Student Affairs Summary Annual Report 2017-2018

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Letter from Dr. Mark Allen Poisel

Greetings colleagues and friends, 2017-2018 has been a year of change and transition managed only by your interest in the Division of Student Affairs at University of Arkansas at Little Rock!

In my first year as your Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, we’ve revisited and updated our mission, vision, and goals to better align with those of the university, with a focus on promoting student engagement and success. We moved Military Student Success Center, International Student Services, Admissions, and Financial Aid into the Division, and created the new Enrollment Planning unit. In response to the need for greater customer service, we created the Ask UA Little Rock Assistance Center to improve the student experience at the information desk, the Donaldson Student Success Center, and at the main UA Little Rock phone number.

We are building a new team to focus on service to students and help enhance the UA Little Rock experience. Organizing ourselves around the opportunity to meet student needs will create a holistic approach to how we work with students. We have a more integrated approach to enrollment with the understanding that everything we do in Student Affairs contributes to the recruitment and retention of our students.

We added new programs like Trojan ReFresh (p. 14) and memorial service (p. 14) and brought back some others like late-night pancakes before final exams begin, and the Student Advocate Awards to recognize faculty and staff who’ve made a difference in the life of our graduating students (p. 12-13). The Student Affairs units worked to increase their involvement in enrollment initiatives like FastLane Registration (p. 5), providing additional assistance during the first week of classes, and implementing an improved version of Orientation for incoming students.

We have a renewed commitment to the success of our students. Thanks again for the support and assistance in making a difference in the lives of our students. I hope you enjoy reading about our very busy year, and learning about how Student Affairs plays an integral part of the Trojan experience!
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Division of Student Affairs Departments

  • Admissions
  • Ask UA Little Rock
  • Campus Bookstore
  • Campus Dining
  • Campus Living
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Corps
  • Charles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy
  • Counseling Services
  • Dean of Students
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Donaghey Student Center
  • Financial Aid
  • Health Services
  • International Student Services
  • Military Student Success
  • New Student & Family Programs
  • Student Affairs Success Initiatives
  • Student Experience Center
  • Study Abroad
  • TRIO Talent Search and EOC
  • Trojan Card

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New Mission

The Division of Student Affairs’ mission is to collaborate with and engage our diverse students, faculty, staff, and community members regarding access, affordability, services, programming, and experiences that:

  • Improve recruitment, retention, persistence, and graduation rates
  • Support students in defining and achieving their goals
  • Foster safe, healthy, and fully inclusive environments that capitalize on our diversity
  • Provide effective support and holistic development and leadership opportunities
  • Empower students to be lifelong learners and ethical global citizens

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Strategic Priorities

  1. Enhance recruitment and retention efforts to increase enrollment
  2. Strengthen student-friendly operations and customer service
  3. Improve diversity and inclusion efforts to provide a safe and inclusive environment for students
  4. Align financial and human resources to operate more effectively and efficiently
  5. Promote student development, engagement, and leadership

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Enhance Recruitment and Retention Efforts to Increase Enrollment

Discover Days from Admissions

The Admissions Department coordinates Discover Days, and invites prospective students to campus for engaging with the admissions and financial aid advisors, with fun activities on campus, and for helping them decide to choose UA Little Rock. Discover Days are a big collaborative event campus-wide, and it’s all hands on deck for staff and faculty to greet students and provide them with information and interactions to recruit them to UA Little Rock.

High school juniors and seniors have historically been the focus for this event, but now we also targets transfer students, parents, siblings, and high school counselors. Marketing efforts include postcards, emails, text messages, social media marketing (partnering with Communications and Marketing), and also geofencing to target ads to mobile devices within specified geographic boundaries, using GPS.

Discover Days begin in the Jack Stephens Center with fun music and informational tables staffed by academic departments, co-curricular areas, and student organizations who want to promote their areas. Recruiters, who many of these students know from visiting their high school college fairs, lead the opening session, which feels like a pep rally. Games add to the excitement as well as prize and scholarship giveaways.

After providing lunch, students and their families can take campus tours, housing tours, visit the dozens of activity tents, or meet with financial aid and scholarship staff for Q and A sessions. Students are given the opportunity to apply for admission with the $40 fee waived, and leave with a free Trojan t-shirt.

FastLane Registration

Academic Affairs partnered with Student Affairs to provide this one stop registration event to accommodate our non-traditional, continuing student population by consolidating our college advisors and enrollment offices under one roof. The initiative provides convenience and ease in an effort to boost UA Little Rock’s continuing student enrollment.

We hosted a total of three FastLane Registration events that resulted in 53 additional registrations for a total of 551 new registration hours. We received a total of 84 valid responses to the promo campaign that resulted in 41 confirmed RSVPs, with 33 of them attending plus 30 walk-in registrations.

Trojan Marketplace & Food Pantry

The Trojan Marketplace and Food Pantry, formerly known as the Trojan Food Pantry and Career Closet, moved to CLC spring 2018. The Trojan Marketplace and Food Pantry is a free service to UA Little Rock students, staff, and faculty, created to help decrease hunger on campus. Dry goods, canned goods, and fresh vegetables from the campus garden are provided to anyone on campus who asks. For the academic year of 2017-2018, the Trojan Marketplace and Food Pantry served 3,030 guests. Of these guests, 2,631 were returning users and 399 were new. Roughly half of those served were students, and the other half were employees of the university.
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Strengthen Student-Friendly Operations and Customer Service

Ask UA Little Rock

Ask UA Little Rock grew out of the need for a centralized approach to managing both student and guest experiences and expectations as they pertain to campus information, procedures, and policies. The unit was planned and established during Fall 2017 with full-time personnel beginning their roles the following Spring 2018 term.

In that time, Ask UA Little Rock has focused on establishing a hands-on approach towards student engagement and outreach through face-to-face, phone, and email communications, with emphasis placed on personalized service and engagement.

One of Ask UA Little Rock’s core strengths is its continuously expanding potential for collaboration. Since its inception, Ask UA Little Rock has worked daily with Admissions, Financial Aid, Records and Registration, Trojan Academic Advising and Student Support Center, and Student Accounts. Our participation in both Freshman and Transfer Orientation, as well as the planning of FastLane Registration events, has further shown the potential for collaboration and special projects that enhance the campus experience for our diverse student population.

Stars with Heart

Ask UA Little Rock developed Stars with Heart customer service training to empower student ambassadors and departmental staff with the knowledge and strategies for maintaining service excellence in all interactions.

Stars with Heart is a student-centered approach to customer service, with an emphasis on being both knowledgeable having compassion for guests.  This training provides strategies for handling various interactions such as difficult or disappointed customers, and how to take a complaint or a compliment.  Emphasis on ensuring body language, eye contact, and what we’re saying are cohesive. Topics covered are defining our customers (internal, external, former), handling emotion before proceeding with handling the issue, letting customers vent in a controlled environment, and being proactive to minimize problems.

YES Campaign

Student Affairs departments participated in the new YES Campaign put on by Human Resources. This training was provided to align with one of our stated priorities, namely to make UA Little Rock the most student-friendly campus in Arkansas. This initiative was designed to mobilize leaders, faculty, and staff as we work to increase student enrollment and retention and foster engagement opportunities across campus. The 90-minute sessions included discussions and activities exploring customer loyalty, accountability, ownership, employee recognition, and service recovery. The university is committed to improving service to our students, the community, and to each other.

Student Organizations

Student org funding allocation process was modified this year. Rather than allocating all the funds in the fall for the year, Student Experience Center staff reviewed budgets at the end of the fall semester and reallocated unused funds in the spring. This resulted in almost all available funds being spent, and greatly benefited several student organizations who needed the funds.  For example, Society for Mechanical Engineers was allocated $1,500 in the fall semester, and the funds were used to build a robot that was taken to the 2018 Student Design Competition held at Penn State University. Notably, UA Little Rock was the only school to enter the competition from the state and they placed in the competition. The competition was organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as part of E-Fest East.  The funds from the fall were enough to build the robot, but the additional $1,500 in the spring semester allowed them to put the finishing touches on their robot, and to pay for registration and travel costs for the competition, as well as matching polo shirts. The UA Little Rock team placed 19th out of 54 against such teams as Clemson, who had $15,000 budgets.

SEC also collaborated with the Higher Education Administration program on campus. Two of their master’s degree students were assigned to participate in the budget allocation process to give them that practical experience, and to involve more people across campus.
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Improve Diversity and Inclusion Efforts to Provide a Safe and Inclusive Environment for Students

Student Conversations

The Division of Student Affairs hosted three open forums to help students process a difficult race-related incident int he spring semester and to hear concerns from all students.  The sessions were led by both employees and student leaders and were attended by other key university personnel.  As a result of the students’ requests, three committees were formed to begin to work through issues of cultural competency at the student level.  The committees met with administrators Dr. Mark Allen Poisel, Dr. Amber Smith, and graduate students Dillon Nash, Jacobie Webb, and Connor Donovan.

Two of the primary requests made by the students were a designated advisor for the historically black fraternities and sororities that comprise the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and a staff member whose primary role was to promote and advocate for the interest of underrepresented students.  As such, Chancellor Rogerson approved a position for a Multicultural Center Director in the Division of Student Affairs. After a national search, Dr. Mia Phillips was hired as Director on October 1, 2019.

Night on the Town

Professional development was provided through SASI’s Night on the Town event.  The evening started with a networking hour hosted on campus at the Bailey Alumni Center, and was followed with a performance at the Robinson Performance Center.  For the networking portion of the evening, local young professionals were brought in to allow students to participate in networking and to learn how to bridge the connection between their college education and professional experience, as well as to understand the importance of using interpersonal skills to put their acquired knowledge to use.

Awareness and Safety Campaigns

Student Affairs, and Counseling Services in particular, has worked hard to bring awareness to the campus community about such important issues as suicide prevention, illicit prescription drug use, depression, and eating disorders.

National Suicide Prevention Month activities in September included a selfie station at BBQ at Bailey, drunk and distracted driving (in collaboration with Department of Public Safety), Speak Up-Speak Out workshop, Brain Games, and depression screening. In March, Counseling Services and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Arkansas chapter) co-sponsored the LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention Conference on campus, which had participants from around the community.  In April we collaborated with the Arkansas chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (ASFP) to host the first annual Out of Darkness Campus Walk.  The intent was to encourage conversation about the serious issue of suicide and promote help-seeking from a mental health professional when appropriate.  On that cold, cold day we had 203 walkers and raised over $3100 for AFSP.

Counseling Services worked with the UA Little Rock School of Social Work’s student organization (SSWO), the Student Nursing Association (SNA) and National Alliance on Mental Illness Arkansas to provide a free depression screening for the UA Little Rock campus community for National Depression Screening Day.  Over 500 assessments were completed on three different campus locations.

In September, the Speak Up-Speak Out Workshop was very well received, with over 150 in attendance.  Counseling Services and the Dean of Students office collaborated with the William Christian Doerhoff Memorial Foundation to facilitate this workshop on the life-threatening risk of illicit prescription drug use for college students.

And finally, in February for National Eating Disorders Awareness Screening Day, Counseling Services partnered again with SSWO and SNA to facilitate screenings for the UA Little Rock community.  Over 150 screenings were completed.

Lavender Graduation

On May 9th, 2018, UA Little Rock’s student organization The Alliance held its first Lavender Graduation and Awesome Allies Reception. This annual ceremony honors lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer students and acknowledges student achievements and contributions, along with faculty and staff who have served as Awesome Allies to the University. Two Student Affairs staff were awarded Awesome Allies rainbow cords at this inaugural event: Kathy Oliverio and Sharon Downs. In addition, two departments were recognized for their inclusiveness for the LGBTQ communities, both in Student Affairs: Health Services and Counseling Services.

Safe Zone

Safe Zone is now an official part of Student Affairs! Staff in Student Affairs are among the founding members, and have been heavily involved since its inception in late 2013. Now the committee officially reports to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Wellness and Inclusion. This was done to help ensure the continuity and longevity of Safe Zone.

The mission of Safe Zone is to improve the overall campus climate and to educate staff and faculty about issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or questioning (LGBTQ+) individuals. Since October 2014, the Safe Zone Committee has provided 14 trainings on campus resulting in the training of over 190 employees. At present, over 100 current staff and faculty have signed the Safe Zone Membership Agreement and have agreed to display the Safe Zone sticker in their offices. Several trainees have since left the university’s employment and are not included in this count. The sticker signals to LGBTQ+ students and fellow employees that the person has undergone Safe Zone training and are allies.

WorldFest Food & Music Celebration

WorldFest Food and Music Celebration was a celebration of cultures from around the globe at which UA Little Rock were the honored guests. WorldFest took place in March, 2018, on the last two days of Diversity Week in collaboration with the Diversity Council.  WorldFest incorporated African, Irish, and Latin dancers. Each dance group gave demonstrations and encouraged student participation. The highlight of the event was the variety of foods from such places as Threefold Noodle, Sky Modern Japanese, Heights Tacos and Tamales, Loblolly Ice Cream, Sodexo, Star of India, Wunderbus, and Rosalia’s.
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Align Financial and Human Resources to Operate More Effectively and Efficiently

Onboarding Staff

DSC provides General Orientation Session for new employees and student workers. Information is given regarding each department within Student Affairs and their function, customer service, risk management plan (including what to do for tornado warnings, floods, and active shooter). CPR and first aid training, information about sexual harassment, Title IX, are all completed within a month of employment.  Their staff monitors progress in Blackboard, and upon completion they take a post test.

Leadership Retreat

On June 28, 2018, the Student Affairs leadership team, including all directors, held a day-long retreat at Fletcher Library for team-building activities and planning purposes. The team focused on ways we can implement the priorities from our strategic planning done earlier in the year. Activities included ‘3 for 3’ in which everyone told a story from their life that was formative for them, with a 3-minute time limit. It was an exercise in improving listening skills, as well as an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.

We established four stations: staff development, employee engagement, student retention, and Fantasy World. Groups visited each station to decide what needs to happen in that area, to come up with ideas of what could be implemented now at low- or no-cost, what we should invest in that may cost money, and what we could eliminate or reduce to fund it, and who in the division needs to work on it. Each group then voted on items that need to be a priority. The division will use this information to guide our resources over the coming months.

Another activity was Inside/Outside, in which we worked in pairs to identify how it feels to be included, and to be excluded, and how to use that to inform our practices and to create welcoming spaces for students.

In the afternoon we explored the various areas within Student Affairs through a budgetary lens, and worked to identify programs that could be reduced or eliminated, while still providing exemplary services for students.

Our final exercise had us recollecting a time when we made a difference in the life of a student. We then wrote encouraging words to ourselves to get through the hard days, so we can keep making a difference for students.  These letters were sealed in envelopes and addressed to each author, and were sent back to them after the August rush.

Employee Wellness Health Fair

This annual event was held in July, and had around 200 participants. Health Services conducted PSA screening for males between 45 and 75 years of age, blood pressure screenings, body composition, and cholesterol screenings (HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and glucose). Free chair massages were available, as well as running/walking shoe analysis and advice from Rock City Running Store.

EAP on Campus

In a creative collaboration Counseling Services has partnered with the Employee Assistance Center to provide limited on-campus counseling for UA Little Rock employees. By providing this opportunity, employees may be able to access counseling for grief, life coaching, eldercare, or stress management, among many others, without leaving the convenience of the UA Little Rock campus.
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Promote Student Development, Engagement, and Leadership

Trojan ReFRESH

Trojan ReFRESH on Earth Day was an opportunity provided by Student Affairs, Facilities Management, and the Sustainability Committee to work together to beautify the campus.  The campus was divided into zones, and each one had dedicated faculty, staff, and students who beautified the areas. As a reward for laying mulch, picking up trash, cleaning out Coleman Creek, everyone enjoyed in an ice cream sundae social in the courtyard.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports serve an important role on campus, allowing students to participate in the sports they enjoyed in high school without having to qualify at the college level to play. This gives students a way to be part of a team, to build relationships, to stay healthy. From a team perspective it gives highly-coveted bragging rights to be the intramural soccer champion, or the flag football champion. The DSC builds a Wall of Champions that stays on display all year, and students wear their championship shirts around campus with pride.

Memorial Service

Student Affairs hosted a memorial ceremony on May 1 to honor the faculty, staff, and students who passed away during the 2017-18 school year.

The campus community and families of the deceased were invited to attend the event. As guests gathered in the Donaghey Student Center, Karen Jarboe, violinist, rendered the songs “Be Thou My Vision” and “Bach Air.”

Dr. Mark Allen Poisel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, welcomed attendees and expressed his sincerest gratitude to the Eternal Trojans, the phrase designated for UA Little Rock’s departed. He also expressed his deepest condolences to the families and acknowledged that whether they’d spent one semester or many years with the university, their loved ones would forever be Trojans.

The ones that we’ve lost go on with us in spirit, we will remember them

Brian Gregory, president of the Student Government Association, then read the names of the deceased which included eight students, one faculty member, and one staff, followed by a moment of silence.

Before the ceremony concluded, Jarboe performed her final selection, “Ashokan Farewell,” while Richard Harper, Associate Dean of Students, gave the final words. Guests ended the ceremony by placing flower petals in a memorial fountain to honor the deceased.

Reach 13,000 Food Drive

The annual Reach 13,000 Food Drive was a huge success, collecting over 17,000 non-perishable items. CLC hosted four major events that supported the food drive: Dodgeball (August), Constitution Day (September), Fall Festival (October), and Battle of the Talents (November).

Certified Peer Educator

Students leaders completed a two-day leadership development training through the 4-H center called ExCEL. In the spring, CLC freshman and student leaders completed the Certified Peer Educator training through NASPA. (Student Affairs Administrators National Organization).

Greek Life

College Panhellenic Council adopted Circle of Sisterhood as the philanthropic organization for the Council.

Participation began in the spring 2018 semester with two activities: a book collection event for local womens and childrens shelter (a Circle of Sisterhood initiative), and selling cookies with proceeds going to Circle of Sisterhood.

Circle of Sisterhood is an organization that raises funds from sororities to build schools for young women in countries where education for women is not the priority. As their website says: As the most educated community of people in the world, we have a responsibility to open doors to education for an entire gender that is too often not given that opportunity. When two thirds of the illiterate population of the world is women, we have much work to do. Since their founding in 2010, they’ve been able to support organizations working to remove barriers to education in 22 countries on 4 continents, including building schools in Nicaragua, Malawi, Nepal, Senegal and Haiti.

Trojan Daze

Students were welcomed to campus in August with the many events of Trojan Daze. These included new student convocation, organizational fair, pep rally, Trojan Wars sex education session, movie night, snow cones, block party, Trojan Tailgate, SASI Ice Cream Social, Escape Rooms, Wipeout & Battleship Night, and the Reach 13,000 Dodgeball Tournament!
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Inspiration Across Campus

Reflecting back on the 2017-2018 school year and the accomplishments across the Division of Student Affairs Departments.


  • Discover Days, held in both fall and spring semesters, is the premier recruitment event –  an on-campus open house for prospective students and parents put on multiple times a year. Departments or campus organizations can participate by staffing an expo table, hosting breakout sessions, sponsoring an activity tent, or providing a pop-up event.
  • Experience Days are an opportunity for students to experience life as a UA Little Rock student. Students attend two sample classes in their academic areas of interest, dine in Trojan Grill, tour residence halls, and attend a Trojan basketball game with current students. Sample classes (lecture, demonstration, or guided activity) are taught by UA Little Rock’s most engaging faculty on their favorite topic. Faculty are nominated by student leaders and will be invited to participate. This is a great opportunity to highlight academic programs and recruit new majors.
  • UA Little Rock makes the transfer process easy with Trojan Transfermation. Transfer students often have specific questions about transferring credits, paying for college, and academic programs. Registrants receive a personalized status document from both Admissions and Financial Aid, an individualized core transfer audit, and have the opportunity to meet with representatives in their academic department.

Ask UA Little Rock

  • Assisted with summer promotional campaign by reaching out directly via phone and email to students and individuals who indicated interested in attending summer courses at UA Little Rock.
  • Ask UA Little Rock developed Stars with Heart customer service training to empower student ambassadors and departmental staff with the knowledge and strategies for maintaining service excellence in all interactions.
  • Coordinated visitor parking along Campus Drive to provide incentive for new students to complete their enrollment.
  • Developed At a Glance handheld resources for each of Ask UA Little Rock’s workstations to assist in triaging customers and answering questions about general information.

Campus Bookstore

  • Students saved $684,942 by renting books
  • Price matching with Amazon, B&, and local competitors is provided which saves students money
  • Total store sales $2,896,442 – down 8% from last year. Convenience sales were up 1% over last year.
  • Rental availability for fall was 79.4%  and spring 78.1%
  • In a survey of 294 UA Little Rock Students, 80% are satisfied with customer service at the bookstore and 88% feel that it’s important to have course materials available at the bookstore.

Campus Dining

  • The university’s contract with Sodexo was renewed for seven years.
  • The operating philosophy and staffing were revamped and revitalized.
  • Campus Dining began renovation projects in retail in DSC, new approach in Trojan Grill, different way of operating the cafe (swipe for all you care to eat), and began renovation of physical facilities to improve the dining experience.
  • Earned approximately $3 million in meal plan revenue.

Campus Living

  • Campus Living partnered with the Provost’s Office and the Trojan Academic Advising and Student Support Center to create and implement two Living Learning Communities that will begin in fall 2018.  Students in these communities will connect the classroom with the residential facilities to create a support system like no other. They are: (1) Trojan Explorers – for those who have not selected a college major or have selected one but would still like to explore other options; and (2) Trojan Soar – for those who would like to sharpen the reading and writing skills that are necessary to success in college.
  • Campus Living evaluated and streamlined the process for student employment by establishing an earlier timeline for interest meetings and increasing the marketing presence to enhance awareness of application deadlines, requirements, and expectations of the positions.
  • WiFi was upgraded in all residence halls and apartments through IT Services by installing Wireless Access Points in bedrooms and common spaces across buildings to improve connectivity in the halls.
  • Expressing S’More Values was an integral part of Diversity Week.  Forty-three students came together to share what they value, as well as to learn what other people value, while also having a lot of fun making s’mores.
  • Resident assistants can submit all program proposals and assessments digitally with the new  programming submission and evaluation model.

Counseling Services

  • When adjacent space became available, Counseling Services was able to expand and create a private waiting area, as well as add a counseling office. This welcomed addition allowed for increased services, and a required step toward International Association of Counseling Services accreditation in the future.
  • This year four student interns from the School of Social Work and the Rehabilitation Counseling programs provided 415 counseling sessions for our students.  To date, 27 clinical interns have been placed since fall 2009. In addition, this year Tara Kittrell, APRN, served as the clinical preceptor for two Master of Science Nursing students specializing in psychiatric nursing.
  • With the expanded space, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was able to provide counseling services to UA Little Rock employees two days per month on site.
  • LGBTQ+ Support Group was developed, implemented, and facilitated by a Master of Social Work clinical intern.  The purpose of the group was to provide support for the UA Little Rock LGBTQ+ community. Sessions were held weekly during the academic year.
  • Mindfulness Moment, a 15 minute daily session open to the campus community, was implemented with the intent of introducing and enhancing deep breathing meditation techniques to reduce stress.
  • Mindfulness Group and Mindful Yoga were developed and facilitated throughout the academic year and provided weekly.

Chancellor’s Leadership Corps

  • Freshmen CLC Scholars took a two-semester leadership development course covering such topics as cultural awareness and diversity, conflict management, soft skills, group collaborations and presentations, financial literacy, and career readiness.
  • CLC Student Leaders completed 30 hours of professional development training throughout the 2017-18 academic year.
  • Money management is an area that has been identified as having a major impact on freshmen students’ ability to retain in college.  With that in mind, the CLC first year experience course provided content about financial issues. Of the 200 students in the course, 191 completed the pre-assessment and post-assessment.  Three-fourths of the students saw an increase in their scores. The questions ranged from student loans (subsidized vs. unsubsidized) to other types of loans such as home loans, to managing one’s bank accounts.

Charles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy

  • ACT Prep Express was held at each PCSSD high school throughout the 2017-2018 academic school year, with 243 students participating.  Parent Nights brought in 119 parents. The ACT Prep Express program has been implemented in 4 of the 5 planned schools in the Pulaski County Special School District and the Jacksonville-North Pulaski Schools District. With the help of multiple administrative personnel in the districts, each session has had a great impact on the student participants.
  • The 2018 Summer Bridge took place at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock from June 3 – 17, 2018. Students were engaged with online modules from Pearson’s MyMathLab and VoCreate for both math and composition the weeks prior leading up to their arrival on campus. Many relationships were established, lives were positively impacted, and both the staff and students said this was the best bridge we have had. Post Bridge students who haven’t achieved the required scores for admission continued to work with the program at the office and continued to take the Accuplacer test leading up to the first week of classes.
  • Results: 69% of students needing remediation in reading tested out of that subject; 82% of students in math; and 85% of students in Writing/English.This saved students and their families over $100,000 by eliminating the need for 408 remedial credits

Dean of Students

  • Sixty-two students were assisted through the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) efforts.
  • Disseminated an assessment and evaluation survey to students who were adjudicated through the university’s student conduct process.
  • Partnered and collaborated programming efforts with the Department of Public Safety and Counseling SErvices during the National Campus Safety Awareness Month.  Topics included active shooter, suicide prevention, and additional campus safety initiatives.
  • Staff partnered with Counseling Services and William Christian Doerhoff Memorial Foundation to present Speak Up – Speak Out, a workshop on the compelling story of illicit prescription drug use and illegal substance abuse crises on campuses across America.

Disability Resource Center

  • In the Spring of 2018 the DRC piloted a peer to peer mentoring workshop series for students with learning disabilities related to reading. Two groups were formed and met once a week for 6 weeks. The students who participated shared their learning experiences and were able to gain better self-awareness, and learn about other technologies, study tips, and self-advocacy skills.
  • The DRC co-presented in a webinar for the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) national organization. The webinar shared perspectives of different Student Data Management Systems from 3 different Universities: University of Arkansas Fayetteville, University of Northern Arizona, and UA Little Rock.
  • A survey was sent to students registered with the DRC who utilized Faculty Notification Letters to determine if their accommodations were in place on the first day of class.  84% of students who talked with their professors reported their accommodations were ready for them, compared with 66% of students who sent the letter but didn’t communicate with their professors. Based on this information, the staff will emphasize with students the benefit of communicating with their professors at the beginning of the semester to supplement the electronic notifications.

Donaghey Student Center

  • Fit/Well and Intramural Sports participated in the Bowen School of Law’s fall and spring health fairs for their students, conducting body composition evaluations and distributing programming information.
  • Intramural Sports and Fit/Well attended Campus Living’s resident assistant training to distribute programming information and learn what new Campus Recreation programs students would like.
  • The Fitness Center interned six students with the Easter Seals program through its Student Internship and hired one student.
  • The Fitness Center has gone cashless and has installed a new kiosk that accepts credit/debit for payment.
  • Conference Services has secured funds to update the media in the Ledbetter meeting rooms, including new amps, mics, updating HD cabling, new touch screen pads on podiums, blu ray players, monitors, updated projector in G, and new screen/roller in SSC Auditorium.
  • Staff brought in professional collegiate referees to assist in guiding and teaching student referees alongside the Intramural Sports Coordinator.

Financial Aid

  • Provided workshops for high school parents and students, informational sessions, hands-on sessions as they complete applications for FAFSA and YOUniversal.
  • The first Pathways school were determined (Jacksonville Lighthouse and Jacksonville High School). The Office of Financial Aid established, promoted, and awarded scholarships.
  • On campus workshops were conducted, including Student Success Series, Student Support Services, financial literacy and management.
  • Staff presented Financial Aid information at several PEAW classes.
  • Students were able to use forms that can be fully completed online and submitted there. This enables students to use tablets, cell, or laptop, to access at any time. The forms were designed to prevent errors, which improved timeliness and convenience for students.
  • A pilot program began in 2017-18 with SMART scholarship application and a central database of all available scholarships. The first year included all freshman merit, all 500+ private scholarships, and then successfully added College of Business and other departments. The application process opened later but number of applicants actually increased, which is a sign of success. This benefits the campus in that we can better ensure scholarships are awarded and in a timely fashion. $14 million in scholarships was awarded.

Health Services

  • A patient portal which allows clients to complete their medical history forms in advance of their appointment (thereby reducing check-in time) was launched. The portal also allows secure message (including lab results) to be sent to clients via an encrypted messaging system. It is available 24/7 which allows for convenient access. This addition addresses concerns from last year’s patient satisfaction survey that it takes too long to sign in.
  • Two self check-in stations with privacy panels were installed in the lobby. This change addresses two issues voiced in the patient satisfaction survey last year regarding privacy of checkin and wait time.
  • Campus Wellness, part of Health Services, put on the first ever Trojan Warrior Dash to support physical activity. The event included seven on-campus obstacles / stops including an egg on a spoon run, balloon darts, hot shot, and a card game.
  • Began offering FDA approved INSTI® HIV tests. INSTI® HIV is the fastest HIV test on the market, providing results in as little as 60 seconds. In addition to being the fastest, INSTI is over 99% accurate and the most sensitive rapid antibody test currently on the market. The test uses a drop of blood which is proven to be more accurate than oral fluid.
  • Two new vaccines were made available to the campus community for the prevention of shingles and pneumonia.

International Student Services

  • International student enrollment has been strong, at 412 in the fall 2017 semester, and 374 in the spring 2018 semester.
  • International Student Services provides a number of cross-cultural opportunities for students through International Friendship Outreach’s Conversation Club, a community organization, and participation in International Celebration Week (nationally known as International Education Week). Conversation Club is an evening open to students, visitors, and community members offered for six weeks each semester (fall, spring, and summer). Local organizations provide a home-cooked meal to share with both international and American community members. After the meal, small groups discuss a number of questions and idioms to allow participants to share personal and cultural insights into a variety of topics.  Students report this to be a highlight of their experience at UA Little Rock. The final Conversation Club of each semester is a culture night where groups of students will share traditional, song, dance, and reading.
  • Other activities throughout the semester include learning how to play baseball, play dates for mothers with young children, ski trips on the lake, hikes to Petit Jean Mountain, a Christmas party, and opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with a local family.  Many exchange visitors and scholars also participate in the annual International Celebration Week, sharing food and perspectives from their home countries.

Military Student Success

  • In order to assist military students with the nuances of becoming a student at UA Little Rock, the Military Student Success Center has created a checklist that explains in detail all the steps they need to complete to enroll.
  • An early distress program was created that tracks the GPA of all military-affiliated students. Any student who dips below 2.4 GPA is contacted by the staff, who send them a link to an Academic Success Plan.  Students acknowledge they have read and understand the academic probation system, and are informed of various assistance programs available on campus.  This system is designed to catch students who are needing assistance before they dip below 2.0, at which point they would lose their benefits.
  • All students were asked several assessment questions on their Certification Request Form. These included questions about the frequency students must fill out said form, what happens if their VA educational benefit is reduced or canceled, and which events would trigger the staff to report changes to the Veterans Regional Office. Based on the responses, the staff are creating informational emails to students about their benefits that are tailored to the type of benefit (such as Chapter 30, Chapter 33, etc.).

New Student and Family Programs

  • Implemented mandatory one-day Freshmen orientation sessions that included academic advising and course registration.
  • Collaborated with the Admissions to develop and implement a clear and concise onboarding communication plan for newly admitted students.
  • Created email address for new students and family members to have a central location to ask questions.
  • Updated the New Student and Family Programs website in order to provide a clear location for orientation sign-up and address frequently asked questions.
  • Implemented an orientation leader training course that included 10 weekly meetings covering leadership, campus resources, customer service, and other areas necessary for working with students and family members.

Student Affairs Success Initiatives

  • The SASI student mentors completed 12 hours of professional development training throughout the year on such topics as entrepreneurship, following your passion, and purpose in leadership.
  • SASI worked with underrepresented populations in order to place them on committees, boards, and student organizations.  Many of the students that participate in the leadership development have gone on to serve in leadership roles in other organizations like Student Government Association, Greek organizations, and other student seats within UA Little Rock committees.
  • Held a series of sessions called Woman to Woman and Man to Man that allowed students a safe space to talk with peers about different topics such as intersectionality, empowerment, and self-identity.

Student Experience Center

  • Programs and services targeted towards the specialized needs of each academic classification were added.  Freshmen programming included Trojan Daze activities and a redesigned Family & Friends Day. Sophomore programs included information on avoiding the Sophomore Slump, and junior/senior programs addressed career readiness with a mock interview and resume workshop.
  • New registered student organizations were created for students in the Pre-Professional Health, Actuarial, Criminal Justice, and Communications fields to support those students on their journey towards a degree.
  • A student diversity committee was established with representation from student organizations, programming areas, and staff members from SEC. The committee was initially established to coordinate programming calendars, and began conversations about collaborating on a larger scale event to be during Diversity Week. They created WorldFest, a two-day program that highlighted various international food, music, and artists.
  • Sponsored a mandatory seminar for Fraternity & Sorority Life for over 200 students. Topics included hazing, substance abuse, sexual assault, and suicide prevention.
  • Approximately 90 new students joined Greek organizations this year.
  • Created new onboarding process for new staff members which focused on information and processes across campus.  Topics included requisitions, WordPress, student conduct, and behavioral intervention. A monthly brief questionnaire was used to assess effectiveness and to make adjustments to the process. These onboarding procedures will be incorporated into division-wide processes in 2018-19.

Study Abroad

  • Eighty-two students participated in an international education experience from summer 2017 through spring 2018.  UA Little Rock still has a high percentage of students who participate in faculty-led embedded trips, which is comparable with the national trend of students participating in short-term study abroad experiences
  • In fall 2017, a privilege activity was added to pre-departure orientation so students could critically analyze their own behaviors before they traveled abroad. This allowed for students to have a more open mind and new perspective on how they could positively impact and integrate with their host culture on all types of international experiences.
  • The Director of Study Abroad continues to be active in NAFSA and the Forum on Education Abroad.  She presented a session on building collaborations for successful short-term study abroad experiences at the Arkansas State NAFSA meeting in April 2018.  She and the Study Abroad assistant plan to volunteer and present at the NAFSA Region 3 conference to be held in Little Rock in October 2018.


  • TRIO Talent Search and EOC assisted non-traditional and underrepresented students and adults to complete secondary school and enroll in higher education.  This included 1,093 high school students who persisted to secondary education, 678 persons completed secondary education, and 639 persons enrolled in postsecondary education.
  • Provided individual sessions with postsecondary students considering their transfer options.  Topics included loan default counseling, financial aid assistance, admission re-entry requirements, advising information for two- and four-year majors and careers, required transfer paperwork, transcript requests, and referrals to institution transfer offices.

Trojan Card

  • Deployed the new UA Little Rock Trojan Card design
  • Created and submitted a proposal for a one card system, which would include e-market accounts, expand digital access control, and integrate printing capabilities.
  • Established kiosk in the Fitness Center so that patrons can purchase services outside the hours of Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00.



Never underestimate the power of nature to bring a campus together. Fall 2017 a solar eclipse brought our campus outside.  Students, faculty, and staff got to view the solar eclipse by wearing special glasses while some students created homemade inventions out of cereal boxes and foil.

After this experience on campus the solar eclipse sunglasses were donated to the Girl Scouts-Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas so they can be distributed to the Astronomers without Borders organization.  This organization will allow for schools in South America and Asia to participate in the 2019 solar eclipse.

Student Advocate Award

I am honored to have received the Student Advocate Award. I support UA Little Rock students in any way I can. – Dr. David Briscoe


Amar Kanekar

Amber Smith

Ann Marie Lott

Ann Robinson

April Chatham-Carpenter

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Bennie Prince

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Bruce Smith

Cai Carvalhaes

Camille Guess-Mitchell

Catherine Crisp

Charles Anderson

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Cheryl Kleeman

Cynthia Taylor

David Briscoe

David Montague

David Weekley

Emily Bell

Erin Finzer

Guarav Kumar

George Jensen

Hyginus Ukadike

Ibrahim Nisanci

James Levernier

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Steven Minsker

Tara Kittrell

Thomas Barrett

William Baltosser

Yvette Palmer



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It is inspiring to work with the students in overcoming their struggles to succeed in college. I am both honored and humbled to have won the Student Advocate Award! – Tara Kittrell