Program Development

The Office of Study Abroad suggests planning a study abroad program 18-24 months prior to taking students abroad.

Program Proposals are due on the following dates: 

  • Fall Break, March 15
  • Spring Break, July 15
  • Summer, October 15

The program proposal can be found at, and you use your UA Little Rock netID and password to log-in. Once your proposal is complete, you can submit the proposal, with the signature form to the Office of Study Abroad for approval. Programs should not be advertised or promoted until the program is approved. You will work with your department to ensure the course is listed on the university course schedule.

To assist you in planning for a faculty-led program, we ask that you consider the following questions:

Program Leadership and Participants

  • What first-hand experience do you have in the country/region?
  • What resources are available to you at UA Little Rock to plan your program?
  • What student population are you targeting?
  • What are your target participation numbers?

Student Learning

  • What course(s) will be taught on sight/on campus?
  • What is the academic content of the course(s)?
  • What are the program’s academic and experiential student learning goals?
  • Do you intend to integrate internships, field research, or another component?
  • How will this study abroad program enhance the value of the students’ degrees?
  • How will you integrate the learning outcomes of your course with the cultural experiences of the intended country of travel?


  • How will the academic content relate to the chosen country/location?
  • What are the current health/safety conditions in the country(ies)?
  • What is the current Travel Advisory level for the country(ies) you’re interested in traveling to?


  • How is the proposed length of the program conducive to achieving the stated learning outcomes?
  • Why is the term you selected ideal for the course, location, and student recruitment/participation?

Sustainability and Rationale

  • How do the program’s learning goals support college/department strategies for study abroad?
  • Are there other UA Little Rock study abroad programs that exist in the region that could be potential partners?
  • Are similar courses offered during the same term, and would that affect your ability to recruit students?
  • How many students do you need to recruit to meet your program objectives and budget projections?