Dr. Soheil Saedi

Dr. Soheil Saedi


Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Phone: 501-916-5260
Email: ssaedi@ualr.edu

Research Website: http://www.additivesmartmaterials.com/


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky
  • M.S., Mechatronics Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Research Interests

  • Thermomechanical behavior of Shape Memory Alloys
  • Additive manufacturing of metals
  • Underlying microstructure-properties-processing relationships
  • Phase transformations in lightweight and high-temperature alloys
  • Experimental solid mechanics
  • Smart materials for medical devices
  • Actuation systems


  • SYEN 3372 Engineering Materials
  • SYEN 3373 Introduction to Mechanics of Materials
  • SYEN 3370 Vibrations I
  • Mechanics of Composite Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Multifunctional Materials

Selected Publications

Book Chapter

  1. AS Turabi, S Saedi, SM Saghaian, HE Karaca, M Elahinia, “Experimental Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys “, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, ISBN: 978‐1‐118‐35944‐0, (2015)

Journal Articles

  1. S Saedi, SE. Saghaian, A Jahadakbar, NS Moghaddam, MT Andani, Y. Charles Lu, M Elahinia2, HE. Karaca, “Shape Memory Response of Porous NiTi Shape Memory Alloys Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting” Journal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine (2018)

  2. S Saedi, NS Moghaddam, A Amerinatanzi, M Elahinia, HE Karaca. “Effects of Selective Laser Melting process parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical response of NiTi”, Acta Materialia, (2017)

  3. SM Saghaian, HE Karaca, H Tobe, AS Turabi, S Saedi, SE Saghaian, YI Chumlyakov, RD Noebe, “High Strength NiTiHf Shape Memory Alloys with Tailorable Properties”, Acta Materialia, (2017)

  4. NS Moghaddam, A Amerinatanzi, S Saedi, GP Toker, HE Karaca, GS. Bigelow, O Benafan, M Elahinia, “Additive Manufacturing of NiTiHf Alloys”, Scripta Materialia (2017)

  5. S Saedi, AS Turabi, MT Andani, C Haberland, H Karaca, M Elahinia, “The influence of heat treatment on the thermomechanical response of Ni‐rich NiTi alloys manufactured by selective laser melting “, Journal of alloys and compounds, (2016)

  6. S Saedi, A Mirbagheri, A Jafari, F Farahmand, “A local hybrid actuator for robotic surgery instruments.” International Journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics 33 3, no. 2 (2014)