Annual Report 2015-2016

The Student Affairs Success Initiatives program is designed to empower, support, and assist African American and Hispanic/Latino students and increase their retention and graduation rates.

  • Diversity
  • Access
  • Student Development
  • Student Success

The Student Affairs Success Initiatives department will empower all students within its programs to achieve their full potential and to graduate in four years through an environment of inclusion, collaboration, and access.

The Initiatives (African American Male Initiative, African American Female Initiative, & Hispanic/Latino Initiative)


  • Mentor Mall: Opening event for incoming freshmen where mentors create a display that would entice the freshmen students to select them as their mentor for the year. Selection is usually guided by factors such as: Intended Major, Hometown, personal hobbies and interests, etc.
  • Freshman Transition Retreat: This event is for Freshman students only. The students and their Mentors have a day filled with relationship building, constructive activities, and open discussions to get those “college myths” out in the open. It is usually a 2 day retreat and ends with the students receiving free tickets to the annual “Umoja Greek-show” hosted by UALR.
  • Battle of the Sexes- Approximately 80 students gathered to discuss issues relevant to dating and social interactions.
  • Etiquette Express-  Faculty and staff worked with students to learn fine dining etiquette as well as social manners. This was an interesting experience where students discussed how their passions related to their chosen major and built relationships with staff from different areas of the campus.
  • Leadership Institute- LI received over 80 applications, due to the program being opened to the entire campus. The class size was double the normal amount. There were over 40 participants in LI. The program lasted 4 months. Students collected the most non-perishables than any other class of LI has in the past. They collected over 5,500 non-perishables that helped with the Reach 13,000 campaign. The students aided in the start of the Career Closet by raising 521 items.
  • Power Luncheon- Ten faculty and staff members joined approximately 25 students for a networking lunch to talk about goals, aspirations, job interviews, conduct, and answer any questions the students might have had.
  • Hola Day- Mentors and students went to the Jack Stephens Center to help with Hola Day. They helped in the kids zone by bringing Hispanic Christmas arts and crafts for the children. The children made miniature maracas, “God’s Eye”, colored, and other things as well.


  • Partners for Student Success Conference- SASI student leaders and staff attended this conference that took place in Hot Springs, AR from September 30, 2015-October 1, 2015. They attended sessions on student success, retention, and other higher education topics. Amber Smith, Calton Davis, and Taylor Sills led the New Professionals Institute.
  • NASPA Region IV-West Conference- SASI staff attended this conference that took place in Beaver Creek, CO from November 8, 2015-November 12, 2015 to learn more about student affairs and higher education.


  • Brother’s Keeper
  • Race for the Cure
  • Bale Elementary
  • Relay for Life


Summer Bridge Academy - 20 total students (Percentages tested out of remediation)

  • Reading - 80% (8 / 10)
  • Math - 90% (18 / 20) (this includes the 70 cut score)
  • Writing - 83% (10 / 12)

Saved around $27, 000 in pre-core classes if each class cost around $750.

Assessment plans for the Initiatives are underway.


  • Create financial stability through increased revenue.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility.
  • Increase knowledge of discipline and student affairs.
  • Create engaging and innovative programming that supports retention.
  • Solidify process for original innovations to be marketed externally.
  • Create workspace that supports workflow.
  • Create and implement an intentional Student Success Plan.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.