Billy Rouse – Construction vice president

Billy RouseManaging construction projects with multi-million dollar budgets is all in a day’s work for Billy Rouse. As a vice president at Adevco Inc. Construction Services, Rouse just completed work on one phase of the Clinton National Airport renovations and is ready to move on to the next.

He credits his education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for his success. Rouse, a 2001 graduate, came to UALR because it was the only school in the state that offered an accredited Construction Management program.

“I had so many classes that were contributed to my success, but one that stands out is Statics and Strength under Dr. James Blacklock,” Rouse said. “The class gave me an understanding of structural steel and its sheer strength and tinsel strength, and how to calculate the amount of load each member or connection can hold.

“In construction, this information is critical to the structural integrity of the building or structure that you are erecting.  As a vice president, I have grown to appreciate and understand Dr. Blacklock’s approach even more.  He required passion, dedication, perseverance and perfection in his class, all of which I’ve learned are necessary to be successful throughout life.”

In his role at Adevoc, Rouse handles the procurement of future projects, which entails numerous meetings with owners and developers to negotiate contracts. That work also involves budget analysis to estimate a project’s cost and timeframe.

“I am both an advocate on the owner’s behalf, which requires me to deliver a quality product on time and within budget, and an advocate on the sub-contractors’ behalf to ensure that he is paid on time and has safe and healthy work environment that is conducive for him to be productive.”

In addition to Blacklock’s class, Rouse enjoyed the hands-on experience of creating structures in the CAD and BIM modeling class.

Q&A with Billy

If you could spend one day anywhere, where would it be and why? Heaven, I am so anxious to know what’s it really like.  I would definitely use my wild card for that one.

If you could talk to anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why? Dead, would have to be my mom, dad and grandfather because I would really cherish their words and advice so much more.  And also, Langston Hughes, I would love to hear his story and know what inspired him. There are so many emotions in his writings, I think it would be a very interesting conversation.

What is your hands-down favorite meal? A nice T-bone steak, with a bowl of potato soup and a Caesar salad, oh and sweet tea.  Desert would have to be a blackberry cobbler or peach pie.

When I was a child, I was always … asking questions and trying to figure things out.  My mom would say, “Quit asking me why on everything.”

What one word sums you up? Passionate


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