First-Class Faculty

UALR faculty members are committed to teaching excellence, dynamic research that includes students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and engagement in the community. Their reputation of commitment to student success attracts world-class faculty to a university located in the state’s capital city and hub of culture and business.

Many faculty members are regularly recognized for innovative research. Their dedication to their respective disciplines not only enhances the learning experience for students, but benefits the university and the central Arkansas community as well.

Their projects range from conducting scientific research, writing books and peer-reviewed journal articles on diverse topics, and creating works of art and composing music.

With a full-time faculty of 526, our students benefit from the real-world experiences the faculty represents in classroom sizes that average 16 and have a 14-to-1 student ratio. Many students have found they can still seek the advice of their professors long after they’ve graduated.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has selected UALR for the Community Engagement classification. A major reason UALR is the only institution in Arkansas chosen in this category is because the faculty extend a great deal of time and resources to issues and challenges facing critical needs of state and regional business, culture, and commerce.

To honor the achievements of UALR’s outstanding faculty, the university hosts the annual
Faculty Excellence Awards to recognize a faculty member from each category of Public Service, Research, and Teaching. Previous winners were honored for their work in developing new teaching models, creating products for NASA, and enhancing programs for disadvantaged elementary schools.