Trojan Card Annual Report 2016-17


To provide innovative and reliable card services and support to students, faculty, and staff which enhance overall educational engagement and the student experience.


  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence


We aspire to make Trojan Cards a large part of the student experience and not just an identification credential.


Promotes student development through intentional services, programming and structures.

  • Trojan Card moved all ID printing and card operations to DSC 114 B and C, providing a more physically secure location, and allowing strict control over printing of Trojan Cards while offering a more visible and accessible location for students, faculty, and staff
  • Partnered with Public Safety to offer Trojan Cards and parking passes in the same office
  • Collaborated with the Office of Communications and Marketing to create a new Trojan Card website that will contain all the information students need to know regarding Trojan Card and other services offered
  • Worked with the Office of Communications and Marketing to redesign the UA Little Rock ID card to align with the University’s new branding
  • Began providing Trojan Card printing and parking passes at traditional, non-traditional, and fastlane student orientations for the convenience of students
  • In order to accommodate UA Little Rock’s partnership with eStem, our office collaborated with eStem to design a new ID card for their students.
  • Created a new and separate database for eStem students and staff for ID printing needs
  • Created and submitted a proposal for a “one card” system. This system would include co-curricular transcripts, printing management, food purchases extended to vending, declining balance debit options for the ID card itself, and excess financial aid disbursed to the ID
  • Created and submitted kiosk proposal for the fitness/rec center so that patrons can purchase services during the center’s operating hours
  • Began transitioning the fitness center from the legacy verification system to Blackboard Transact which provides a more robust platform for authenticating patron access to the fitness/rec center


  • Trojan Card is a new department.  As such, no assessments were planned for this fiscal year.

Priorities for next year

  • Deploy two additional ID printing stations
  • Research, develop, and implement use of Trojan Card to track student classroom attendance
  • Develop the Trojan Card to track student involvement in university activities, and create co-curricular transcripts to supplement academic transcripts

Appendix: Fast Facts

Since we began tracking in March 2017, over 1,000 Trojan Cards have been printed and over 1,000 parking permits have been issued.