Education, Workforce, and Innovation National Student Success Conference

Ivory Toldson

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Theme: “Pipelines to Success: Innovative Strategies to Connect Marginalized Populations to the 21st Century”

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, and the Marginalized Males Workforce and Education Consortium will present the Education, Workforce, and Innovation National Student Success Conference (eWINS), formerly known as the African American Male Initiative Consortium Conference, Tuesday – Friday, April 26-29, 2016, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The eWINS Conference started in 2010 with stakeholders throughout the state as the African American Male Initiative Consortium Conference to share best practices for retaining and graduating African American males.

This year, the conference committee decided to expand its focus to more adequately address the needs of underserved students such as African American men and women, Hispanic or Latino men and women, and others who are at risk of academic failures, due to socioeconomic disadvantage or other factors.

Through “Pipelines to Success: Innovative Strategies to Connect Marginalized Populations to the 21st Century,” the eWINS Conference aims to connect students to innovative strategies for learning to become well-rounded through:

Education, becoming talented and responsible global citizens that benefit the
Workforce, producing highly-skilled and accountable professionals, who spark
Innovation, by being critical thinkers ready for evolving industries and technology in a
Nation poised for the future.

When students win, everybody WINS. eWINS Conference 2016

Our Vision: Empower every student, especially those from marginalized populations, to gain a well-rounded education by exploring various pathways to success through innovative ideas, strategies, and methods.

Call to Stakeholders – “Businesses have become big players in the production of knowledge. This is because to pursue economic and social progress, it is not enough for only educational institutions to educate to innovate; we also need front-line players to advance new knowledge for social impact.” Julia M. Satov, Lead Global Learning Advisor, Adult Educator, Diversity & Inclusion, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada.

Building an educated workforce and the next generation of intellectual leaders is a shared responsibility. We believe successful students become strong and sound business and community leaders.

Join us at the eWINS Conference 2016 to help share your expertise and knowledge on how to improve educational outcomes for students 9th grade through college.

  • Institutions of Higher Education (Scholars, Researchers, Administrators, Web and Digital Professionals)
  • Public school educators/administrators
  • Undergraduate and graduate Students (especially marginalized groups)
  • Corporate (Industries looking for an innovative workforce) 
  • Government Agencies and Community Organizations

Want to be a presenter? Submit your proposal at 2016 eWINS proposal submissions.