Bookstore Annual Report 2017-2018


  • Rental availability for fall 79.4% – spring 78.1%
  • Students saved $684,942 by renting books
  • Total store sales $2,896,442 – down 8% from last year
  • Convenience sales up 1% over last year


  • Shrink was 1% – goal to be below 2%
  • Price matching with Amazon, B&, and local competitors
  • A pilot has been developed for the first day LMS, which gives access to their books on the first day of class
  • A survey was conducted with 294 UA Little Rock Students
  • 80% of students are satisfied with customer service at the bookstore
  • 88% of students feel that it’s important to have course materials available at the bookstore
  • The academic experience – 61% – have rented course material from the bookstore
  • 52% would find it convenient to be able to purchase course materials from the bookstore through LMS
  • 61% of new students felt that the campus bookstore made their transition to campus life easier