Systems Engineering Department Student Awards for 2019

The Outstanding Sophomore Award

John W. Graham

Damon Wallace

The Outstanding Junior Award

Andrew Cherry

Patrick Elliot

The Outstanding Senior Award

Banihirwe Anderson

Andrew Lockhart

The Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Shelby Wingate

The Outstanding Capstone Project Award

1. Human Powered Vehicle Design (MSEG)

Hugh Benfer, Nathanael Menhinick, Jason Reed, Cameron Palmer, Shelby Wingate

2. 115-13.2 kV Distribution Protective Relaying Project with Integrated 2 MW Photovoltaic Generation Farm (ECSE)

Brandon Frederick, Brett Springfield, Caleb Tibbits

The Outstanding Master’s Student Award

Thomas Flowers

The Successful Doctoral Student Award

Bailey Barnes

Sheng Sang

He Zhang

Initiates to Tau Beta Honor Society

Andrew Cherry

Caroline Gentry

Caleb Tibbits