Teaching Enhancements Affecting Minority Students (TEAMS)

Teaching Enhancements Affecting Minority Students (TEAMS) was founded in 1992 on the UALR campus to encourage minority students to complete their college education. It was originally a joint effort between the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and UALR Graduate School, but is now a self-sustaining program that provides academic and extracurricular support for minority students who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree.

TEAMS and the SSSI program were merged to encourage progression beyond the bachelor’s degree to graduate studies. TEAMS helps undergraduate students visualize themselves in graduate programs and increases their motivation to graduate from the undergraduate program. 

A conceptual framework for linking the two programs has been put in place where AAMI, AAFI, and HLI serve as feeder programs for TEAMS.  TEAMS participants are being prepared for graduate and professional schools through educational workshops and mentoring from graduate students and working professionals. 

Why Join TEAMS?

If you are interested in a field that requires a professional certification or graduate degree or higher like:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Higher Education
  • Law

TEAMS can assists you early in your academic career to help you attain good study habits and handle multiple responsibilities.


What are the benefits?

  • You will have individualized help with course advising
  • You will be connected with a peer and professional mentor
  • You will attend trainings and workshops to develop your academic and personal skills
  • You will attend encourage diversity and friendship
  • You will be a part of positive atmosphere of returning and non-traditional students

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Our SSSI staff are happy to answers your questions about our program. Contact us by email at sssi@ualr.edu or by phone at 501.569.8713. For more information and directions to our office, go to the SSSI Staff page.