The UALR Donaghey Student Center (DSC) is a 205,000 square foot multipurpose facility which offers a variety of services and programs to meet the academic, physical, social, intellectual, and nutritional needs of an eclectic and dynamic urban student body. It is an atypical college union in that it combines a traditional student center, fitness and aquatic center, the DSC Fieldhouse and academic and administrative offices. Offices and auxiliaries working independently and cooperatively deliver an ever expanding and changing array of interpersonal and intrapersonal opportunities.

To ensure that DSC programs, personnel, policies and practices are aligned with the University’s mission, goals, and strategic plans, DSC management employs a diversity of strategies to assess operations, staff, and programs.

On-Going Activities

  • Annual Reports
  • Mystery Shopper (occasional)
  • Environmental Services Walk Through
  • Activity Counts
  • Monthly Reports
  • Daily Counts
  • DSC Utilization Studies
  • DSC Student Advisory Committee

Strategic Assessment

  • Priorities List
  • Five Year Strategic Planning Document
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Relevant in 2010 Discussions: Environmental Scanning
  • Communication Assessment
  • DSC Upward Management Review