Academic Coaching

The TRIO SSS Academic Coach is here to provide you with the additional support you will need to successfully navigate your academic journey here on campus and beyond. Academic Coaching consists of a plan to better organize yourself and establish goals throughout each semester. Students on a coaching plan will be required to follow up with the Academic Coach to ensure progress is being made towards their goals and reflected in their academics. Students with a cumulative GPA less than 2.8 or a prior semester GPA of less than 2.5 are required to meet regularly with the Academic Coach. The Academic Coach will discuss topics such as: study skills, time management, stress and anxiety management methods, planning and organizing assignments based on priority, goal setting, interview skills and preparation, career coaching, etc. The Academic Coach is available Monday-Friday from 1:00-5:00 for face-to-face visits. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed during the semester or just want to work on developing better academic habits, schedule an appointment with our Academic Coach today!