Student Support Services staff facilitate and/or coordinate various workshops that are offered to assist SSS students as they earn a bachelor’s degree. These workshops may also help prepare students for their future careers and/or graduate school goals. Workshops range in topics and include, but are not limited to: academic success strategies; financial and economic literacy; study abroad options and processes; graduate school application processes and funding options; and career preparation. SSS Staff also collaborate with other offices on campus to ensure SSS students can take advantage of a wide variety of UA Little Rock opportunities.

While some of our workshops are only available to SSS students, most are also open to UA Little Rock students at-large. Those open only to SSS students will be clearly marked on the calendar. For workshops with limited space, SSS students will be given priority seating.


The STaR Office | Dickinson Hall | Room 101
Tues, Jan. 22|10 – 11 am & 2-3 pm  Wed, Jan. 23|10 – 11 am & 2-3 pm  Thurs, Jan. 24|10 – 11 am & 2-3 pm Mastering Online Classes and UA Little Rock Systems?   Essentials for Navigating UA Little Rock’s Online Learning System 
Donaghey Student Center | 1:30-2:30 PM
Tues, Jan. 29 |DSC-205 D
Wed, Jan. 30 | DSC-205 D
Am I Fit? Finding My Physical Routine For The Semester
Information on upcoming fitness challenges and how to stay well
Tues, Feb. 5 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Feb. 6 | DSC-205 D
Am I “Organized? Getting Myself Together Using Google Apps
Resources to help maintain “your life” organized
Tues, Feb. 12 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Feb. 13 | DSC-205 D
How Do I Keep My Money? Managing Your Budget, Credit, and Purchases
Discussion about banking strategies, establishing credit, credit scores, credit bureaus, and making smart decisions on personal purchases
Tues, Feb. 19| DSC-205 D
Wed, Feb. 20 | DSC-205 D
How Can I Get More Money For College? Writing Better To Finance Your College Education
Topics include finding scholarships and financial aid for college, as well as how to write a scholarship essay
Tues, Feb. 26 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Feb. 27 | DSC-205 D
Am I “Career Ready?” Resume and Cover Letter Writing
Best resume writing and cover letter strategies
Tues, Mar. 5 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Mar. 6 | DSC-205 D
Am I “Career Ready?” Interviewing and Negotiating Career Salaries
Interviewing, negotiating salary, and how to use LinkedIn and other career applications
Tues, Mar. 12 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Mar. 13| DSC-205 D
Mind Games, Hmm? Attending To Mindfulness During Mid-Term Stress
Mid-terms can be stressful, but attending to mindfulness brings a new perspective and peace. Learn mental health strategies to stay well.
Tues, Mar. 26 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Mar. 27 | DSC-205 D
Is That True? Researching and Evaluating Resources
Google Apps, Email etiquette, and Social Media ettiquette
Tues, April 2 | DSC-205 D
Wed, April 3 | DSC-205 D
Can I Just Say What I’m Thinking? Professional Communication in the Workplace
Helping the student with the chain of command and organizational hierarchy, handling complaints, responding to emails and other workplace requests
Tues, April 9 | DSC-205 D
Wed, April 10 | DSC-205 D
How Do I Say This and Talk It Out? Having Difficult Conversations
How to identify and handle difficult conversations with professors, family members and/or coworkers
Tues, April 16 | DSC-205 D
Wed, April 17 | DSC-205 D
Passing Finals…Am I Ready? Ensuring Your Success By Studying Now!
Equipping the learner with test-taking strategies to prepare for finals week