As of May 2020, the Dance program is no longer accepting applicants or major declarations.

New student enrollments for this program are suspended. Currently-declared majors will be able to complete their degree requirements through teach-out agreements. Contact Dr. Jeremy Ecke > for more information.

What prefix codes are used in the Theatre program?

All theatre classes have a THEA prefix.

What do the numbers mean?

The prefix is followed by a four-digit number. The first number indicates the level of the class: 1=freshman; 2=sophomore; 3=junior; 4=senior. Levels one and two are regarded as “lower levels.” Levels three and four are regarded as “upper level.”
The second number indicates the number of credit hours you will receive as a result of successfully passing the class. Three hours of credit is the most common, but hard science courses are four-hour credit because students attend a three-hour credit class and a one-hour lab.

Is there a second language requirement for my degree?

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre has a six-hour multicultural requirement where language classes can be applied for degree credit.

Can I complete my degree in four years?

The university requires that each department have an eight-semester plan for even and odd year admissions. Ask the department adminnistration for an eight-semester snapshot.