Donors and Supporters

AAMI in WRF publicationThe SADI program is partially funded by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.

The AAMI program was profiled in the Foundation’s Moving the Needle Impact Brief: Marginalized Males Workforce Education Consortium stating that AAMI participants who enrolled in developmental coursework were more likely to complete their development requirements in the first semester.

University Stakeholders

There are several stakeholders within the university that join the Division for Educational, Student Affairs, and Student Life in playing a unique role in the program’s success. We work with faculty and staff in every college throughout the campus to ensure student success..

We also work closely with a UA Little Rock Faculty/Staff Steering Committee, Professional Mentors, Peer Success Advisors, and the family, friends, and alumni. Each of the stakeholders are dedicated to accomplishing the aims, goals, and mission of the SADI.

Community Stakeholders

In addition to the aforementioned stakeholders, the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as private donors, are also stakeholders with a vested interest in the program’s success.

To become a supporter:

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