Dr. Hussain Al-Rizzo

Dr. Hussain Al-Rizzo

Dr. Hussain Al-Rizzo

Professor, Systems Engineering
International Students’ Advisor
Director of the Antennas and Wireless Systems Research Laboratory
Associate Editor, Journal of Online Engineering Education
George W. Donaghey College of Science, Technology Engineering and Math, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Office: 501-916-5250
Fax: 501-916-3698
Email: hmalrizzo@ualr.edu
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Web Site URL: http://syen.ualr.edu/hmalrizzo.html


  • Ph.D, Electrical Engineering (Highest Honors), University of New Brunswick, Canada

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Design and analysis of flexible antennas based on metamaterials, electromagnetic band gap structures, and artificial magnetic conductors.
  • Design of miniaturized microstrip antennas and wireless systems for implantable/wearable devices.
  • Design, analysis, and testing of RF antennas and sensors based on carbon nanotube technologies.
  • Dynamic optimization of channels and access points to minimize congestion, adjacent and co-channel interferences for indoor WLAN.
  • Design and analysis of linearly and circularly polarized microstrip antennas for aerospace, GPS, and MIMO systems.
  • Use of modern electromagnetic computational techniques to simulate high-power microwave interaction and transient-temperature profiles within lossy dielectric and magnetic materials.
  • Development of novel conformal Cartesian/cylindrical finite-difference time domain algorithms to analyze geometrically composite single and multimode microwave processing applicators with temperature dependent electromagnetic and thermal constitutive parameters.
  • Design of full-scale, high-power microwave heating systems for processing a wide variety of minerals and wood products.
  • Design, modeling, and testing of prototype and industrial high-power traveling-wave and resonant microwave heating applicators for extraction of minerals; processing of forest products; and in situ recovery of heavy oil and tar sands.
  • Development of new technologies applied to pre-treatment processes for the recovery of precious metals from ores and concentrates utilizing high-power microwave heating technologies.
  • Modeling and simulation of the effects of precipitation on dual-polarized microwave and millimeter wave terrestrial and satellite communications systems.
  • Field operation of GPS receivers, data processing, and accuracy assessments.
  • Theoretical and experimental evaluation of the effects of the ionosphere, troposphere, and multipath on the performance of GPS pseudo-range and carrier-beat phase observations.
  • Measurements of the electromagnetic constitutive parameters at microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.
  • Numerical modeling of electromagnetic wave scattering and absorption by arbitrarily shaped multilayered and homogeneous, perfectly conducting and dielectric objects using:
    • Analytical Methods
    • Generalized Point-Matching Technique
    • Generalized Multipole Technique
    • Extended Boundary-Condition Method
    • Method of Moments
    • Finite Element Method
    • Finite-Difference Time Domain Method