Five Year Plan

The Donaghey Student Center is uniquely positioned to advance goal two of Fast Forward, the University’s strategic plan, which reads, “UALR will provide a student-centered educational environment.”  To this end, the DSC fully has sought to align its five-year plan to accomplish Objective 1, 2, and 3.

Objective 1: The university will organize its operations and shape its practices, policies, and procedures to be as student-centered as possible, as evidenced by increased student satisfaction and success.

Objective 2: The university will strengthen the sense of campus community through expanded on-campus student housing, specific academic offerings, strengthened extracurricular programs, and selected faculty activities.

Objective 3: The university will implement research-based strategies for increasing persistence (retention) and graduation rates of UALR undergraduate students by 20 percent in five years.

Please select the link below to view the most recently updated DSC Five Year Plan.

DSC Five Year Plan 2007-2012.xls