2018-2019 Annual Report – Ask UA Little Rock


To enhance Student/Visitor experience and provide optimal customer service with a “Show the Way” attitude.

Summary Narrative

1) Enhance recruitment and retention efforts to increase enrollment

  • Developed student friendly handouts and tutorials.
  • Developed and conducted drop deadline/reinstatement surveys for identifying the needs of our students so we can help more of them stay enrolled.
  • Worked with student ambassadors to increase campus knowledge and awareness.

2) Strengthen student-friendly operations and customer service

  • Refined and administered Stars with Heart customer service training with an emphasis on showing compassion and speaking on a student’s level

3) Improve diversity and inclusion efforts to provide a safe and inclusive environment for students

  • Made an effort to hire a diverse cast of students to provide for representation of our diverse student population

4) Align financial and human resources to operate more effectively and efficiently


5) Promote student development, engagement, and leadership

  • Consolidated the DSC Information Desk into the SSC second floor desk to minimize labor needs and expenditures.

At A Glance

Number of students/visitors seen by Financial Aid/Records/Admissions

Financial Aid: 10,482

Records/Registration: 7,597

Admissions: 2,858

TOTAL: 19,566

Number of 569-3000 phone calls answered January-June 2019: 14,008

Assessment 1

Type of assessment (learning outcome or operational)

This assessment was not done.

The plan was to conduct a customer service survey to assess our guided assistance in lobby utilizing BOSS, Website, and BlackBoard for student self-service. We created kiosk tutorial guides and developed the survey. However, we were unable to implement because of issues obtaining the necessary data for sending survey. We will identify alternative means of obtaining visitor emails that is non-intrusive.

Assessment 2

Type of assessment (learning outcome or operational)

SLO 1A, 4B

Activity or experience being assessed

Provided video tutorials, continuous training, and computer resources to all student ambassadors in the Ask UA Little Rock Area

Assessment artifacts

Pre-test (administered)

Post-test (not administered)

Time period assessment was done

Fall 2018


‘Stars with Heart’ customer service training was administered both live and within BlackBoard. Results are not available due to turnover.

Continuous improvement process

The new coordinator in this area will utilize the developed trainings, pre-tests, and post-tests to assess the learning of student ambassadors in the coming year.

WHEN: 2019-20

Stakeholder involvement / Communication plan

Will report to Edie Stewart and Cody Decker

Assessment 3

Assessment was not done due to staff turnover.

The plan was to assess the job performance of student ambassadors at the ASK front desk, doing a pre- and post-test to assess what skills they obtained in the training.

Changes will be made by new coordinator to evaluate job performance more frequently throughout the semester and for the determination for ambassadors to continue their job at the front desk.

Moving forward a rubric should be developed and utilized.

Assessment 4

Type of assessment (learning outcome or operational)


Activity or experience being assessed

Blackboard classroom with customer service and department role/responsibility modules

Assessment artifacts



Time period assessment was done

Throughout the year


Developed Enrollment Customer Service and Resource Training BlackBoard classroom and made it available to the campus community for training support volunteers. Had 8 participants in January 2019 who helped assist with phones and lobby visitors. One participant completed the pre-test, and had a score of 90%.

Continuous improvement process

Blackboard content will be utilized in 2019-20 with student leaders, and no longer with staff and administrators who help out sporadically.

WHEN: Fall 2019

Stakeholder involvement / Communication plan

Will communicate with all student leaders who work at the Ask Desk about training expectations.

Priorities for Next Year

  • Leverage resources to build ASK Desk as a clearinghouse for helpful information for students
  • Develop customer service training for immediate staff with a larger goal of Student Affairs training
  • Explore strategies to reduce wait times during high volume of Fall/Spring in SSC lobby