Recycling Tips for the Home

  1. Call your local recycling center to determine what types of materials they accept, if curbside pick-up is available, and if they provide recycling bins. If no curbside pickup is available locate the center closest to your house and take your items to the center.
  2. Place the recycling bins in an accessible area called the “family recycling center” and assign some person in the family the daily recycling chore. Change weekly to get every member of the family involved and committed.
  3. Check the bottom of plastic items to identify what type of plastic they are. If the type is not recycled at your local center, consider ways to reuse the container.
  4. Purchase reusable, rather than disposable towels, napkins, diapers, storage containers, etc. Recycle junk mail or reuse it as scratch paper.
  5. Compost your leaves and yard debris or bag up for your city to pick-up curbside. If that service is not available, take them to a yard-debris recycler in your area.