2020-21 Annual Report – Admissions


The mission of the Office of Admissions is to recruit, admit, and serve a diverse student population by cultivating relationships with prospective students and partners on and off campus.  Our goal is to educate, support, and guide students and their families through the admission process, while striving to make their transition to higher education a positive, exciting, and successful experience at UA Little Rock.

Summary Narrative

1) Enhance recruitment and retention efforts to increase enrollment

  • Currently redesigning admit packets to include more information about on-boarding such as their academic major, academic college, academic advisor, advisor contact information, parking permits, etc…
  • Began a new initiative to engage prospective students earlier in their college search journey.  Created swag packets to mail students in the suspect/inquiry stage of the enrollment funnel. This includes sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfers at this stage.  The packet includes a newly developed publication targeted to this group of students, a marketing type letter, drawstring UA Little Rock backpack, and a UA Little Rock notebook.
  • Revised inquiry postcard mailout in an effort to make it more engaging. Also set up a mailout schedule each month to ensure postcards are sent in a timely manner and to as many prospects as possible.
  • Obtained graduation lists from two-year institutions to utilize for targeted transfer recruitment.
  • Conducted communication campaigns with prospective students via phone, text, and email (personal invites to events, admitted but not enrolled, campus tour invitations, applied but not yet admitted, admitted but not registered, missing credentials, advising completed but not registered, etc.).
  • Increased the number of recruitment/marketing communication being mailed to include inquiry postcards, swag packets, and handwritten thank you notes to tour participants.
  • Created and implemented a summer melt communication plan.
  • The Office of Admissions sent 1,510,819 emails to prospective students.
  • The Office of Admissions sent 23,307 text messages to prospective students.
  • Created the TROJAN2021 campaign which offered students an application fee waiver.
  • Organized and implemented on-campus and virtual prospective student days for high school seniors and juniors, transfers, and non-traditional students.
  • Purchased 50,000 ACT scores for seniors, juniors, and sophomores in Arkansas and Texas; uploaded new leads into the recruitment funnel, mailed swag packets and began targeted communication.
  • Renewed partnership with Cappex, a website profile, online marketing and lead generator partner, to gain additional leads in AR and TX.
  • Began a partnership with PeopleGrove to enhance our virtual event capabilities. The event platform allowed us to take our on-campus events to a virtual setting.  As well as allowed us to create a space for further student engagement with staff, current students, and new students.
  • Collaborated with the Office of Records and Registration, Office of Transfer Student Support Services, and Financial Aid to select and implement a new front desk management system, QLess.
  • Collaborated with Momentous again this year to produce a mutually beneficial publication called the Visitor’s Guide.  It provides great information about UA Little Rock and the opportunities available, as well as ads for local businesses. Shared this publication with the campus and provide one for each campus tour participant.
  • Received approval and completed contract negotiations to implement a new CRM, SLATE, beginning July 1, 2021.
  • Developed and disseminated a viewbook that specifically targeted transfer students.
  • Created a marketing piece written in English and Spanish detailing scholarship opportunities available and provided copies to high school counselors and ESL administrators.
  • Developed admit packets for returning, post-bac, and non-degree student types.  No longer are only freshman and transfer students receiving an admit packet.  The admit packets have important onboarding information needed for students to successfully begin their journey at UA Little Rock.
  • Website updates include the addition of a counselor resource page, revised admission standards, announcements, new and improved visit link, quick guide revisions/updates, campus event and tour updates, and more.
  • Worked with the Office of Communications on marketing efforts to prospective students to include print ads, email blasts, and social media posts.
  • Appeared on a few local news spots for KATV college week and KARK college week, as well as, two interviews for KTHV and KATV.
  • Participated and assisted campus units with on-campus events and presentations.
  • Created recruitment publications for upcoming year.
  • Admission standards revised (ATCC) and implemented for Freshman and Transfer students.

2) Strengthen student-friendly operations and customer service

  • Continue to update and streamline operating procedures.
  • Continue to build and utilize the Admissions Team Resource website for staff.  This in-house website contains training material and resources for our staff and is used to assist in training new staff members.
  • Continue to update the Office of Admissions website to ensure accurate and beneficial information is being delivered.
  • Create, utilize, and disseminate event surveys to provide an opportunity for participants and attendees to give constructive feedback about campus events.
  • Create, utilize, and disseminate campus tour surveys to provide an opportunity for campus visitors and their families to give constructive feedback about their campus visit experience.
  • Strive to provide students and their families a positive experience when communicating via text message, phone, in person, or virtual.
  • Hold weekly office manager meetings to ensure accurate information is being disseminated, provide office updates, allow a safe space to discuss and resolve issues/concerns, and encourage a cohesive team environment.

3) Improve diversity and inclusion efforts to provide a safe and inclusive environment for students

  • Director will be encouraging additional staff to attend Safe Zone training in the upcoming year once training resumes.
  • The office promotes diversity and inclusion in recruitment materials.
    Our new social networking platform, Trojan Connect, allows students to include their preferred pronouns.
  • Student’s preferred name is now listed on all event communication.
  • Provide training to staff that includes the process of updating a student’s name on University records and a map of gender neutral bathrooms available on campus.

4) Align financial and human resources to operate more effectively and efficiently

  • Revisions to the recruiter’s territories have been made.  We now have Arkansas divided into sections for NW, NE, SW, SE, and Central.  This revision gives a better balance of the number of schools for each of the high school recruitment coordinators and better ensures their ability to communicate more frequently and effectively with the counselors and prospective students in each territory.
  • Hired and trained two new recruiters.
  • Two staff members attended the NISTS (National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students) virtual conference.
  • One staff member attended the RNL (Ruffalo Noel Levitz) Strategic Enrollment Planning Executive Forum.
  • Five staff members attended ArkACRAO (Arkansas Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers) Bootcamp.
  • Collaborated with the Office of Records and Registration, Office of Transfer Student Support Services, and Financial Aid to select and implement a new front desk management system, QLess.
  • Developed and implemented a virtual Discover UA Little Rock event for prospective students.
  • Developed and implemented a virtual Transfermation event for prospective transfer students.
  • Developed and implemented a virtual Counselor’s Appreciation Lunch and Learn event for high school counselors and two-year school administrators.
  • Developed and implemented a virtual Academic Majors Week to showcase our three academic colleges to prospective students.
  • Developed and implemented a virtual Counselors Check-In to assist the recruiters with communicating with high school counselors and two-year school administrators.
  • Created a combined Admissions and Financial Aid incentive outreach project to reach over 1,000 students who did not enroll during the Fall 2020 semester to encourage enrollment at UA Little Rock for the Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 semesters.
  • Created and implemented three Step Into UA Little Rock application days and invited prospective students to UA Little Rock to apply for admission and financial aid.

5) Promote student development, engagement, and leadership

  • Hired and trained 2 work study students.
  • Invited current students to participate in recruitment photo shoots.
  • Showcased new and current students on social media platforms.
  • Established an admissions ambassador program, in which ambassadors assist with admission and recruitment efforts on and off campus.
  • Worked with PeopleGrove to implement a new virtual platform called Trojan Connect.  This allows new students to engage with other new students, current students, staff, ambassadors, and more to share experiences and ask questions.
  • All events hosted by the Office of Admissions have the goal of helping students feel confident and knowledgeable in their next steps in the on-boarding process.
  • Educate prospective students using social media, publications, email communication, and presentations about the University, opportunities available, onboarding and next steps during campus tours, high school visits, college fairs, etc…

6) Other

  • Two Office of Admission staff members were selected for the Student Affairs Employee Recognition Program.

At a Glance

School Visits: 412 (traditional and virtual)

  • 303 high school visits/application days/award ceremonies
  • 47 ArkACRAO and TACRAO high school college fairs
  • 3  ArkACRAO two-year college fairs
  • 19 college fairs (hosted by schools outside of ArkACRAO)
  • 3 two-year college fairs (hosted by schools outside of ArkACRAO)
  • 37 two-year school visits

Campus Tours: 378 (traditional and virtual)

  • 493 registered for individual tours
  • 288 attended (58%)
  • 8 group tours registered with a total of 180 guests
  • 5 attended with a total of 90 guests

On-Campus and Virtual Events:

Organized and implemented on-campus and virtual events for prospective students, admitted students, high school counselors and two-year administrators.

  • Campus Tours
  • Virtual Tours
  • Transfer Fridays
  • Saturday Spotlight
  • Trojan Twilight Tours
  • Step Into UA Little Rock (application days)
  • Counselors Appreciation Lunch and Learn
  • Counselor Check-In
  • Discover UA Little Rock
  • Trojan Drive-Ups
  • Transfermation
  • Academic Colleges Week
  • Admitted Trojan Kickoff

Other Information:

  • 45,986 pages scanned and linked into ImageNOW
  • 8 community outreach events
  • 786 social media posts
  • 1,176 scholarship certificates mailed (due to schools opting out of award ceremonies and signing days at this time)
  • 12,594 phone calls to the Office of Admissions main phone line
  • 18,152 emails received in the Office of Admissions email account, admissions@ualr.edu.
  • 1,510,819 prospective student emails sent via CRM
  • 23,307 text messages sent via CRM
  • 1,602 RFIs completed and mailed
  • 27,879 inquiry postcards mailed
  • 1,872 swag packets created and mailed
  • 729 students were assisted face to face in the office
  • 7,559 undergraduate admission applications received and reviewed
  • 5,837 undergraduate students admitted

Please note that because of COVID related school closures, tours, events, school visits, college fairs, and students visiting the UA Little Rock campus decreased.  The Office of Admissions created and executed many virtual items to continue its engagement and communication with prospective and admitted students throughout this time.

Assessment 1

Type of assessment (learning outcome or operational)



To assess the customer service of each department under the Division of Student Affairs.

Activity or experience being assessed

The customer service experience of the campus community.

Assessment artifacts

Survey via QR Code and web address found on easily accessible posters posted within Student Affairs

The survey asked the following questions, with an option to leave additional feedback:

  • I’m satisfied with how the employee handled my inquiry.
  • This employee resolved my issue.
  • This person was timely in resolving my issue.
  • This person communicated in a clear manner.
  • This person was professional and courteous.
  • This person made me feel valued.

Time period assessment was done

FY 2021


Despite having posters everywhere and adding the link to the survey in all Student Affairs email signature lines, there were no responses to the survey.

Continuous improvement process

The Division of Student Affairs will continue to develop ways to elicit the campus community’s feedback to better assess staff responsiveness, professionalism, and competency.

Assessment 2

Type of assessment (learning outcome or operational)



Prepare students for success.

Activity or experience being assessed

  • Research and select virtual platform
  • Develop using videos, pictures, school colors, logos, student communities, and different rooms for student organizations, academic departments, etc….
  • Train staff on how to utilize platform
  • Create events, communication plans, and social media marketing to promote
  • Execute events

Assessment artifacts

Determine the number of students registered/attended and survey those who attended to determine if the event was engaging and what prospective students learned about UA Little Rock.

Time period assessment was done

October 2020 – April 2021


The average attendance rate for our virtual events was 75%.  Participants reported enjoying the live sessions, being able to communicate with the presenters and other staff, the live streamed campus tour, getting their questions answered, informative presentations, learning about academic opportunities, learning about the different colleges and the majors, and receiving information about their next steps in the admission and enrollment processes.

Continuous improvement process

Although most liked the virtual events, there are limitations to the capabilities of the platform itself. Attendees reported they would like to see and have interactions with other participants. The platform could be more mobile friendly on some devices.

When changes were made in FY21

No changes have been made at this time.

Continuous improvement process

In FY22, the department will host some virtual events. However, face to face events will be developed as appropriate. This will give students the option of online or in-person interactions.

When changes will be made in FY22

September 2021

Stakeholder involvement / Communication plan

Student Affairs Leadership Group

Assessment 3

Type of assessment (learning outcome or operational)

Student Learning: Practical Competence


Improve diversity / inclusion / equity / and global understanding in the campus community.

Activity or experience being assessed

Increase the number of staff and student workers who have participated in Safe Zone training.

Assessment artifacts

Create a questionnaire to determine if further training or discussions are needed and gain feedback from staff regarding what they learned.

Time period assessment was done

No Safe Zone training was given due to COVID.


None at this time.

Priorities for Next Year

No information provided.