Jonathan Phillips – Analyst

Jonathan PhillipsAfter earning a general business degree, Jonathan Phillips landed an eight-week management training opportunity at the Target Corp., then advanced to Ally Servicing in Little Rock. But it didn’t take long for him to realize he needed something more to advance in the business world.

“When I started my career at Ally, I looked at my supervisors and managers there and I looked at the things that they had,” he said.

He knew what he needed to get to the next level – a graduate degree. And UALR had several options for him.

“Definitely in today’s society, it is necessary to get a graduate degree only because everybody seems to have an undergraduate degree now in business,” Phillips said. “I thought it would be best to try to further my education so I would be more on an even playing field to move up.”

Phillips enrolled in UALR’s Graduate Certificate in Management, a focused 12-credit hour program designed to enhance career entry and growth. The program also offers a path to UALR’s MBA program, an option Phillips took.

Classes like International Organizational Behavior exposed him to customers from other cultures, and Advanced Business Communications improved his skill of communicating with workplace teams to reach a goal.

Although he was working full time while taking MBA classes at night, Phillips said he forged life-long friendships with classmates.

“At UALR, I have built some lifelong friendships that I will never be able to lose. When you team up on work-related activities, it also builds a real friendship for life.”

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