Kaila Test Page

My Dream Job
Becoming a Labor and Delivery/NICU RN has been my dream job since elementary school. Watching my two younger brothers be born amazed me at such a young age that I knew I would want to help deliver babies when I grew up. At the age of 19 I had my first child and I had the BEST labor and delivery nurse during those long painful hours. It was that moment that I was certain I wanted to be just like Nurse Jill. She was so loving and patient, she never got frustrated, she stayed calm while I was uncontrollable and she never made me feel embarrassed. Being able to be right beside a new mom or experienced mom while they bring life into the world is so beautiful.

Fall 2019 Classes

  • Human Anatomy 1
  • Human Anatomy 2
  • Intro to Stat
  • Mental Health Ed.