New dance majors

As of May 2020, this program is no longer accepting applicants or major declarations.

We are very excited to have you join us in the Dance Program at UA Little Rock! Before you get here, there are a few things you should know about our program.

UA Little Rock’s Department of Theatre Arts and Dance offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Dance. Our dance faculty is highly qualified, with a shared passion for educating dancers. In addition to holding advanced degrees in the field of dance, UA Little Rock dance faculty members all have experience as professional dancers and dance educators.  Our graduates go on to pursue careers in dance performance, choreography, teaching, advocacy, dance therapy, arts management, education, and various other aspects of the broader field of dance.  We have just what you need to ignite your passion, develop your skills, and pursue your dreams!

Being a part of the program

In the UA Little Rock dance program, we are not only training dancers and educating students; we are creating a culture. This culture of professionalism extends throughout the curriculum and the production life of the department, helping our students as they move on to pursue a career in dance. While our dance majors are training their bodies and minds, they are also learning the discipline required to become the best they can be.

As you become part of the Dance Program at UA Little Rock, it is important that you understand the expectations of the program and have a sense of what to do when you get here. Here is some of what you need to know:

• Auditions for dance productions occur at the beginning of every semester
You should prepare to audition in the first or second week of each semester for upcoming productions. Unless otherwise noted, students will not need to bring prepared material to these auditions. Check the website and the dance bulletin board/call board for this information as you arrive each semester.

Rehearsals for dance productions are scheduled 3:30-7 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday
Keep these times available for rehearsal every semester. Once casting decisions have been made for a given semester, you may be able to schedule other activities during the times you are not in rehearsal. However, dance majors should not take on any commitments that would conflict with rehearsal times for the following semester.

• Plan to take at least one dance technique class every day
The faculty makes every attempt to facilitate this through the scheduling of classes and advising of students. Work with your advisor to make sure you are dancing daily while completing all the required coursework for the degree.

•  Meet with your advisor and REGISTER EARLY
If you are majoring in Dance, you need to meet with a department faculty member for proper advising as soon as possible. Stacy Pendergraft serves as an advisor to all incoming students and assigns a dance faculty advisor to each dance major after he/she begins at UA Little Rock. With the overwhelming demand for the dance classes at UA Little Rock, it is important that you REGISTER EARLY to ensure your place in your dance technique classes. Contact Stacy Pendergraft to schedule your advising appointment.

 Get to know your faculty
We are here to support you and help you learn. It is important to establish and maintain open lines of communication with the dance faculty and all departmental faculty and staff. This includes being proactive and keeping the faculty informed of any situation that may affect your performance in classes or productions. We want to help you grow as artists and professionals in the field. We also understand that we are all human, and need some guidance and support along the way. Talk to us.

 Get involved
Dance majors play an important role in the life of the UA Little Rock dance program, and should actively engage in Dance Program activities and department-sponsored events, such as festivals, residencies, workshops, and recruitment events. Take advantage of the opportunities created for you as part of your education here.

• Treat yourself and others with respect
All students are expected to treat each other with respect and kindness as they all work to better themselves as dancers, scholars, and professionals.

 Help make performances happen
Dance majors help with the technical side of dance productions. This includes helping with setup and strike, as well as any other needs of dance productions. You are also invited to help with other departmental productions.

 Stay informed
Keep yourself informed about departmental activities by regularly checking the dance bulletin board/call board. You will also need to check your UA Little Rock email account regularly. That is where you will receive all university communication. If you ever have questions about the program or what is happening, ask the dance faculty for answers or clarification.


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