Preparing to Study Abroad

Once you are accepted to a study abroad program, you should start making preparations for your life overseas. The Office of Study Abroad advises you to use a variety of resources to research your destination and determine what you need to do before departure. We encourage you to utilize a variety of resources, including the following:

  • Office of Study Abroad Website
  • Program-specific materials
  • Travel guides, websites, and credible news resources for your location
  • Faculty advisor/concentration department(s)
  • Study Abroad Staff
  • Relevant UA Little Rock Offices (Counseling Services, Health Services, Financial Aid)

These are a few of the resources that can assist you with learning more about your destination country, as well as provide you with general information on travel, health, safety, finances, academic policies, diversity considerations, cultural adjustment, packing, and more. You will greatly enhance your experience abroad by becoming well-prepared before you depart.

The Office of Study Abroad also holds a general, mandatory pre-departure orientation each semester for all students going abroad. In addition to this orientation, here are some additional resources to consider:

Students Abroad/State Department

Passports and International Travel/State Department

Lonely Planet Travel Guide