Dr. Lifeng Lai will deliver two invited lectures in Australian Universities

October 6, 2010

Invited by Australian Universities and sponsored by a travel grant from Australian Research Council, Dr Lifeng Lai will deliver two invited lectures on October 11, 2010 at School of Electrical Engineering and Telecom,University of New South Wales and on October 13, 2010 at Institute for Telecommunications Research,University of South Australia

The title and abstract of his talk follow.

Title: A Unified Framework for Key Agreement over Wireless Fading Channels


In this talk, we will discuss how to generate information theoretically secure keys using wireless fading channels. First, a key agreement framework that unifies existing source and channel models for key agreement over wireless fading channels is presented. It is shown that, in general, to fully exploit the resources provided by time varying channel gains, one needs to combine both the channel model and the source model. Asymptotic analyses suggest that in the long coherence time regime, the channel model is asymptotically optimal. On the other hand, in the high signal to noise ratio regime, the source model is asymptotically optimal. Second, the framework is extended to the scenario with an active attacker whose goal is to minimize the key rate that can be generated using our protocol. The attacker’s optimal attack strategy is identified. The key rate under this attack model is then characterized.

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