Campus Dining Annual Report 2015-2016

I. Mission

The mission of Campus Dining / Sodexo is to:

  • Improve the quality of life of all those we serve. We strive to design on-site services and benefits and rewards services that improve people’s well-being, process efficiency and infrastructure reliability and quality.
  • Contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries where we operate. We demonstrate this commitment every day by employing tens of thousands of people locally at our sites worldwide and contributing to their fulfillment and career development.

II. Values

  • Professionalism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Integrity
  • Welcoming attitude
  • Shared purpose
  • Mutual respect
  • Diversity

III. Vision

To provide innovative, comprehensive service solutions that exceeds the needs and goes beyond the expectations of the UA Little Rock community.

IV. Highlights

  • Created a partnership with UA Little Rock’s SGA to Pack the Trojan Pantry. Students were able to donate a meal swipe or $10 to help stock the pantry.
  • Partnered with UA Little Rock’s American Chemical Society for a live demonstration of molecular gastronomy. We created liquid nitrogen ice cream and dry-ice soda pop.
  • We partnered with the Athletic department and hosted a Trojan Watch Party where students enjoyed UA Little Rock’s Men’s Basketball NCAA Tournament Match against Purdue and free refreshments.
  • We hosted several pop-up restaurant events or Elite Events in our Trojan Grill location. Students were able to enjoy a new dining experience with new menus.
  • On April 25th, we hosted a cookout that had over 400 Students, Faculty, and Staff members attend. The event featured a live DJ and an indoor/outdoor dining experience.

V. Assessment

In our most recent survey we learned that students want us to expand the cuisines that we currently offer. We will be making strides in offering different cuisines from around the world.

VI. Priorities for Next Year

  • Having more events that increase student and faculty involvement.
  • Continue to partner with UA Little Rock’s SGA , Athletic Department, and other Student Organizations.
  • Collaborate with Sustainability Committee to develop and implement a Food Recovery Program.
  • Improve the dining experience for our clients.

VII. Appendix: Fast Facts

  • Sodexo is the world leader in Quality of Life Services.
  • Sodexo currently employs over 420,000 people world-wide making it the 19th largest employer in the world.
  • Sodexo currently operates at 32,000 sites in 80 different countries and services 75 million consumers per day.
  • This year, Sodexo was ranked 6th in Diversity Inc.’s Top 50 companies for diversity. This is Sodexo’s 8th consecutive year being ranked in the top 10.