Services and Functions

Office of Study Abroad

Services and Functions

The UA-Little Rock Office of Study Abroad provides and facilitates robust international education experiences to all Trojans through access to information, expertise and resources including study abroad advising, mandatory pre-departure orientation, health and safety education, website information, and communicating necessary information about pre-travel, while abroad, and post return concerns.

We require all students seeking UALR credit or participating in an approved affiliated program or exchange partner institution to work through the Office of Study Abroad to be sure they are provided with the necessary health and safety information, information on credit transfer, financial aid, and to provide adequate risk management for the university as a whole.  Additionally, Study Abroad works to provide statistical data to the University and IIE (Institute for International Education) about the number of students participating in Study Abroad Programs.

What We Do For Students

  • Ensure all outbound students have International Health Insurance
  • Provide Pre-Departure Orientation on Health and Safety Issues
  • Advise students on finding a study abroad program, credit transfer, and financial aid that meet their academic, personal, and financial needs
  • Monitor program sites and countries for safety issues and travel warnings/alerts
  • Provide Emergency Contact Information and Services and serve as a central point-of-contact in case of emergency (available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)
  • Enroll students in placeholder courses that ensure they will have access to their UALR email as well as remain an active UALR Student during their time abroad
  • Provide re-entry programming and information

What We Do For Faculty and Departments

  • Work with faculty and academic departments to get credit approval for student study abroad programs to be sure students are meeting departmental and college requirements
  • Act as a liaison between UA-Little Rock departments and students abroad to streamline the process of credit transfer and financial aid.
  • Provide support, and guidance for the development of Faculty-led Programs
  • Collect funds and make purchases, collect and manage online applications, and assist with itinerary development and logistical arrangements for Faculty-led Programs
  • Provide information to faculty members on Risk Management and Emergency Procedures for Faculty-led Programs
  • Submit reports and Numbers to IIE (Institute for International Education) Report and Statistics
  • Negotiate, Establish, and Maintain International Partnerships for the university

How We Need Your (Faculty and Departments) Help

  • Direct all students who are interested in or planning to Study, Research, or Intern Abroad to the Office of Study Abroad: We require all students who go abroad on an approved UA-Little Rock affiliated or an Independent program to complete a Study Abroad Application (including Liability Paperwork).   We want to be sure students are traveling with International Health Insurance, Health and Safety Information, and Emergency Contact Numbers.
  • Let us know about your International Efforts: The Office of Study Abroad works closely with Marketing and Communications to share student study abroad stories and would also love to share your story of Internationalization efforts in your department or college.
  • Let us help support your Faculty-led Travel Programs and Development
    • For more information about Faculty-led Program Development, visit:

Contact Us: 

  • 501.916.3376
  • We are located in DSC 201J as part of the Trojan Transition and Assistance Center.
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