Capstone Projects

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Capstone Projects

Advisor: Dr. Jing Zhang

 [Team 1]
Title: 115-13.2 kV Distribution Protective Relaying Project with Integrated 2 MW Photovoltaic Generation Farm
Members: Brandon Frederick, Brett Springfield, Caleb Tibbits
Abstract: The project was provided and supported by Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC). Based on the predetermined protection scheme, the team designed and prepared the schematics and engineering drawings that will achieve the standard protection functions and special protection scheme to accommodate a 2 MW solar generation facility that is designed to reduce overall load.

[Team 2]
Title: Quantum Cascade Laser Driver
Members: Anderson Banihirwe, Caroline Gentry, Davis Harp, Zach Boatright
Abstract: The project was provided and supported by Power Technology, Inc. The task of the team is to design a general-purpose power driver for Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) which should be suitable for 90% commercial QCL products on market. Beginning with the market survey of QCL products and developed the specifications of target QCL Driver, the team completed the fundamental design in power circuits, the test firmware of the microcontroller STM32F407, and the interface program in MicroPython.



Mechanical Systems Engineering Capstone Projects

Advisor: Dr. Jin Wok Lee

[Team 1]
Title: Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) Group
Members: Hugh Benfer, Jason Reed, Cameron Palmer, Shelby Wingate, and Nathaniel Menhenick
Abstract: The objective was to design a human powered vehicle that will be competitive in the three competitions at the ASME sponsored Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. We have designed a vehicle that exceeds the minimum safety requirements of the competition as well as designing a vehicle that has the potential to be competitive by incorporating mechanical design principles we have learned from our classes.

[Team 2]
Title: Kite Energy
Members: Jake Brandt, Sharon Leakey, Andrew Lockhart, Adam Ness
Abstract: The objective of this Project was to use a commercial kite to extract energy from the wind and store in a flywheel. The team created a mechanical system requiring little wind to operate, and that carries a cost significantly less than any other wind-powered options on the market.