Here are some of the great shout-outs from staff in Student Affairs!

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June and July 2017

Austin Rose is always willing to help others and many people depend on him. He is a joy to be around, and is really starting to flourish in his role.

Thank you Rayme Wilson for joining our team and making us laugh constantly. We are lucky to have you on our team!!!!!!

Michelle Zengulis has done a terrific job getting Hall Director and RA Training together. She’s a rock star.

Chanell Smith is a very competent and excellent RN who is key to the day-to-day operations of Health Services! She does everything from triaging patients, seeing her own patients, running the tuberculosis prevention program, giving immunizations and making sure the office runs well.  She is always pleasant to work with and is consistently reliable in every way.  Thank you, Chanell, for all you do!!

The explanation of each of the components of our strategic plan and assessment is so helpful! Thank you to Sharon Downs for taking the time to make it as palatable as possible.

Jenny Dodson has worked so diligently to create an entire new orientation experience for incoming students that I feel will be better than ever before. She is so dedicated to helping create a new atmosphere on campus and is always willing to help out. Thanks, Jenny, for all you do!

I would like to thank Amber Smith for her dedication to her team. Whenever I’m needing someone to talk to, frustrated, or even when I unknowingly need a pep talk, she’s always there with kind words and wisdom to share. Thank you for all that you do!

Rikki Turner is no lie a life saver! Through all of the numerous questions and struggles I have had – she has helped to minimize the frustrations and has taken the time to educate me on how to fix the problems. Thank you, Rikki!

Jeff Newton is always open to answering my questions and goes above and beyond to help me understand the technical side of things.  His knowledge of The Housing Director (the program where we do room assignments, cancellations, etc.) is impressive.  I really appreciate all his hard work.  Also, he is building his own department so I applaud his passion and courage in doing that.  That is not easy.  Thanks, Jeff, for everything you do.  It does not go unnoticed.

Katie Becker we will miss you. Thank you for being you and helping to guide us through change, being a pillar or strength and making us laugh. UA Little Rock will not be same.

David Marsh has proven to be a great asset in Health Services. In addition to being a knowledgeable and caring provider, he is a whiz with computers. David has taken on the role of Medicat “Super User” and is working to improve/shorten the check-in process. He also is working to get patient forms on-line so they can be completed before the patient arrives in Health Services. David volunteered to help at graduation, staff the HS table at several orientation events, and is making a concerted effort to get involved on campus. David, David, he’s our man!!

BIG..BIG..BIG Shout to Linda Barker for her many years in service, hard work and dedication. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the TRIO team. This year has been a great experience for me and I look forward to many great years to come.

Jenny and Lindsey have worked tirelessly over the summer to ensure that UA Little Rock orientation goes smoothly. The process, planning, and time commitment that goes into all that orientation entails, they certainly deserve kudos! I would like to thank them for all their dedication and hard work!

I would like to thank Marc, Carrie, and Michelle for all the help they provide to the students of West Hall and for wrangling in all 179 students needing help with roommates at Friday’s Orientation! Your help is greatly appreciated! Kudos to all of Campus Living!

David Marsh joined our staff as an APRN at the first of May. He has made great progress in a short amount of time demonstrating increasing confidence and independence in his new role. He is happy to help out the office with IT concerns, volunteers for such activities as orientation tables, and the Trojan Wars committee, and is taking the lead on becoming a Medicat “Super-User.” He is an overall positive person and is great to work with. We’re so glad you joined our team!

Thank you to everyone that helped with the CLC Orientation! We had 179 CLC Scholars that attended with the other 21 attending the June 8th or July 27th orientation. Truly blessed to have so many wonderful co-workers and student leaders here at UA Little Rock

Congratulations to Dolfo Morales on a beautiful and healthy baby!


May 2017

Chanell Smith is a very competent and excellent RN who is key to the day-to-day operations of Health Services! She does everything from triaging patients, seeing her own patients, running the tuberculosis prevention program, giving immunizations and making sure the office runs well.  She is always pleasant to work with and is consistently reliable in every way.  Thank you, Chanell, for all you do!!

Jenny Dodson is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met. She is doing what seems like 8 jobs all the while she is still able to smile and keep the Student Experience Center a positive place to work.

—Dustin Baylan is back in classes and made a 4.0 this semester!!

To Student Affairs: May 26th will be my last day to work at UA Little Rock, and I couldn’t be more sad! Though I have only worked for Campus Living for 9 months, I have never felt more included and loved by a workplace. They truly have become my family and I will miss each one of them! Campus Living is the BEST department on campus! – Rob Thompson

Te’Airra Blanchard has been a student worker for the Campus Living Office for a while and she is now full-time for the summer. She has a big personality and a bright smile! Definitely a great addition to the CLO.

Michelle Zengulis is such an asset here at the Campus Living office! We love her!

Carrie Owens is always such a joy to be around! She can turn the sourest days into a rainbow! Thank you for all you do for your students, staff, and all you do around the Campus Living Office!

Kelsey Reed has stepped up during check-outs in the Campus Living Office and helped with many tasks that were not her own. Thanks Kelsey for all you do!

I would like to give a shout-out to the DRC staff and all who assisted with the orchestration of accessible seating and related activities during commencement.

I would like to give a huge shoutout to a fantastic director, Reed Claiborne! While he’s had enormous shoes to fill, he has done an exceptional job. He is always willing to listen, not just lead. Our office has had major changes to adapt to, such as the loss of some campus heavy weights, with numerous years of experience. Yet, our director does not cower from the challenges, he simply dives in and gets to work. He is never in a bad mood and always willing to adjust his schedule to meet the needs of the office. So in case we haven’t said it lately, Thanks Reed!!

I want to shout out to Katie Becker and Ann Marie Lott for making me feel welcome and helping me learn the ins and outs of this job.  It’s been an easier transition because of these two wonderful ladies. :)

Samantha Skinner is a new, hourly employee who was hired to help at the front desk in Health Services. Samantha has amazed everyone with how quickly she caught on to the tasks. She is a very bright individual with a pleasant disposition that has a calming effect on both the patients and staff. Health Services is happy to have Samantha on our team.

Rikki Turner is consistently the best person I know. Thanks for everything, Papaw.

I’d like to personally thank Marc Glidden for always being a source of sunshine and golf cart rides when the days are long. Appreciate you BD.

The DSC is looking really great these days! Thanks Rodolfo Morales, for your work in making us look good.

Tasha Davis has been a pleasure to work with, and I’m sorry to see her smiling face move on to other opportunities. Best of luck and good wishes!

Chanell Smith has been a much-needed constant in a department that has seen lots of changes lately.  Our students and employees are fortunate to have her taking care of us when we’re sick! Terrific bedside manner, by the way. :)

Rob Thompson, you’re a ray of sunshine, and I know Campus Living and the rest of us are going to miss you terribly.  Best of luck on your big move, and please come back and visit!

Big congratulations to Linda Barker for 35 years of service at UA Little Rock!  We’re so glad to have you in the Student Affairs family.

I would like to highlight Amber Wolf‘s and Emily Cox‘s willingness to learn and take responsibility for their areas. Neither are afraid to admit when they doesn’t know something but instead of using that as a crutch or an excuse for ineffectiveness, they take charge and find out how to do it or fix it. This is a rare quality and needs to be celebrated. Thank you for taking the initiative needed to succeed no matter the circumstance.

The 360 evaluation process was amazing! Sharon Downs managed this implementation so well and it seems to have gone over really well. Thank you Sharon!

Tara Kittrell is always willing to help. She is so caring when it comes to students. Tara goes above and beyond for our office. She has been an amazing addition to the office because she makes the place better.

To the man so famous he only needs one name – our very own Prince, Madonna, Liberace of Student Affairs – Assadi! Assadi is the Cheerleader Extraordinaire of Student Affairs. He is there to lend a helping hand, provide an encouraging word or silly joke, find a donor for your special event, teach you how to count cards before your next trip to Tunica, or polish a student’s resume. Despite working a zillion hours AND completing his doctorate, when I bought a new house recently he offered at least a half dozen times to help me move, which would have meant giving up his precious down time. When a co-worker needed to complete her “supervision” for her license, a process that can cost $5,000 (!) Assadi found someone who would supervise her for a fraction of the going rate. Day in and day out, Assadi is our Goodwill Ambassador and all around Nice Guy, in our department, Student Affairs, the campus, and the community! Thanks for all you do!

Gwenyth Sutphin, we are  so glad you are here!!!!


March and April 2017

Ann Marie Lott has been amazing. She is proactive, determined and simply on top of everything she does. UA Little Rock is a better for having her work here.

I would like to give a shout out to Luther Watson. In a time of need when the DSC was without our maintenance person, he stepped in to provide us with whatever services he could to minimize our work orders. Luther demonstrated true team work and for that the DSC is thankful.

Dustin Baylan is one of my favorite humans in existence. He is incredibly kind, positive, honest, and easy to be around. Any day that I get to have a conversation with him is a good day. I could not imagine Campus Living without him.

Firstly, Marc Glidden is one of the smartest men I know and I value his opinion on things. Secondly, he is always willing to help me with work related and non-work related projects.  He is such a hard worker and manages to keep Campus Living running smoothly everyday! Glad to call him my boss and my friend!

Kimya Herd is the best office manager, EVER! Thank you for keeping things in order!!!

When I was trying to manage a family crisis and had to miss work, Rikki Turner jumped in and helped manage some issues on my behalf that couldn’t wait for my return, and showed me tremendous care and support. I love having Rikki as a colleague and friend.

Big thanks to Dustin Baylan, Marc Glidden, Jeff Newton, Aresh Assadi, and Rodolfo Morales for serving on the 360 performance review team. They helped make a complicated process go much more smoothly than it would have without their help and input. Their continued focus on assessment and quality is greatly appreciated!

Marie Sandusky has held down the fort in Health Services, serving as the only APRN for much of the spring semester. Despite being critically short-staffed, the standard of care in Health Services remained high, and they were able to recruit and hire a new APRN who begins in May. Congratulations on surviving that, Marie!

When I was helping my father-in-law transition to assisted living, I kept my office mates, Carolyn Gulley and Richard Harper, updated on what was happening, including the ups and downs and why I was missing work so much that week. Richard and Carolyn were encouraging and supportive in what was an extremely stressful situation for me and my family, and it made a big difference. I appreciate y’all!

No matter how bad of a mood I am in or how upset I am at something or someone, Dustin Baylan has the ability to swoop in and save the day with affirmations and such sound knowledge and advice. He truly is a kindred spirit! Love ya Dash!

Thank you to Katie Becker for your efforts on Earth Day week, The Garden, Coleman creek Clean up and all around sustainability

You can talk about being cool under pressure or stress when you come to newly expanded office that I work with. We had several hours of meeting on how to make this transition work and one person whose office area would be most affected by this shuffle remained calm and optimistic that it would be done without tears or sweat. Kweilin Wilson, popularly known as K., had everything positive to say and do about this transition. The planning and getting ready for Spring GradFest happened to be at this time too. As I paced and worried about the graphics and plasma messages, she simply asked that I show her what needed to be done to get this moving forward. Counseling Services is a small office but works across office lines to get the job done. I want to use this forum to thank K. for all her assistance in our efforts to serve the students. If you have not visited Counseling Services lately, you need to come and take a look. Water is on us.

Michelle Zengulis is a dedicated and vital staff member within the Office of Campus Living. The leadership that she provides the graduate students and resident assistants is truly one of a kind. Her assistance and support of her supervisor are truly outstanding. Thank you for all you do, Michelle!

Sharon Downs has put in countless hours toward designing, preparing, and implementing Qualtrics 360. Her dedication and positive attitude throughout the process have truly impacted the members of the committee and all who have helped to prepare the evaluations to roll out. Thanks for everything, Sharon!

Justin Hicks – The man, the myth, the legend

Rikki “the evil budget lady” Turner has a vast knowledge base of everything budget. She is always willing to answer my questions about different processes and forms. Thanks for all you do, Rikki!

Dustin Baylan has a huge personality which allows him to interact with anyone that comes into the office. He is open to learning new processes and taking on new projects. His positive attitude is always appreciated around the Campus Living Office!

Rob Thompson has the challenge of dealing with a variety of issues while working the front desk of the Campus Living Office. He approaches each situation with a clear perspective and open mind. His customer service has been praised by residents, staff, and most recently a parent who stated that his “telephone customer service is great!” Thanks to Rob for all he does!

Rodolfo and Tom – They know why. Good job guys!

Since replacing his predecessor, Dolfo Morales has ridden the tides of change in the DSC with caution and grace. His happy and positive outlook are evident daily, reaching out to help anyone at a moment’s notice. He is easy-going and supportive, and is the last person that would ever take out a bad day or bad mood on his staff. His outgoing personality and pleasant nature makes the DSC a great place to work.

Linda Toler is an exemplary employee. Managing the front desk of any busy office can sometimes be unpleasant. Managing the front desk of a busy health clinic where individuals are not feeling their best to begin with can be worse! No matter the circumstances, Mrs. Toler maintains her professionalism and lovely personality. She is a jewel and we are fortunate to have her as part of the Health Services team.

Aresh Assadi is well known in the student affairs community and in the university as a whole only few may not heard his name. If he is involved in any group activity, he will be there and fully committed. If there is need for material supply or financial assistance need, he has a way of making it happen by connecting donors with the event. UA career services is almost non-existent but this gentleman works behind the scene to give students the needed services. Spring Career fair happened to be hosted on the same day as GradFest March 8th 2017 at different locations. DSC for GradFest and Jack Stephen’s Center for career fair. He made sure that the career fair was successful. He took the initiative of visiting with graduating students at the GradFest to inform them about the career fair at Jack Stephens. He volunteered to drive students on a golf cart over to Stephens center to talk to employers. He took students to his office to fix their resumes to make it employment and professionally ready. His effort was crowned as one of the students he shuttled over reported after a week that she had been offered a job by one of the companies that interviewed her. Help me congratulate Mr. Aresh Assadi for his relentless efforts in assisting and promoting the University and helping me during GradFest activities.

Connie Wordlaw – Thank you for listening, consulting, double checking, and any other “…ing.” Hope you realize how much you are appreciated.

Everyone that works in Campus Living is committed, passionate, and ready to pitch in to help. It is a delight to be in Campus Living. Rarely can someone say that most of their co-workers are working a job that is a calling and that brings them such joy. Being around the staff inspires me all the time.


February 2017

Benny Scroggin is always so helpful when we have need of his considerable photography and design skills. Also, he helps out by printing materials that are beyond the capabilities of our department printers. Always appreciate his willingness to help in any way he can.

Every time Kelsey Reed comes into the Campus Living Office she asks if there is anything she can do to help us. She is committed, passionate, and so helpful. I appreciate her can-do attitude! Thanks so much, Kelsey!

Dustin Beam is so detailed in his daily work. He is such a kind spirit and always willing to help out when needed.

Karl Lenser hosted a great massage/relaxation program for employees! I was able to stop by and enjoy the event and saw folks from areas throughout Student Affairs and but also several folks from across the University. Thank you for this wonderful event and the weekly motivation!

Gena Girard works so hard around Campus Living and she is a friend to all! She always has the answer to all my questions, I love that I can rely on her for help!

Dean Preston Slayden put his retirement on hold to come back to Student Affairs and keep the ship aright until the new VC is hired. Dean Slayden, your long institutional memory, unwavering support of Student Affairs, and general pleasantness are very welcomed. So glad you’re here!

What a boss! Marc Glidden‘s approach to work issues is cool, calm, and collected. He actively seeks ways to improve our department. He cares about the residents under his care. I don’t think he really knows the extent of his influence here. I very much value his leadership.

Dustin Beam is like no other. From the working feng shui of his office to his purposeful statements of encouragement, Dustin adds value to our office that we didn’t know was missing.

Rob Thompson has improved our workplace with both his organizational skills and his wonderfully fun personality!

Rikki Turner faced a crowd of unhappy students to discuss the new meal plan options and prices, and managed the crowd with grace and humor.

Austin Rose is so detail oriented and conscientious about his work. He is consistently the first one finished with a project and is a joy to be around. Thanks for all you do!

When Joe Watkins first started, he took us out to eat to get to know us better. He is always willing to listen and cares deeply for his co-workers. He also possesses an acerbic wit like no other! I am so glad he came to work with us at Campus Living!

Thanks to K Wilson and Mike Kirk for all their work toward expanding the office, with the new space we have acquired. This expansion makes our department one step closer toward accreditation.

I really appreciate Mike Kirk‘s willingness to work creatively within budget constraints to accomplish goals.

You could not ask for a better boss than Genevieve Girard-Baird. She is always there to listen and is open to suggestions. I asked if I could be more in the loop about Campus Living so she created a Business Operations meeting for the administrative staff. Also, her attention to detail is superb. Thanks Gena for being an amazing boss!

We are hosting SWACUHO 2017 in 11 days!!! This team is ROCK SOLID and there’s no way I could do this without Marc Glidden, Michelle Zengulis, and Joe Watkins!

Sharon Downs is so supportive and caring. Always a listening ear and a helping hand.

Welcome back Preston Slayden! We are so glad to have you advocating for us. I couldn’t think of anyone better to lead us during this interim time and you are doing some wonderful things already! When you start regretting this decision, remember how much you are loved already!

What a wonderful human being Nancy Hyde is! Always willing to help out, always on top of UALRworks, and does a great job managing the hectic information desk.

Dolfo “Rod” Morales has been such a huge help getting the SGA office ready and helping the Chi Omegas with furniture. Thanks for always being a team player!

Anyone who is familiar with the Office of Health Services knows of the importance and exemplary work performed by Charlotte Beck, Assistant Director of Health Services! She handles a very large and complicated budgetary process that includes the addition of billing insurance and collaborating with our insurance vendor. She is the HIPAA Coordinator (a huge responsibility) including writing policies and procedures, insuring that all staff are trained each year and are following HIPAA guidelines, and performing risk assessments. She monitors the Tuberculosis Screening Program for our international students making sure that students and the university are in compliance with state and federal guidelines. She writes the university’s Biennial Review every other year reporting on the university’s programming and education efforts regarding alcohol and drug use and insuring that we are in compliance with Federal regulations. She oversees the website and makes updates on a regular basis. She works with the director in the development and publishing of Stall Stories and the annual report. She assists with the quality assurance program, pulling charts each quarter for review by the collaborating physicians. She makes sure the lab’s CLIA waived license is kept up to date. She developed and implemented the client satisfaction survey which provides important feedback to the office. Ms. Charlotte Beck is a true professional, she is incredibly reliable, consistent and is an invaluable member of the Health Services’ team!

What a great Study Abroad day! The turnout was fabulous and the feedback from students was equally impressive. You’ve done a great job building this program, Emily Cox, and should be very proud of yourself.

January 2017

—Tom Genz flies under the radar like a professional stealth bomber. However, he is one of the friendliest and most caring individuals on staff. Several times he has answered phone calls after hours and lent guidance to those outside of his area of responsibility. He is also here most weekends and was here the majority of the holiday break handling swim meets. He is a great team member and we are lucky to have him on staff.

—Kweilin Wilson went above and beyond during the fall 2016 semester assisting in getting the student organization, Active Minds, up and running. Active Minds is off to a great start in large part due to her efforts.

—Congratulation to Ann Marie Lott for being promoted to Service Provider Coordinator in the DRC.

—Grant Watts has really stepped up to help out the SEC in terms of budget and administrative tasks. I don’t think SEC could have made it through this past semester without his help. This perception is from the outside looking in as well :-)

—Michelle  Zengulis is a life-saver! She is always willing to assist in a pinch and does so with humility and perfection. She is a wonderful addition to UA Little Rock!

—On top of her many other duties as an interpreter, Katie Becker practically runs the Sustainability Committee. Her passion for sustainability has benefited our campus in numerous ways, including helping us to recycle, the Take Back the Tap initiative, Earth Day activities, and shoe drives. She also has represented UA Little Rock at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) conferences. Thanks for making a real difference, Katie!!

—CONGRATULATIONS to Amber Standridge Wolf on her recent wedding!! Best wishes to you and Sam for a long, happy life together!

—A big thanks to Chanell Smith and Marie Sandusky for stepping into action for a medical emergency. I was not in good shape and they let me know it. Turns out they were right :-) Thank you for saving me.

—Connie Wordlaw in a word, AWESOME. Thanks for all you do.

December 2016

Chanell Smith is a very caring professional.” That’s a direct quote from a patient who visited Health Services, and the staff of Health Services couldn’t agree more! Chanell cares about her patients and her co-workers. She is always willing to help out wherever there’s a need and she does it with a smile. Chanell helps without giving any thought to being noticed or recognized for her efforts. She helps at the front desk, helps the providers with patients and labs, and has even been seen swiffering the clinic hallway. Health Services is extremely fortunate to have Chanell on our team.

Emily Cox and Nancy Hyde took over the UALRworks program in mid-year and have done an outstanding job with this program that provides employment and skill development for our students. They have been innovative and progressive and they are directly benefiting students with their work every day.

I would like to thank Rikki Turner for being understanding and open. I have been having a rough go of things lately and being able to approach her and talk about what I was going through helped put my mind at ease so I could focus on pushing through.

Betsy Fribert has worked here for over 14 years, and has been invaluable to the Disability Resource Center, to deaf and hard of hearing students, and to the entire campus community. She retires this month, and will be missed.


I’d like to thank Curtis Williams, Kindra Clay, and everyone from Sodexo! Curtis meets with us, helps us tailor a catering order to our specific wants and needs, and as often as not, gives us a generous discount. Kindra comes along after Curtis and makes sure our orders are right, helps me with billing, and keeps us on track. They work together symbiotically (and with a great staff) to make every event feel personal – they’ve gone the extra mile, added an extra touch, improved on our ideas. I always feel like we’re being taken care of and that they CARE if we’re happy. Afterwards I get a call to make sure everything was just right! Kudos to Curtis, Kindra and all the wonderful Sodexo staff! (Plus their sweet potato fries are addictive!)

Keli Jacobi is an invaluable ally. She’s my primary go-to person when I need to promote our department services, activities, and events. Keli doesn’t just help us by DOING, she TEACHES – with unfailing patience and good humor – so we can present ourselves in the best possible light. I love working with her.

Assadi is always so helpful, thoughtful, and enthusiastic. He cares so much about his students and co-workers. He’s such a joy to work with and always lifts my spirits.

Byron Barger is friendly and helpful to everyone he comes in contact with. He adds a lot to the Campus Bookstore and the campus as a whole!

Rob Thompson is so diligent to give someone encouragement in the office through notes or often decorating their work space. He is also super dependable and joined our staff at exactly the right moment – when we all needed him most – and has proven himself to be an essential member of the Campus Living staff.

Rob Thompson is the best decorator, always hilarious, fashion forward, and a joy to be around!

Tara Kittrell is a rock star at work. On paper she is part time, but in that time her presence is felt. I do not know how she gets what she gets done in that time frame. She always makes availability to do consultations, answer medication questions, or contact students/pharmacies. I have been here before Tara and after Tara started, and I much prefer having her here. She makes the office better and her expertise adds to the professionalism/effectiveness of the office.

We all know that Hyginus helps students all the time. He has been doing it for years, a lot of years. However, you guys do not know that one of the students is me. Hyginus sees how stressed I am while balancing school and work, and always makes a point to encourage me, bring me breakfast, and allow me to vent to him on our long walks. H is more than just a coworker, I see view him as a friend. This year would be a lot harder if it was not for him.

Carrie Owens is always the most positive and joyous person to be around. Her energy is contagious. She constantly affirms and is committed to her job and to making Campus Living a better place.

Jeff Newton is always ready to help with anything for which we need his expertise. He is a great asset for Student Affairs.

The Affirmation Task Force is a great idea and a wonderful way to encourage good moral.

Marc Glidden has a paper that will be published with the American Journal of Criminal Justice. The manuscript is “Separated by Bars or Dollar Signs? A comparative examination of the financial literacy of those incarcerated and the general population.” Kudos!

Marc published a journal article for the American Journal of Criminal Justice. It is insightful, well written, and interesting!

Mike Kirk has worked for 4 years to get a new student organization – Active Minds – off the ground. Active Minds is a national student org that advocates for mental health awareness on college and university campuses. Dr. Kirk has worked tirelessly – often late into the evening and on weekends – to support the new chapter. In these lean budgetary times, he’s footed the bill – probably $1,000 just this semester – out of his own pocket.

Campus Living is an essential partner to the Counseling Center. Without their help, many of our programs would not be possible. Marc has gone above and beyond many times to help us with our events by offering us resources, funding, volunteers, participants, marketing, etc. Please assist me in getting Marc the recognition he deserves.

Kimya Herd has been a tremendous help in the changes that have been seen in the DRC this year. She knows her job so well and can answer any question and gets things done.

I would like to give praises to Dr. Brad Patterson for his energetic, continuous efforts to oversee the issues that come to Student Affairs. Although, his schedule is always full of meetings with top UA Little Rock administrative staff, he is willing to meet with students and search for a solution to their problems.

Kudos to Sharon Downs for her consistent hard efforts to come up with the plans to make the Division of Student Affairs BETTER. Despite continuous change at UA Little Rock, I see her plans WORKING and bringing us all closer.

It is hard to find a way to succinctly describe everything that Dustin Baylan brings to our office. A few words to describe it would be: dedication, affirmation, ingenuity, creativity, and so much laughter. Even though he has only been with us a year, I cannot imagine the office without him. Indispensable.

Kudos to Richard Harper, who has the awesome task of keeping our students in line in order that our campus can be safe. He goes by the book, yet has a gift of being tactful and earning his respect.

Betsy Fribert, Katie Becker, and Ann Marie Lott make our campus accessible for deaf students, and they do an outstanding job. They are all over campus going from class to class, to university assembly meeting, to whatever else they interpret. They’re all nice as they can be, too! They make UA Little Rock a more welcoming place!

Marie Sandusky has grown the scope of service tremendously since she became Director of Health Services, and has continued to provide outstanding health care for the campus community even when she is short-staffed. She has helped with retention in ways we’ll never be able to fully appreciate, with her focus on reproductive health care. Thanks for your great leadership, Marie!

Students have always connected extremely well with Connie Wordlaw. She’s often described by students as being welcoming, friendly, and taking all the time with them that they need. She develops rapport with students, faculty, and everyone on campus easily and always has a smile!! She is a big asset to the Disability Resource Center.

Genevieve Girard Baird is always willing to help, is a great teacher, and one of the funniest people alive!

Amber Smith has an absolute gift with students. She makes them feel valued and a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Brenda Thomas and Byron Barger: Your customer service and positive attitude when working with students, faculty, and staff does not go unnoticed. Thank you for infusing the needs of the UA Little Rock community into the bookstore.

Grant Watts has been super helpful, jumping in to help with orientation on top of his regular duties.

I wish kudos form would have existed for the various times Brenda Thomas from Campus Bookstore had helped us with events. Whenever we need help she steps up and helps with her time or resources. Our programs are made easier because of Brenda and she deserves to be recognized. Many people may not know how often the Bookstore and Counseling Services team up.

Michelle Zengulis wrote a blog for a national website,, about how she found purpose working for Campus Living and with students. Her writing is heartfelt, eloquent, and stirring.

Reed Claiborne has stepped into a new role this year, and has taken on the responsibilities of director of Disability Resource Center with grace and humor. The department is in good hands!

Dustin Baylan is a light in our office! He is always so positive and I look forward to coming to work every day. He gives compliments and means them!

Rikki Turner is a budget genius, and we’re so lucky to have her in her new role!

Justin Hicks is one of the smartest people I know! It seems there’s nothing he can’t do with technology, and it seems effortless.

Justin Hicks has a wicked sense of humor, and adds light and levity to those around him. What a gift!