Sustainability courses

The Sustainability Committee has identified the following sustainability-focused or sustainability-related courses. If you would like to suggest any additional courses that should be considered and added to this list, send an email to the committee.

CNMG 3357 Intro to Envir Engr with Lab
CNMG 3302 Engineering Economy
CNMG 4357 Water and Wastewater Engr
CNMG 4362 Water Resources Engineering
CNMG 4364 Air Pollution Engineering
CNMG 4366 Solid & Hazardous Waste Mgmt
CNMG 4369 Soil & Groundwater Remediation
CNMG 4368 Environmental Risk Assessment
ENVE XXXX Environmental Engineering
POLS/CNMG/MKTG 2330 Introduction to Sustainability
PSYC 3308 Urban Environmental Psychology
SOCI 3392 Environmental Sociology
BIOL 3303 Principles of Ecology
ENHS 4410 Environmental Planning
ENHS 4415 Environmental Impact Analysis
MGMT 4375/5375 Sustainable Business Practices
INTS 2302 Global Issues
ANTH 2316 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3313 Archeology
ANTH 4321 Religion, Society, and Culture
PSYC 3375 Psychology of Consumer Behavior
SOCI 3334 Social Problems
SOCI 3341 Urban Sociology
SOCI 3343 Social Stratification
SOCI 3392 Environmental Sociology
SOCI 4353 The Sociology of Developing Nations
SOCI 4365 Sociology of Organizations
ACCT 3361 Accounting for Governments, Not-for-Profits, and Other Financial Issues
ECON 4322 Resource Economics
ECON 4324 Environmental Economics
ECON 4347 Economics of Development
CNMG 4399 ST: Green Construction
CNMG 4361 Green Construction
CNMG 4399 Green Project
BIOL 1400 Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
BIOL 2301 Environment and Man
BIOL Principles of Ecology
BIOL 4308 Wildlife Management
BIOL 4312 Population and Community Ecology
BIOL 7311 Behavioral Ecology
CHEM 1409 Chemistry and Society
CHEM 4342 Environmental Chemistry
ENHS 2320 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences
ENHS 3340 Introduction to Water Resources Management
ENHS 4410 Environmental Planning
ENHS 4415 Environmental Impact Analysis
ENHS 4430 Environmental Epidemiology
ERSC 2300 Science and Technology in Society
ERSC 4322 Environmental Geology
LAW 6376 Natural Resources
LAW 6362 Environmental Law
LAW 6318 Water Law
LAW 6309 Environmental Law & Policy