Student Support Services staff facilitate and/or coordinate various workshops that are offered to assist SSS students as they earn a bachelor’s degree. These workshops may also help prepare students for their future careers and/or graduate school goals. Workshops range in topics and include, but are not limited to: academic success strategies; financial and economic literacy; study abroad options and processes; graduate school application processes and funding options; and career preparation. SSS Staff also collaborate with other offices on campus to ensure SSS students can take advantage of a wide variety of UA Little Rock opportunities.

While some of our workshops are only available to SSS students, most are also open to UA Little Rock students at-large. Those open only to SSS students will be clearly marked on the calendar. For workshops with limited space, SSS students will be given priority seating.


Dickinson Hall | Room 105
Tues, Aug. 21|10 – 2 pm \Wed, Aug. 22|10 – 2 pm \Thurs, Aug. 23|10 – 2 pm \Tues, Aug. 28|1 – 5 pm \Wed, Aug. 29 | 1 – 5 pm \Thurs, Aug. 30 |1 – 5 pm How Do I Master BlackBoard? Essentials for Navigating UA Little Rock’s Online Learning System 
1:30-2:30 PM
Tues, Aug. 28  &  Wed, Aug. 29 | DSC-205 D Getting Myself Together… Am I Ready For The Semester?
Physical and Mental Fitness
Tues, Sept. 4 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Sept. 5 | DSC-205 D
How Can I Get More Money For College? 
Financing Your College Education
Tues, Sept. 11 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Sept. 12 | DSC-205 D
How Do I Keep My Money? 
Managing Your Budget, Credit, and Purchases
Tues, Sept. 18| DSC-205 D
Wed, Sept. 19 | DSC-205 D
How Do I Establish a Professional Digital Footprint?
Professionally Navigating Social Media
Tues, Sept. 25 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Sept. 26 | DSC-205 D
Mind Games…Hmm?
Attending To Mindfulness During Mid-Term Stress
Tues, Oct. 9 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Oct. 10 | DSC-205 D
How Do I Make Stress My Friend?
Understanding and Managing Stress
Tues, Oct. 16 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Oct. 17| DSC-205 D
Am I Technologically Lit?
Learning Life/Study/Google Apps
Tues, Oct. 23 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Oct. 24 | DSC-205 D
Can I Just Say What I’m Thinking?
Professional Communication in the Workplace
Tues, Oct. 30 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Oct. 31 | DSC-205 D
Am I “Career Ready?”
Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Interviewing, and Negotiating Career Salaries
Tues, Nov. 6 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Nov. 7 | DSC-205 D
How Do I Say This and Talk It Out?
Having Difficult Conversations
Tues, Nov. 13 | DSC-205 D
Wed, Nov. 14 | DSC-205 D
Passing Finals…Am I Ready?
Ensuring Your Success By Studying Now!