Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance

As of May 2020, this program is no longer accepting applicants or major declarations.

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance is a four-year liberal arts degree. In keeping with the University’s mission, the program provides excellent training and education in dance as part of a broad-based liberal arts education.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance requires subject mastery while allowing for greater flexibility of choice in technique and level advancement. The BA in Dance promotes interdisciplinary connections and bridges other topics of study with dance perspectives. Graduates with a BA in dance are prepared to become part of a creative workforce with superior training in a collaborative endeavor, self-discipline, and critical evaluation skills. For more information about the BFA or BA in dance contact Stephanie Thibeault >

Student Learning Goals for Academic Program
At the end of this program students will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency of movement vocabularies with appropriate energy, style,
    and detail
  • integrate knowledge gathered from dance and other areas of study;
  • receive and implement feedback, and self-assess in order to improve subsequent
    personal and professional endeavor
  • articulate, enunciate, and conceptualize ideas, both verbally and in formal written
  • relate dance to the artistic, social, historical, and cultural aspects of the larger world