Innovative Research Proposal Winners for 2018/2019

Congratulations to our Winners!

“Bottles Up: Increasing the Number of Water Bottle Filling Stations”
Savannah James, E. Jade Keathley, D. Cecily Mobley, Karson Oakes
This project will purchase and install an additional water bottle filling station to help promote a health alternative to consumption of sugary drinks in plastic bottles.

“The Use of Indigenous Drought Resistant Plants to Create a More Sustainable Campus Aesthetic”
Sadie Goss, B. LaTambria Hampton, C. Sam Koon, D. Aleigha Smith
This project will purchase and plant indigenous and drought resistant plants on campus. These plants will require significantly less water and will enhance the overall attractiveness of campus public areas.

“Campus Garden Electrical Sustainability”
Jason Spencer
This project will purchase and install solar equipment at the Campus Garden to provide sustainable and renewable power to the garden.

“Solar Powered Studying”
Ethan Bowen, Jordan Hancock, Hannah Krehbiel, Gabby Roberts
This project will purchase and place a table outfitted with an umbrella and solar panels that will allow patrons to charge electronic devices while using the table.

“Improving Recycling at UA Little Rock Through GPS Tracking and Education”
Anna Gayle Griffiths
This project will use GPS technology to track the collection of recyclables at UA Little Rock and help educate the campus community on all the processing of recyclables on campus.

There were 14 fantastic proposals submitted for this competition from a mix of students, staff, and faculty. The selection subcommittee truly wants to commend ALL of the applicants on their imaginative and innovative proposals, and we encourage those proposals not selected this year to resubmit next year.  Also, it should be noted that this is the first year that this competition was open to students, and all of the projects selected this year were proposed by students!

UA Little Rock Sustainability Committee

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