Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute consisted of 15 SSSI students who worked together and raised 1,892 non-perishable items for UALR’s Reach 13,000 effort in Fall 2012.

The Leadership Institute is designed to give students the opportunity to collaborate with others in a team environment.

Students compete against other teams in order to accomplish tasks. Once the project is completed and accessed by a panel of judges, a winning team is announced.

At the monthly “board meeting,” losing teams must explain the factors that contributed to their loss and what steps they can take to improve their performance on the next project.

Winning teams are awarded with prizes that are relative to professionalism and leadership (e.g. lunch with the vice-chancellor, leather portfolio with pen, etc.).

Want to learn more? Contact SSSI at sssi@ualr.edu or 501. 569.8713.