Ask UA Little Rock Annual Report 2017-2018

Strengthen student-friendly operations and customer service

  • Assisted with the Summer Promotional campaign by reaching out directly via phone and email to students and individuals who indicated interest in attending summer courses at UA Little Rock.
  • Participated in New Student Orientation events by serving as front line representatives during late check-in and answering general inquiries from new students and their guests.
  • Coordinated visitor parking along Campus Drive to provide incentive for new students to complete their enrollment.
  • Coordinated the acquisition of table skirts for the entire Division of Student Affairs and campus partners to develop continuity and standardized branding when hosting recruitment and orientation events.

Align financial and human resources to operate more effectively and efficiently

  • Created a BlackBoard classroom to organize and build our departments growing knowledge base.
  • Developed and created “At-A-Glance” handheld resources for each of Ask UA Little Rock’s workstations to assist in triaging customers customers and answering questions about general information.
  • Developed “Stars with Heart” customer service training to empower student ambassadors and departmental staff with knowledge and strategies for managing and maintaining service excellence within all interactions.