Annual Report 2016-17

Development: The Donaghey Student Center establishes a climate that encourages personal wellness and nurtures individuals to be positive contributors to society.

Service: The Donaghey Student Center supports the mission of the University by providing a multi-purpose facility, programs, and services to enhance the institution’s educational environment and improve the quality of college life.

Community: The Donaghey Student Center is a place of convergence which provides a sense of campus community and linkage to the university’s public.


The Donaghey Student Center upholds these values in pursuit of supporting all UA Little Rock students, faculty, staff, and patrons.

  • Personal Wellness
  • Student Life
  • Community
  • Diversity


The Donaghey Student Center strives to be recognized for our commitment to student success by providing an ever expanding array of interpersonal and intrapersonal development opportunities. We further strive to enhance learning and development by serving as the hub for student-centered collaboration, programs, and services.

Promotes student development through intentional services, programming and structures

  • This year, the Donaghey Student Center funded the re-branding of the Trojan Cafe (formerly the Diamond Cafe) that incorporated the Trojan spirit throughout the dining experience.Trojan Cafe food lineTrojan Cafe food line
  • The Donaghey Student Center hosted 5 high school and college-aged students from the City of Little Rock Summer Internship program. Each student was provided a place to work during the summer, and was provided the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, that was read and discussed as a group with DSC professional staff.
  • DSC staff assisted with program support for UALRworks in fall and spring, housed the UALRworks Graduate Assistant, and employed nine UALRworks students in the facility.

Encourages a healthy university community

  • In collaboration with the University District, DSC provided the Health Fair for the University District in the Fitness Center. This continues a grant funded for University District residents to promote a healthier lifestyle through discounted rates in the Donaghey Student Center Fitness Center.

Advocates for the excluded

  • This year, the DSC partnered with Easter Seals to provide student development opportunities to their students. Five students in the Easter Seals program worked in the Fitness Center and in the food court/Trojan Cafe. This was an excellent partnership we hope to continue in the future.
  • Created a gender-inclusive shower/bathroom in the fitness center.

Provides an environment in which students can pursue their educational goals

  • In Spring 2017, the Donaghey Student Center resumed management of the maintenance and custodial staff inside the building. This resulted in streamlining of services and communication, increased employee morale, and higher attention to detail and ownership of the building. The building is cleaner and more presentable as management and employees share the same vision for the facilities.
  • The Donaghey Student Center was instrumental in increasing visibility for the Student Government Association by facilitating their move into a new space that is in close proximity to the food court and Trojan Cafe and is easy for students to find.
  • As a result of this move, Conference Services and Catering Services were moved to a new space that allowed them to work in close proximity to each other. This has allowed for increased collaboration as well as better accessibility for outside visitors who are utilizing the space.
  • Renovated old water closet into a gender-inclusive shower/bathroom.


Institutional changes in Financial Services migrated Fitness Center day pass purchases to the Cashier's Office for collection.


Graduate students of the Health, Human Performance, and Sports Management department researched, administered, and presented an audit of the Campus Recreation facilities in the Donaghey Student Center.  Specific elements that were examined include facility design standards, ADA standards, risk management recommendations, and operational recommendations.  Findings were presented as an executive report to the Director of Recreational Facilities.

The purpose of this facility audit project was to evaluate the campus recreation facilities within the Donaghey Student Center, and other areas of campus, as a means to understand how these facilities perform in a variety of areas that are critical to a facility’s overall operation. These areas include facility design standards, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements, state and local standards related to healthy and safe operation of sport facilities, risk management, and overall management and operations.  Through the evaluation of a comprehensive list of requirements, guidelines, and standards, specific recommendations for improvement were made as a way to ensure that the campus recreation facilities at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock serve the student population appropriately.



Description The locker rooms are adjacent to the Basketball courts. Both are equipped with a sauna and steam room. There are two ways through the locker room which include from the basketball courts and from the Aquatics center.

Positive Aspects

  • Lots of space
  • There are proper room signs located in doorways
  • Faucets are lever-operated, push-type, touch-type, or electronically controlled mechanisms
  • Slip Resistant floors
  • Accessible benches should be located adjacent to the accessible lockers

Aspects of Concern

  • Lots of little areas for everything
  • Not all shower stalls meet 36 inches
  • Not enough showers based on the numbers needed
  • Not enough space for wheelchairs between the benches
  • When the doors open for the steam room and sauna, it blocks the walkway path in the Locker rooms

After reviewing all aspects of concerns from the facility audit conducted, the Donaghey Student Center will utilize this information to do what is feasible to correct those concerns in 2017-18.

  1. Re-implement orientation for all new student employees of the Donaghey Student Center (Aquatics,Conference Services, Environmental Services, Fitness Center, and Information & Call Center)
  2. Create and distribute an up-to-date DSC Operations Manual that is easily accessible
  3. Continue progress on removing the turquoise signage from the building and increasing the UA Little Rock Trojan brand
  • The Donaghey Student Center hosts most of the events on campus. The DSC hosted 1207 events compared to 59 for the SSC and 16 for Coleman Recreational Facility.
  • $52,955 in membership fees and $83,000 in Conference Services fees revenue collected for the fiscal year, total revenue: $135,995.
  • Average monthly guests served at Information Desk:  4,103 calls and 651 in person (157 calls & 32 in person daily average)
  • Total Guests Served in FY17 at Information Desk:  57,044
  • Fitness Center equipment rental count:  6,586
  • Fitness Center day passes:  3,193
  • Fitness Center visits:   56,487


Events & Meets

Mary Grace Tucker Swim Meet
Central Arkansas Summer League MOC
U.S. Navy NSW training
U.S. Army CWST training
Arkansas State Police SWAT tryouts
MEMS Special Operations Rescue Team
U.S. Marines CWST training
Welcome Week Wipeout Night
Arkansas Sheriff’s Department Dive Team
U.S. Army National Guard CWST
U.S. Army CWST
Arkansas State Police
Arkansas Game and Fish Dive Team
High School Swim Meet
LR Trojans Swim Meet
UA Little Rock Cardboard Boat Regatta
Olympic Swim Clinic
Paul Blair Memorial Swim Meet
Special Olympics Swim Meet
Trey Heye Memorial Swim Meet
Central Arkansas Training Camp

Pool Usage

5,438 participated in scheduled events
16 team boats for cardboard regatta

FY17 Aquatics event attendees




Pool training





Emergency Services Training






Conference Services

  • Moved offices to 201A
  • Hired a Graduate Assistant
  • Created Rental Agreements and updated policies
  • Changed locks on Fieldhouse
  • Improved collaboration with Catering Services
  • Completed Standard Operating Procedures and training manual for staff
  • Rebranded of UA Little Rock logo on podium and new backdrop
  • Replaced screens in Ledbetter Halls and Meeting Rooms D, G, and F

Held 1,282 events facilities-wide




upper concourse buffet





STEM festival in Fitness Center









Fitness Center

Fitness Center day passes





Information & Call Center

Information & Call Center Guests Served FY17