Campus Dining Annual Report 2016-17


Improve the quality of life of all those we serve. We strive to design on-site services and benefits and rewards services that improve people’s well-being, process efficiency and infrastructure reliability and quality.


Welcoming attitude
Shared purpose
Mutual respect


To promote innovative, comprehensive food service solutions that exceeds the needs and goes beyond the expectations of the UA Little Rock community.


Promotes student development through intentional services, programming, and structures

  • Hosted a Global Chef from Spain
  • Hosted a Super Bowl Party at the Trojan Grill

Encourages a healthy university community

  • Offered Mindful Meals, an approach that focuses on transparency of ingredients, delicious food, satisfying portions, and nutritional information so that making mindful choices becomes second nature
  • Offer products that fit the needs of students who request gluten-free meals

Advocates for the excluded

  • Partnership with Easter Seals, regular volunteer groups of 5-10 people that come to the campus to experience working with Sodexo and learn more about potential future careers

Provides an environment in which students can pursue their educational goals

  • To better serve the Bowen School of Law, Campus Dining created a dining location at the Bowen School of Law to better serve law students which included the option to utilize a tailored meal plan to fit their needs
  • Redecorated the serving area of the Trojan Cafe


  • Hired a new Catering Manager in November
  • Hosted a Rename the Diamond contest, resulting in a name change to Trojan Cafe


  • In our assessment of the Trojan Cafe during the fall 2016 semester, we found that 89% of students said they were satisfied to very satisfied with the food and service in the Trojan Cafe.
  • Ninety-two percent of students said they probably would recommend to definitely would recommend the Trojan Cafe to a friend or fellow student.

Priorities for next year

  • Increase the Sodexo presence on campus with community events
  • Develop better student, faculty, and staff relationships through the use of focus groups and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Grow partnerships with UA Little Rock’s Student Government Association, Athletic Department, Sustainability Committee, and other campus organizations
  • Improve the dining experience for our clients
  • Form a Food Service Committee comprised of employees and students
  • Enhance food program in the Trojan Cafe
  • Improve marketing through social media and on-campus signage
  • Implement Bite App to assist with caloric information to better inform the campus community
  • Improve customer service
  • Update retail offerings and evaluate retail needs

Appendix: Fast Facts

  • Campus Dining has provided employment for approximately 90 people this year, including 15 UA Little Rock students, contributing to their fulfillment and career development
  • 490,411 meals were served in 2016-17
  • Provided catering for 1,064 events