LaQuita Norris-Cook – Clinical therapist

LaQuita Norris-Cook arrived at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Chancellors Leadership Corps scholarship. Though, clearly, an excellent student on arrival, her experience at UALR would cause her to develop much further, excelling in both academics and leadership, and to make her career dreams a reality.

Norris-Cook knew from the start that she wanted to become a therapist.

Licensed as a masters level social worker after graduating from UALR, Norris-Cook worked as an outpatient clinical therapist for a company called Professional Counseling Associates.

As such, she said: “I am doing everything I have always wished to do. I implement individual, group, and family therapy to diverse populations.”

While at UALR, Norris-Cook maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. She also engaged in multiple leadership programs and activities that helped her develop her natural leadership abilities.

Becoming an ambassador for the then-Office of Recruitment and Retention, Norris-Cook began to understand what it meant to be a student leader on campus, and was then accepted into the Friday Fellows Leadership program.

“This program strengthened my leadership skills and encouraged me to get involved in even more ways,” she said.

Norris-Cook participated in several volunteer activities to help other people and also joined the Student Government Association to ensure that her own and others’ opinions were being heard.

She also participated in the internship programs offered by the social work program, crediting the experience for her academic success at both bachelors and masters levels.

Although Norris-Cook was exceptionally active and stretched outside of her coursework, she appreciated and enjoyed her courses more than anything else at UALR.

“The best part of my experience at UALR was the academic programs I was a part of. I didn’t have to leave and go to another school for my graduate studies, because UALR had it all. I couldn’t have hoped to be a part of a better program,” she said.

Norris-Cook was awarded the Storthz Outstanding Graduating Senior award.

When all was said and done, and graduation day came and went, alas, all was not done after all.

“One great thing about my program was that they didn’t let us go after graduation; they assisted us in finding jobs,” said Norris-Cook.

With UALR’s help, Norris-Cook obtained a job very soon after graduating. Very recently, she has gone on to earn her LCSW, the top licensure for a therapist with a social work degree, and she works as a therapist at Rivendell Behavioral Health.

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