2018-2019 Annual Report – Campus Bookstore


Total sales for last year $2,795,051; down 4%

Online sales $854,322; up 12%

Total textbook sales $2,147,830,; down 2%

Convenience Sales $162,051; up 37%

Total textbook sales $2,147,830; down 2%

General merchandise sales were down 9% in this time period.

Goal for 2019-20: Increase GM sales by 3% over last year


Build our talent– Drive the bestseller program participation. The bestseller program is like an internship. The person would learn all the aspects of running the bookstore and when they graduate, Barnes and Noble will find them a management position within the company. Our goal is to have 2 best sellers.

Be the social & academic hub by hosting VIP, Destress, and Faculty Affordability events 

  • VIP is an event held every August for all students, with give-aways , snacks, and Pepsi drink samples. We want the students to know they can have fun, interact with other students and purchase the books needed for their classes.
  • Destress event – Campus Bookstore partnered with SGA and made stress balls out of flour, water and balloons during the week of finals.
  • Faculty Affordability events where we meet with faculty about First Day Program, which enable each student to have access to their books on the first day of class.

Campus Bookstore staff visit academic departments to train faculty and administrators on Faculty Enlight, which enables faculty to place their book orders online. With this, they can see what books other universities are using, as well as and new editions.