– Battle of the Sexes –
Approximately 80 students gathered to discuss issues relevant to dating and social interactions.

AAMI and AAFI students

AAMI and AAFI students

– Etiquette Express –
Faculty and staff worked with students to learn fine dining etiquette as well as social manners. This was an interesting experience where students discussed how their passions related to their chosen major and built relationships with staff from different areas of the campus.

AAFI Students and Staff

AAFI Students and Staff

– Masquerade Ball –
The masquerade ball was a year conclusion event that was intended to gather students in a festive style, but also elegant. There were end of the year awards given out as well as multiple speakers to encourage students to continue down the collegiate path.

– Freshman Transition Retreat –
This event is for Freshman students only. The students and their Mentors have a day filled with relationship building, constructive activities, and open discussions to get those “college myths” out in the open. It is usually a 2 day retreat and ends with the students receiving free tickets to the annual “Umoja Greek-show” hosted by UALR.

Students at Masquerade Ball

Students at Masquerade Ball 2015

– AAMI Barbershop – 
This creative event is used in place of the original even “Man to Man” The atmosphere of the “Barbershop” is facilitated where only guys are allowed in, there are actual barbers, and guided discussion to ensure positive responses are given to younger students who have questions that a woman might not be able to answer.

– AAMI Spring Conference –
The African American Male Initiative Spring Consortium Conference is an annual event where multitudes of people interested in the retention and success of African American males in higher education come together to revitalize and refocus their efforts. UALR hosted the event and it was a great success.

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