Energy Efficiency for the Office

  1. Personal Dress – Wear clothing appropriate to the season and weather – lightweight clothing in summer and warmer clothes in winter. Wear layers so you can adapt to varying conditions in your workspace and still be comfortable.
  2. Walk – for those who get around campus walk when you can. Use the stairs in lieu of elevator. It is good exercise, and it does save energy.
  3. Remember to hit the switch on your way out for your lunch break. The energy savings from 10 million office workers turning off unneeded lights for 30 minutes a day is enough to illuminate four million square meters of office space.
  4. Close fume hoods and don’t use fume hoods for storage; don’t prop open classroom and vestibule doors.
  5. You can’t sleep at work but let your monitor take a nap. Screensavers are designed to save your screen from burn in, not to save energy. Monitors are responsible for more than one third of a computer’s energy consumption, so conserve energy by putting yours to sleep or powering off altogether when you’re away from your desk for more than 10 minutes.