith Jay Graening UA-Fayetteville, Education  
Stacey Steven Greg Felling Reynolds Metal Company  
Jacquelyn Thompson Diana Day Worldcom  
Curtis Varnell Mike Prock Arkansas Nuclear One  
Melissa Waits Allen Cochran UA-Fayetteville, Mathematics  
Richard Washam Kim Light Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Science  
Kelli Wood Sherry Lewis NCTR  
Linda Woodell Jerry Gadberry ADHE – SAU, Magnolia  
Ricky Woole Les Williams Ark. Dept. of Higher Education  
Steven Wooten Jackie Garner UA-Little Rock, Mathematics