Cliff Anderson – Math teacher

Cliff AndersonCliff Anderson’s pursuit of a Master of Arts in Teaching degree allows him to complete his graduate degree while working as a seventh grade mathematics teacher at Pulaski Heights Middle School.

The value of combining on-the-job training with classroom techniques taught by experienced instructors has been essential in helping Anderson reach his career goals.

“The things I learned in school are helpful as I become more comfortable in the classroom, such as how to apply different learning strategies or use research to improve [student] performance,” he said.

Anderson chose to attend UALR for other reasons besides the opportunity to teach while earning his degree.

“I chose UALR for the convenience, but I also knew they had an outstanding education department and professors,” he said.

“My Educational Assessment class with Dr. Amanda Nolen was probably my favorite and most helpful class. We all think we can just walk into a classroom and give students a test, but in reality it is difficult to make the assessments fair, reliable, and valid for all of our students.”

Anderson’s favorite memories of UALR involve the relationships he built as a student and graduate assistant.

“I have several fond memories of my time at UALR, I enjoyed meeting professors who were helpful in my classes, but were also real people who you could bounce ideas off of and use as valuable resources for future endeavors,” said Anderson.

“I most enjoyed my time I spent working as a graduate assistant in the College of Education, specifically with Lara Hadden and Dr. Bruce Smith. Both were so helpful in giving me tools to succeed.”

Q&A with Cliff

If you could spend one day anywhere, where would it be and why? If I could spend a day anywhere it would be on top of Mount Everest or somewhere that is forbidden like a temple in China or the innards of Buckingham Palace.

If you could talk to anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why? Leonidas from ancient Sparta, seems like a cool fellow, or maybe someone who stood for something against all odds, Martin Luther King Jr. or Winston Churchill.

What is your hands-down favorite meal? Some sort of cheesy pasta dish or anything with cheese, actually. I love cheese.

When I was a child, I was always … curious.

What one word sums you up? Fun-loving

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